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DEWALT MAX Black Heated Jacket Kit

The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-3XL 20V/12V MAX Black Heated Jacket Kit is great for all kinds of outdoor cold weather activity to keep you warm while the elements are cold and fridge. This jacket offers up to 7.5 Hours of runtime with a compact 20V MAX Battery. It features 4 heating zones which include L&R chest, mid-back and collar – all are run by a LED controller that has 3 temperature settings, plus a pre-heat function. The battery is stored in an efficient battery pocket, that expands to accept Premium 20V MAX batteries.

  • 4 Heating Zones within Jacket
  • LED Controller with 3 temperature settings + Pre-heat function
  • Routing ports for USB cable for cell phone charging
  • 5 Total Pockets
  • Water resistant polyester outer shell


DeWalt DCHJ075BM 20V MAX Black Mens Quilted/Heated Jacket Medium , (Bare) New
Model DCHJ075BMDewalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Quilted/Heated Jacket (Jacket Only) - MediumIncludesDCHJ075 Heated JacketDCB092 USB Power SourceDETAILS & SPECIFICATIONSFeatures3-core heating zones; upper left and right chest and mid-backDurable water and wind resistant polyester outer shell keeps the...
DeWalt DCHJ075D1XL 20V MAX Black Mens Quilted/Heated Jacket w/ Battery-XL New
Model DCHJ075D1XLDewalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Quilted/Heated Jacket Kit - XLIncludesDCHJ075 Heated JacketDCB203 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery (2.0 Ah)Charger DCB092 USB Power SourceDETAILS & SPECIFICATIONSFeatures3-core heating zones; upper left and right chest and mid-backDurable water and wind...
DEWALT 20V MAX Heated Work Jacket w/ Battery Kit (Black, 2XL) DCHJ072D12X New
Model DCHJ072D12XDewalt 20V MAX Li-Ion G2 Soft Shell Heated Work Jacket Kit - 2XLIncludesDCHJ072 Heated JacketDCB203 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery (2.0 Ah)ChargerDCB092 USB Power SourceDETAILS & SPECIFICATIONSFeatures3-core heating zones; upper left and right chest and mid-backDurable water and...
DeWalt DCHJ075D1M 20V MAX Black Mens Quilted/Heated Jacket w/ Battery Kit-M New
Model DCHJ075D1MDewalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Quilted/Heated Jacket Kit - MediumIncludesDCHJ075 Heated JacketDCB203 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery (2.0 Ah)Charger DCB092 USB Power SourceDETAILS & SPECIFICATIONSFeatures3-core heating zones; upper left and right chest and mid-backDurable water and wind...
DEWALT 12V/20V MAX Women's Black Heated Jacket Kit - M DCHJ066C1-M New
Model DCHJ066C1MDewalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Women's Heated Jacket Kit - MediumIncludes20V MAX 12V/20V Lithium-Ion Women's Heated Jacket Kit (2014 Model)20V MAX Lithium-Ion BatteryChargerUSB Power SourceDETAILS & SPECIFICATIONSFeaturesDurable water and wind resistant polyester outer shell keeps the...


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// Specifications

Max Black Heated Jacket
released on April 24, 2013

// Company Profile – DeWalt

DeWalt is a US based brand of power tools and hand tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries. In the Wearable Tech space DeWalt manufactures heated clothing such as jackets, sweatshirts, and work coats. DeWalt also creates wearable walkie talkies. – View Profile


8 Reviews for Max Black Heated Jacket

  1. D. Harman

    I spent weeks researching this coat, watching the price, and wondering if I should spend the money, I should have purchased it earlier. The price on this jacket bounces up and down by as much as twenty dollars, so you might want to watch it for a bit and purchase on the low end. That said, on to the review.I wear an extra large, it’s sized and cut so you can have a sweatshirt and thick teeshirt under it and still have plenty of movement. It would be nice if it was an inch or two longer.The battery pack sits over your left kidney, so if your job requires laying on that side it’s going to be uncomfortable but for normal wear after a bit I hardly notice it. The battery sits high enough to clear a tool belt. The outer material is tightly woven and has 5% spandex in it for a little give as you move, it’s nice. It sheds dirt and water fairly well and it’s tight weave makes it difficult to grind dirt into it, all good things as it’s a hand wash only jacket. The zippers are plastic, and altho they appear heavy duty, not sure about the long term durability, however you can zip and unzip with gloves on which is really nice.If you work in a wet environment such as a car/truck wash, ship deck, or anyplace you might get the inside of the jacket wet, then this isn’t the jacket for you. Dewalt is pretty clear that if you get the inside of the jacket soaked y’all are going to have a bad day.The jacket heats up fairly quickly on preheat and I find that I never really need the high setting. (maybe if I was sitting still on a deer stand in the camo model). On low it lasts me just over six hours and about four and a half hours on medium with a freshly charged 20v, I haven’t tried a 12v. When on a job I always have at least one 20v charging somewhere so it’s not an issue, and changing out a battery takes about a minute. It’s an even heat across the chest, the mid back, and the collar area. The heated collar area is dang near worth the price of the jacket by itself! It was 14 degrees today, with good gloves, a good hat ,good boots and this jacket I wasn’t bothered a bit. Highly recommend!Now, about letting someone try on this jacket. If you have a girlfriend, wife, daughter, etc. and you let them try this jacket on when it’s cold, you will be buying another one. It won’t matter that it isn’t the latest fashion, that it might not fit perfectly, that it doesn’t come in the right color, you might as well just order one in their closest size and get it over with. If you don’t want to double your cost, just leave it in the truck. ( trust me on this )

  2. Andrew

    Fantastic deal, jacket works really well, winter, bring it on!

  3. Oleg Ginzburg

    Pretty decent jacket overall.Pros.Does not allow wind through very easily and zips up to cover the neck from wind.Easy to use controls, good battery life.Cons.The led light on the power/control/indicator button, is hard to see in bright light conditions.The battery often disconnects from the yellow insert plastic while in the battery pocket. I have tried it right side up as well as upside down and the same issue persists. The disconnect usually happens when you sit down or knock that side of the jacket.Would be nice to have a stronger locking mechanism.I am still glad I picked one up.

  4. Alicia

    I got this for my dad for christmas. He LOVES it!! It gets very hot, which is great for someone who works in -40 weather in the winter!

  5. mesa2472

    Great jacket does the job and keeps you warm. The only issue is that the battery doesn’t last long at all. The location of the battery is also bad, you get this huge bulge sticking out at the back and when you go to sit back when you are wearing the jacket it can be uncomfortable at times

  6. Mike Gallucci

    Having previously owned the heated Milwaukee hoodie, I was a little hesitant about ordering this jacket. I always like to physically try on any article of clothing before purchasing, but since I’m an avowed DeWALT junkie, I decided to go ahead with the purchase. One thing I never really liked about the Milwaukee hoodie was the battery pocket being located inside the jacket, so the external battery pocket was a big plus for me. For the last few days I’ve been wearing th3e jacket while running errands so I’ve constantly been in & out of several vehicles. The placement of the battery is well thought out, and I never had an issue with the battery interfering with the seat belts. When you are handling the coat the battery feels heavy and clunky, but as soon as you slip into it and everything settles, the feeling goes away. The temperatures here in Washington have been fairly warm the past week, averaging in the high 40s in the day. This jacket is very warm and comfortable even without the heat turned on! Last night it dropped to the upper 30s with a light rain, so I decided to take a walk with the heat turned on. When first switched on, the jacket is on high, or red. I’ve seen it referred to as “preheat” and that’s a good description. Compared to the Milwaukee, the heat is noticeable very quickly, and I love that the neck area is heated, it’s obvious the designers worked with workers in the field! After a few minutes, I felt the need to turn the heat down to the mid level, denoted by the indicator turning from red to white. Another 1/4 mile or so, and I was able to turn the jacket to low, which is blue on the indicator. The point where I really fell in love with the jacket though, was driving my old Ford pickup with no heat! I kept the jacket on medium heat, and the trip to the dump was very comfortable. I can imagine that people who don’t move around a lot in their jobs would greatly benefit from this jacket. With the included battery, I was able to use varying levels of heat for over 3 hours yesterday and the battery was still showing 2 bars. Time will tell if the 7 hour claim is realistic or not, but I use so many DeWALT tools that having an available backup battery isn’t an issue. Battery prices have come down significantly in the past year, so if this jacket becomes a favorite for you, an additional battery or 2 is a worthwhile investment. Speaking purely on my personal experience, the size chart is pretty accurate. I have fairly long arms, and sometimes have a problem finding shirts and jackets that fit properly, but based on the chart I ordered a large, and it fits perfectly! My wife tried the jacket on after it was warmed up, and my Christmas shopping just became a whole lot easier! One more test I’m waiting to do is wearing it under my riding jacket and taking the motorcycle out for a spin. I was able to do this test with the Milwaukee jacket, and while the heat takes a bit longer to build up, it eventually made a chilly ride much more enjoyable. Shipping was very fast, and the factory packaging is very stout. The battery was fully charged upon arrival, and within minutes I was feeling the warmth! For the way I work, this jacket is perfect. If I spent a greater amount of time outdoors, I would have ordered the hooded version. For the price, I feel this is a very good value, as you also get the 1.5Ah battery, the adapter which also provides you with 2 usb charging ports so you can charge your phone or tablet, and the battery charger which also charges any 12-20v Max battery in the DeWALT system.

  7. Chris H.

    The heat function quit just days out of warranty, worn no more than 20 days total. Dewalt does not manufacture this, a company called Radians does, and they could care less about Dewalt customers. I replaced with a Milwaukee jacket that I like much better.Update: Dewalt did finally replace the jacket free of charge. The Milwaukee jacket started to loose stitching and I returned it. Upon closer comparison, the build quality of the Dewalt is better, just hope the heater lasts.

  8. CLD

    good for someone who works outside especially in the winter time

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