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Dewalt Max Bare Heated Hoodie Jacket with Zipper

The DEWALT DCHJ067B-XL 20V/12V MAX Black Heated Hoodie (Bare) are part of the DEWALT Heated Jacket line up. This black heated hoodie features a durable wind resistant polyester outer shell, 3 core heating zones (Left/Right chest, and mid-back), 2 total pockets (zippered pockets for added protection), and a built in hood and collar with adjustable drawstrings. This hoodie features an LED controller with 3 temperature settings (high, med, low with pre-heat function), and are capable of running both 20V Max and 12V Max batteries, which will both provide hours of core body warmth and continuous heat. The battery pockets expands to accept DEWALT XR 4.0 Ah battery packets. There is also a USB power source with 2 USB power ports for charging portable electronic devices.

  • Capable of running off DEWALT 20 volts max or 12 volts max batteries
  • USB power source for charging portable devices
  • LED controller with 3 temperature settings
  • 3 core heating zones
  • Durable wind resistant polyester outer shell

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StyleWork Jacket
Size (Men's)L
Sub-StyleHeated Jacket
Size TypeRegular
UPCDoes not apply
MAX Bare Hooded Heated Jacket
released on July 30, 2014


// Company Profile – DeWalt

DeWalt is a US based brand of power tools and hand tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries. In the Wearable Tech space DeWalt manufactures heated clothing such as jackets, sweatshirts, and work coats. DeWalt also creates wearable walkie talkies. – View Profile


9 Reviews for MAX Bare Hooded Heated Jacket

  1. Wendy Sheeder

    Thought I had just ordered an extra large, but I looked it up and 2XL is what was available. Glad, because these evidently run small and the 2XL fits perfect–right down to the length of the sleeves.

  2. aholly

    No collar, picture on box and tag show collar but hoodie doesn’t have one. Heats nice and fits true to size. Wish i could love it but was expecting a collar.

  3. A l

    No collar. In the description it specifically mentions the collar but they sun went out with no collar. I called DeWalt to make sure I wasn’t getting some kind of knock off. They said they change their design. I’m disappointed the reason I wanted this one over the Milwaukee was the collar.BAIT AND SWITCH BEWARE

  4. Jeremie

    Great hoodie, been keeping me warm for almost two weeks in the rain, really worth itI put 4 stars because the battery can be bulky for sure and would appreciate if DeWALT could come up with a thinner battery pack that wraps around, to have even weight distribution.

  5. H. Griep

    I just received my item. I am a woman about 5’4″, 145 and ordered a small, which would have fit if it were a regular hoodie, however when the battery and adapter are added it’s too snug in the front section. The battery ends up being kindof bulky so I will order a large. I like how there are 2 places to keep the battery, however I prefer more of a loose fit, the rectangle is quite visual though the hoodie, that’s why I decided to exchange it. I think it’s going to be super awesome once the sizing is correct. Will help me from freezing while watching my child play outdoor sports in Colorado. Probably should have gotten one years ago.

  6. John Salazar

    I started with the M12 line from Milwaukee even though I have been using Dewalt tools since their 18v and 24v days. I chose Milwaukee because at the time Dewalt did not offer much in terms of 12v tools. But now I have upgraded all my old 18 & 24v tools to Dewalt XR20v ones and thought I’d try their hoodie even though I already own 3 jackets from big M.What I like..Huge zipped pocket for your phone. The Milwaukee jackets have small pockets that don’t fit my phone so definitely appreciate this.2 places to put your battery. I don’t have any Dewalt 12v so I just use the Milwaukee sleeve and battery in my Dewalt hoodie. I like that you can place the battery in the back or in front. Sometimes when you are sitting in your car having the battery in the back is uncomfortable so having the option to relocate it is good.The badHandwash? What’s with that? Milwaukee says throw theirs in the washing machine and that’s what I have done a million times. We will see how that goes, I have not yet needed to wash my Dewalt Hoodie.20v, I don’t think so. OK, several points here. First off, If you think you are going to slap a 20v battery on this and be comfortable you have some reality heading your way. First off, the Dewalt adapter is HUGE! not to mention that even if you have some DeWalt 1.5ah or 2ah slim batteries they are HUGE and once you combine that giant adapter and huge battery you end up with this monstrous thing that is not only bulky but heavy. Want to throw on a 5.0ah batt? Well, not unless you want to deform the hoodie with a huge sag where the battery goes. I will, however, admit that I use the Dewalt adapter and a 5ah batt with my heavy (Toughshell) Milwaukee jacket but that is only if I am going to be outside in brutal weather all day and the material of that jacket is so heavy that it doesn’t deform under the battery’s weight.The Dewalt hoodie has the button on the inside and the Milwaukee has it on the outside. Secondly, the Dewalt button seems to require less pressure to switch between its three temperatures. this has resulted in me setting it to high and then just through normal movement the button gets bumped and switches it to a lower temp. Personally I prefer having the button on the outside as it is easier to use as you do not have to unzip to adjust temp or turn it on or off.HeatingOK, so I have to say there is no contest here the Milwaukee gets hotter and it gets hotter quicker. The middle temp on the Milwaukee is about what high is on the DeWalt.MaterialBoth are lightweight, the DeWalt seems to be thicker and better material. Although Milwaukee says machine wash so…20v vs 12vThis is one of those marketing games that is nonsense. The jackets don’t run at 20v they run at 12v but pitching it as a 20v product makes it sound better. Plus as I mentioned before even a slim 20v battery is huge.SizeMilwaukee jackets run tight. If you layer go a size bigger.Milwaukee hoodies run just about right if you order an XL it will be what you expect.Dewalt hoodie runs tight, I’d order a size up.So what to buy?I’d get the Dewalt, however, I would not run it off a 20v battery. Order the 12v sleeve and battery or if you have M12 products as well order an M12 sleeve for the battery.

  7. Jesse

    Overall, I believe this jacket could be designed a little bit better, but if your expectations are reasonable it is worth while.Pros-it does keep you fairly warm, especially if you layer this jacket with something on the outside.-the smaller 2 A.H battery packs will last for a good while with conservative use.-the quality is decent and materials are fairly sturdy for a hoodie or light jacket.-the control is easy enough to reach while you have the jacket on.-there are two locations for the battery if you want to carry two, or if you are not in a position to use one or the other.Cons-heavy use will deplete the smaller 2 A.H batteries before a full work day.-the rear battery location is uncomfortable while driving or operating equipment(the front position is more comfortable while offering similar complications while doing other types of work)Other considerations-some people have reported broken buttons/switches, these could be due to the fact that the jacket takes 5-10 seconds of holding the button down for the light to turn on-while larger batteries would extend the run time to the point that it would allow all day use, they are substantially less comfortable and quickly make the jacket more of a hassle than its worth.-switching the battery from one position to the other is not a very convenient process, it is time consuming and a substantial complication if you have clothing on over this.Overall this heated jacket is warm enough to be handy if you spend time working outdoors, but it can be a hindrance in some situations especially in very cold environments where this is not worn on the outside.

  8. Sean

    The battery adapter described says it comes with 2 USB ports for device charging and accepts both 20V and 12V batteries.My hoodie only has one USB port and only accepts 20V.I’m a dewalt guy but I may have to grab the Milwaukee hoody.This hoody would be great If the batter with the adapter were not so bulky.In the back side pocket it gets in my way wearing a tool backpack, and in the inside pocket it gets in the way with just putting my hands in the pockets.The material is thin which makes it good for layering, but I think I’d prefer a thicker material with a smaller battery pack. I’m not so worried about the battery life as I generally have more than one around me on jobs that it’s worth suiting up like this for.

  9. Adam

    This really helped keep a little more warmth in on the cold windy days. I work in a lift a lot and being in them makes you cold on the bad days. This is felt like having a heat pad on you back and I’m around the rib area. It was so nice that it was making my partner super jealous lol. Only bad thing is the way the battery pack sits in this pocket on the insides by your guts, it kinda digs in and makes bending over a little odd. Reason for the 4 star

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