1. Marcus Thomas

    Kept my hands good and warm while running in 30° weather. I loved that I was able to open my hands to cool them down after my run and was able to feel the cold air. Working my phone screen with the gloves on wasn’t the best, but I don’t see the purpose of using my phone unless it’s an emergency.

  2. Duke

    I live in Southern California, and it can get as cold as upper 50’s. This works well as pair of running gloves. It’s thin enough I don’t sweat, and it give just enough cold protection. It also works well with my smartphone touch screen.This pair of goves are relatively thin, so I don’t recommend wearing them in really cold weather.

  3. Cathy

    I was looking for gloves to wear for running in the colder weather. At first I was concerned about the size because I have pretty dainty hands, but the M fit great and comfortably. The touch technology works great as well. I usually like to hold my water bottle when I run and these have great grip. However I noticed that the tip of my index finger (the hand holding the bottle), particularly where the touch tech material is, was uncomfortably cold. It wasn’t wet from my water bottle, but maybe just holding the cold water bottle was enough. It’s not a deal-breaker, I can just switch hands holding the bottle, but for that I gave this 4 stars and not 5. It wasn’t freezing cold during my run (actually only 7°C) and other than the tip of my index finger, the gloves kept my hands warm. Not sure if it would be warm enough for below 0°C though, but when I cross that bridge, I can re-review.

  4. mellyjelly

    Pretty comfortable gloves for light fall weather. I walk my dog and run with them – the touch feature is okay but not the best. Good grip. I’m happy with them. They are not that warm.

  5. Kristine Czapanskiy

    These are thick enough for walking around d and running with. They also look sleek for everyday use. They are not so good for the touch screen. I still find myself having to remove them. I use mostly for outdoor running.

  6. G baker

    Very snug fit and good ‘breathing’ characteristics, so my hands don’t sweat too much even in summer. I use gloves for the vast majority of my runs because I pick up recyclables during my runs. It only took one time of mistakenly picking up a large leaking battery (it looked a lot like a heavy soda can) and getting acid burns to convince me I should be wearing gloves while I clean up my community. These gloves serve me very well for that.

  7. G baker

    These gloves are reasonably priced and everything else I’d hoped they would be. I use lightweight black gloves for working out figure-skating several days a week. Last pic shows the wear on the gloves I’m replacing. Most of it is on the fingertips from catching myself falling on rough ice, particularly on the thumb and first two fingers. While the touch-screen tips are nice (and even work more than 50% of the time despite the finger seams), I’m more interested in the padding they’ll provide on at least a few digits, hopefully extending the life of the gloves.When I first put these gloves on, I couldn’t resist an oooh-ahhh…the inside is a very fine, barely visible but ultra soft fleece. And the second wonderful thing was that the fingers of these gloves were actually long enough, going all the way down to the large joints. I have long hands (abt 7.5” or 19cm) and this is sometimes an issue for me. I ordered a size Large, which was a perfect fit, giving me maximum flexibility, but without being chunky through the fingers like a man’s glove. Though not as tight as drivers’ gloves, these are sleek-fitting. At the same time they are long enough and stretchy enough at the wrist to stuff the 1” foam pads I use on the heel of each hand for fall protection. (I stuffed a 2” foam hockey ball inside in one pic to demonstrate.) I’ll be saving these gloves in my shopping list to order again as needed.

  8. Zak

    I was looking for cold-weather gloves that were touch sensitive for use with my phone and dash screen while driving. I needed them to have a decent grip, yet be flexible and thin enough to work a screen. The Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves fit the bill perfectly. I had purchased other brands, but they were too bulky for what I needed. These Unigears are thin, stretchy, and flexible. Rubbery nubs on the palm and fingers help me grip the steering wheel, while the touch pads on the fingertips have great sensitivity and don’t occlude my view of the phone’s screen like other bulkier gloves. I use them primarily when I first start out in the morning to keep my hands warm while touching the freezing-cold steering wheel. These gloves are very soft and black in color.

  9. Gabriel Doyon

    I got this to use for working in the office during winter, but it’s too thick for comfortably typing, but okay for using the mouse. But – this is not the intended use for the product, so I will keep it and use it for hiking or taking walks instead. Tried it with the touchscreen – works fine. Medium size is a good fit for small hands.

  10. Shayne Meakins

    I’ve had them for a day or two, only wearing them one day I can see noticable tearing. Around the first joint of the thumb there is a noticable tear.. Touch screen feature is great when it works, and there is a bulge of fabric at the tip of the index finger making it feel weird on my index as it’s always raising my nail or rubbing against the fingertip.I feel as though I’ve wasted my money.

  11. James Darcy

    These are great gloves for dog owners because they still keep your hands warm (unless the temperature drops below 25) and you can also grip treats in your pocket and open poop bags without taking them off.

  12. Gabriel Doyon

    So while these gloves have a great touch screen function they are not very comfortable as the trade off. I find them to be all seams inside and in between your fingers. Makes them feel a bit scratchy. They are not good at insulting either, my hands were cold while I was out walking with them in -1 degrees. But maybe that’s asking too much of them at that temp.And I would definitely suggest size up. I bought a medium and they are almost a bit small on me. For reference I’m normally a s/m. My husband also bought medium ones and had to do an exchange for the large now. If you have long fingers these will give you a webbed hand for sure.

  13. Andrew

    The gloves are pretty comfortable, but for their purpose, I don’t think they’re worth it. I’ve only had them for a few months, and it’s hard to open an iPhone app, let alone navigate through one- to do something. I got these feeling confident that they would work for touchscreen as I use touchscreen and gloves daily. It’s hard to find a good pair of touchscreen gloves.Some of it has to do with the placement of touch sensing pads, seams are a little bit off on the fingers as well. The insulation is not the best either if you plan on wearing them in the cold for a while.

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Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves

Stay warm and comfortable with Unigear Running Gloves.

Warm, breathable, and touchscreen-friendly running gloves with anti-slip palms and reflective strips.

- Lightweight
- Touchscreen compatible
- Breathable


- Limited warmth
- Not waterproof


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Stay warm and comfortable during cold weather activities with the Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves. Designed to keep frostbite at bay, these gloves are perfect for jogging, cycling, commuting, or driving in the cold. Unigear has created these sport running gloves to help you power through the chill without feeling compromised.

The Unigear Running Gloves offer warmth, comfort, fashion, and touch screen compatibility. The gloves are designed to absorb and retain body heat, ensuring warmth until you’re done with your exercise. The super soft and tight-fitting liner delivers extra warmth and high-end comfort, making you forget that you’re even wearing gloves. The gloves are designed for both men and women with aesthetics in mind, so you can wear them and still look good outdoors. Plus, the gloves are compatible with touch screen devices, making it easier to operate your phone without removing your gloves.



  • Warm and breathable
  • Newest fiber material
  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Versatile liner gloves
  • Soft and durable
  • Anti-slip silicone palms
  • After-sales service
  • Snug fit
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Reflective strips
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • // SPECS

    Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎8.27 x 4.25 x 0.2 inches
    Package Weight‎0.06 Kilograms
    Brand NameUnigear
    Material350g Dralon. Viscose 41.8% Cotton 29.8% Acrylic 23.4% Spandex 5%
    Suggested Usersunisex-adult, womens
    Included Components‎One Pair of Running Gloves
    Outer Material‎fiber
    Sport TypeRunning
    Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
    Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves
    released on September 11, 2019

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    Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves, Touch Screen Anti-Slip Warm Gloves Liners for Cycling Biking...
    Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves,...
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    Stay warm, comfortable and mobile during winter workouts with the Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves. Made from high-quality stretchy fabric, these gloves provide a snug fit that doesn't interfere with your movements. The touchscreen-enabled fingertips allow you to use your phone or other devices without having to remove your gloves, while the reflective strips on the gloves increase your visibility during nighttime runs. These gloves are perfect for runners, hikers, cyclists and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities in colder weather.

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