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HHR HWK Armored Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Jacket

The HWK Motorcycle Jacket by HHR features removable CE Armored padding, is fully waterproof, breathable, affordable, and looks great!

  • ALL SEASON MOTORCYCLE JACKET: 600D CORDURA CONSTRUCTION Textile Motorcycle Jacket , The HWK Motorcycle Jacket is an all season motorbike jacket at its best: rugged and strong, yet soft and comfortable to the touch to keep you warm during winter, cool during summer and safe at the same time.
  • CE APPROVED ARMOURS (REMOVABLE): on the mens motorcycle jackets Back, Elbows & Shoulders
  • 100% Waterproof: Motorcycle Jacket for men with the help of proper ceiled REISSA MEMBRANE
  • MAXIMUM QUALITY at a MINIMUM PRICE: This a bargain, we bet that you would not be able to find a textile motorcycle jacket men at this price in the market. This Waterproof Motorbike Jacket is BREATHABLE & has MESH LINING UNDERNEATH
  • Chest Measurement Size Guide (inches): Small 38”, Medium 40”, Large 42”, X-Large 44”, XX-Large 46”, XXXL 48” . If you’re between sizes then please choose the upper size for easy fitting. All weather CE Armoured Motorcycle jacket with REMOVABLE WINTER THERMAL LINING


HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket Motorbike Jacket Biker Riding Jacket Cordura CE -
Thank you for visiting our ebay store! HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket Motorbike Jacket Biker Riding Jacket Cordura CE - - 600D CORDURA CONSTRUCTION Textile Motorcycle Jacket - CE APPROVED ARMOURS (REMOVABLE) on the Motorcyle Jacket's Back, Elbows & Shoulders - 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket...
Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket
Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket Breathable CE ARMORED WATERPROOF (Black, S) Color:Black | Size:Small HWK is a newly established brand by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. We live in a country with many weather extremes where you can encounter all...


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Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket Breathable CE ARMORED WATERPROOF (Red, M)
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Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket Breathable CE ARMORED WATERPROOF (Black, M)
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as of March 8, 2021 7:10 pm
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HHR HWK Armored Motorcycle Jacket
released on June 1, 2017

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8 Reviews for HHR HWK Armored Motorcycle Jacket

  1. greg

    Ok first I will say the jacket fits, feels good and for the price it is actually a really good jacket. I will say this is for cooler Weather the thermal lining does come out and the vents work but if you looking for hot weather gear the same company/seller has a mesh jacket. I like that the logos and silver strips are reflective so I feel a lot safer night riding.The fit is great and it’s really comfy. It’s really well made and for the price its worth it. I had a problem with my jacket and the seller got in contact with me a went above and beyond to fix it. I will definitely order more gear from them.

  2. ncdeftones

    I’m a pretty big guy and weigh 280 lbs with a gut. I used the sizing chart and ordered a 3XL. Surprisingly the jacket was actually still loose on me. I could deal with the loose fit. However, the textile fabric is so thin on these jackets, the zipper seems cheap, and I didn’t have confidence these would hold up in a crash. I know it only cost $59, but you can spend a little more and buy a name brand textile jacket that has more protective material. Ultimately I ended up returning it and looking for something else.

  3. Jesse Bock

    I’ve worn this jacket in Pennsylvania summer weather of 2018. Anyone whose on the east coast knows that means 85 degrees plus daily. I have ridden with this jacket, in combination with the hwk pants for close to 1900 miles on my new klr 650. I have ridden with these clothes through all types of weather. The jacket without the lining is good to about 55f in the early mornings before you start getting cold. I wouldn’t want this jacket as my only one for the winter but it does a decent job. I just rode through a rainstorm about 25 minutes ago and the jacket keeps all the rain out except around the zipper. I found that my shirt underneath was soaked with a line following the zipper post ride. This jacket does not breath even with the vents open. In hot weather I’ve found myself completely drenched in sweat. As it is not a hot weather jacket that is fine. The reason a subtract a star is due to the zipper leaking in heavy rain. The armor is nothing more than just foam padding. If I wanted real protection I would upgrade to some legit armor. Overall I’d buy this jacket 10 more times for the price, it is completely worth it. I am 210 pounds at 5′ 11 and ordered the x large and it fits like a charm.Update2000 more miles and stuck in a collective 150 miles of drenching downpour rain. This thing kept me dry for the most part. I had to stop on the highway under an overpass due to lightning. I laid out the jacket after being completely drenched and it was dried out by the time the rain stopped, about an hour. I love this thing. I was more soaked than i was swimming. It doesn’t provide too much protection but the rain felt like bullets at 70mph and I imagine without it I’d have holes in me (insert laugh). I even hit hail at one point before I gave up riding and this jacket saved me from being something you put on a salad.

  4. Ian

    I’ve been wearing this jacket for a minute now in the Alabama summer. 90 degrees every day and this jacket is perfectly useable when you open up both shoulder vents and the back vent. The armor feels good and the jacket has great adjustability on the wrists and on the sides. I’m a scrawny guy and after sinching everything down it fits well. Super reflective and puts my mom at ease a little bit about me commuting on it. Had a weird smell to it out of the box but it went away after a few days. I’ve ridden it around in a few rain showers and came out dry but I haven’t gone through a full rainstorm yet

  5. EndgameSocial

    I bought this jacket for an all weather style jacket and it was a huge mistake. The vents DO NOT GO ANYWHERE. The are seen to the front to look like it but they DONT GO THROUGH THE LINING. Not the winter fabric lining but the actual jacket. So when you unzip them the airflow doesnt actually hit your body. A more accurate description for this jacket would be “armored raincoat,” because its doesnt waterproof but even in cool 70 degree weather and the winter lining zipper off you will still arrive soaking wet due to not ventilation. The jacket seems to be made of good material but the design is just terrible. I cant imagine any riders just loving this jacket. Sending back for a refund. Pictures show ventilation on the outside shell and the flip side of the jacket where there is no outlet.

  6. Teamhenry3

    I was a bit skeptical about a $60 motorcycle jacket being 100% waterproof, so I waited until I had the opportunity to ride home from work in the rain before I wrote my review. I was very happy to be comfortably dry at the end of my 45 minute commute. I like the style, fit and features of this jacket including the zipper vents, removable lining, and adjustments for arms. I did not give it 5 stars because of the zipper on the liner, which is finicky at best. When riding this time of year, I want to be able to remove and insert the liner quickly and effortlessly. Although it unzips with no problems, I have to play around with it for several minutes before I can get the zipper started. This is just a small nuisance now, but I am concerned about the reliability and durability over time. I would have sent it back for a replacement, but it is not really broken, just annoying.

  7. GC

    I can’t speak on the water resistant features just yet, because I haven’t tested it. But the way it feels, I think it will do very well deflecting water! As far as the pockets, it has the standard two outside hip pockets/ one on the inner left chest/ and one on the inner left rib. UNLESS you use the inner liner too, which will add another inner left rib pocket and an inner right phone pocket. The phone pocket can fit a 3inch wide phone (barely) but not anything bigger. Besides that, the quality, the price, the feel, all AMAZING!! No reason to go buy a $200-700 jacket when this brand does the exact same quality if not better for a WAY more affordable price!Oh, and the neck liner, they weren’t kidding when they said it won’t scratch your neck. Feels super smooth.

  8. Jack

    After 1.5 months of decent use I can say I have 0 buyers remorse and quite happy with the purchase.Note – the review below is for both the matching pants and jacket. Reviewed the common parts first, then a separate section for pant and jacket specific parts after.Quality, protection, and value for $ is probably unmatched and the reason for initial purchase. Have received many comments on them for being a good looking suit.They are quite warm, and with the matching pants I purchased was sweating a lot on hot days. Not recommended for city driving on hot days (although not sure what a good protective alternative is) but on highway is fine. As the weather cools now in September in Canada I’ve been wearing everyday and have never been cold yet.Zippers are all YKK (quality zipper name brand). Only complaint is wish there was a little strap attached to zippers for easier access, particularly with gloves on. The pant to jacket zipper is large and sturdy but the possible weak point is the material attached to jacket which is a spandex type material (appears to be well stitched and a double layer of the material).The CE protection padding is soft foam like material (not hard shell). Some of comments I read before purchase stated that this is not actually CE approved. Can’t comment as to whether they are or not, but they do feel like they will provide adequate protection.I have yet to deal with a serious rain storm, so can’t comment on waterproofing, but they are definitely wind proof and the mild rain I have ridden in had 0 issues.**Pants**Ordered pants 2 sizes too big due to availability and comments saying to purchase 1 size up to fit over jeans. The result is a length that is fine with boots on (and quite long without). However, the knee protection ends up being below the knee when standing tall. When sitting on my sport-touring bike however (knees bent 90°) they fit over the knees perfectly… the protection that offers in accident is yet to be determined (hopefully never).Pants only have 2 airflow vents and not breathable (assuming that’s for the water/wind proof/resistant feature).Can be a little slippery on the seat. Tends to slide forward (sport touring bike) particularly when braking.**Jacket**Ordered large which is my size, but possibly a little tight fitting depending on how you like your gear to fit, specifically in the neck. Feels kind of small in front and normal in back. With a t-shirt under it’s fine, but a second layer really puts a lot of pressure on front of neck area. Overall this jacket is quite tight in neck area (specifically the front) on me, but otherwise fits.Only real complaint, and something I hope they change in future models is the velcro neck strap (above zipper, top of jacket). This should seriously be a button and will never buy another jacket with this design. The velcro can scratch neck, catch any material around it like the dangling part of your helmet strap and neck gaits (which is basically required with this jacket due to the velcro).AGAIN, MESSAGE TO MANUFACTURERS/DESIGNERS (HWK), MAKE THE NECK STRAP A BUTTON!!!My model has 4 vents front and a large vent in back. It is warm with them all open, and warmer with vents closed for those cool night drives back home after a day of sweating in it in the sun. Have not really had to use the liner yet and as stated above it is starting to cool considerably in September in Canada.Padding seems to fit properly. All stitching seems to be well done, with no issues so far, particularly on the velcro parts which is usually first point of failure.RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR QUALITY PROTECTIVE RIDING GEAR FOR A GOOD PRICE. Note that this gear is quite hot, so best for cooler days. Also highly recommend buying pants and jacket together as they zip together which may be highly underrated feature to anyone that hasn’t thought about it, and look very good as a 2 pc suit.This product gets 5 stars for doing exactly what it’s supposed to – high quality, well made and designed (minus front of neck being tight and velcro instead of button there) and priced to provide incredible value.

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