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The DXFRS220 Dewalt Wearable Walkie Talkies

DEWALT DXFRS220 1 Watt Wearable Heavy Duty – Hands Free, Shock Resistant, Long Range & Rechargeable Two-Way Radio with VOX (2 Pack). The DEWALT DXFRS220 is a hands-free, wearable Walkie Talkie pair. Ultra-clear long distance reception of up to 100, 000 square feet. Provides easy Access to all 22 channels, and works with other FRS walkie-talkie 2-way radios. Start communicating better with Dewalt wearable walkie talkies

  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Warranty only valid by authorized resellers.
  • LONG RANGE COMMUNICATION: One watt of power provides Up to 100,000 sq. ft of long distance signal range depending on terrain and conditions.
  • ROGER BEEP TONE: Confirmation tone indicates the completion of the user’s transmission, and signals others it is clear to talk.
  • UP TO 10 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: Built-in rechargeable Li-polymer Battery charges with Micro-USB charging cable
  • WATER RESISTANT – IPX4 STANDARD: Protection from splashing water, no matter the direction

At you can purchase a DXFRS220 Alt - DEWALT DXFRS300 1 Watt Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies - Waterproof, Shock Resistant, Long Range & Rechargeable Two-Way Radio with VOX (2 Pack) for only $119.99. The cheapest price was found on January 26, 2023 10:10 am. – View Buying Options



4 Cobra Wearable Walkie Talkies DXFRS220/ ACT220 WMT ** Tested**
4 Cobra Wearable Walkie Talkies DXFRS220/ ACT220 WMT ** Tested**
4 used excellent condition walkie talkies with charger cables. Tested free shipping



Custom BundleNo
Number of Channels22
Supported ModesFM
Dewalt Wearable Walkie Talkies
released on May 21, 2019


DEWALT Walkie Talkies - Lifetime Warranty Radios for your ...

DEWALT is well known for producing long lasting and high quality products. They have now entered the two way radio market place with their jobsite walkie talkies. DEWALT's current radio models are designed to use 22 FRS frequencies, which can be used license-free by both businesses and end users.

DEWALT Handsfree Wearable Walkie Talkies (2-Pack)-DXFRS220 ...

DEWALT DXFRS220 walkie-talkies (set of 2) are built on the FRS platform. Handsfree, wearable 0.5-Watt radios have maximum coverage up to 100,000 sq. ft. Clips onto clothing, allowing you to talk and listen without actually holding the radio. Splash water proof, dust proof, shock resistant, anti-slip design. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

DEWALT DXFRS220 OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the MODEL DXFRS220: instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.


// Dewalt Company Profile

DeWalt is a US based brand of power tools and hand tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries. In the Wearable Tech space DeWalt manufactures heated clothing such as jackets, sweatshirts, and work coats. DeWalt also creates wearable walkie talkies. – View Profile

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5 Reviews for Dewalt Wearable Walkie Talkies

  1. Fabian Johns

    I do not often take the time to write reviews on products. I felt this set was worth sharing a review for others. As an Industrial Business in the Wood Products Industry, we have been searching for a good 2-way radio that is compatible with Motorola Talk-About’s and other “out of the box ready to use” radios. Otherwise, we would have to replace our entire system instead of integrating radios in to replace our current models when they fail. So far, this radio has clear reception, decent distance, long battery life, and is light weight to carry. It is easy to program and lockable to prevent programming changes. Cons- no built in flashlight like most Motorola’s and although the swivel belt holster is handy, it appears that the clip that holds the holster to the radio is under designed. Time will tell. These are fairly new I believe and difficult to find other than on Amazon.

  2. Chaz Roggs

    I have a small construction crew and saw these new DeWalt walkie talkies. Have used them for a few days now and can’t believe how far away they will work. It’s been much easier that using our cell phones. Size of these are great. Very rugged and will survive a drop and even if it doesn’t survive the fall it has a lifetime warranty!!

  3. DCR

    I’ve had many sets of walkie talkies over the years…use them to communicate on 12 hilly, wooded acres,, between steel/stucco buildings, and an occasional stretch to a mile away when visiting neighbor’s property. Wife uses wheelchair so walkie talkies work well for us to keep in touch both inside the house and when I’m outside. Our cell phones are inconsistent as we have a steel roof on the house….but walkie talkies have been much better and are less expensive to replace if run over by a piece of equipment. Most walkie talkies provide the coverage we need, but I must say, these DeWalt are the best. They are ergonomic (really like the front pushing PPT button to talk), durable build (rubberized edges, guaranteed “drop proof” from 2 meters, short/stubby antenna, etc.), they are just the right size to fit in a pocket if you don’t hang them from your belt/pocket with the belt clip (belt clip is potentially the least “robust” of the components as it is pretty simple plastic cup/clip type holder and probably won’t take the abuse the actual walkie talkie will take), and sound/clarity is excellent. They are very intuitive, easy to program, on/off/volume control is simple rotation of a knob. They are easily “locked” so channels don’t change. Battery life is easily the 18 hours on standby….we use them multiple times during the day from 6am to 11pm, charge overnight and they are ready to go again at 6am. They don’t have weather scan/NOAA type add ons, nor bluetooth capable. However, I’ve found those things to be of minimal to no value for how we use them. While they don’t come with them, they will accept a plug-in ear bud and have VOX-voice activated receiving/transmission (with or without the plugged in ear bud). They are plenty loud when turned clear up and the vibration mode is a plus when turned on with the sound alert around loud noises. Yes, they cost more than the average Walkie Talkies, but I’m hoping durability and fewer things to go wrong will translate to having them a long time…I’ve ordered a second set for use in RV (received a $25 off orders from another website that also sold this product). They are not on the DeWalt website, you have to call their support site if you have questions: (866) 208-1654. I called to inquire about replacement batteries and warranty…Batteries “will be coming available soon” on Amazon and other sites that sell their walkie talkie. The warranty is for 1 year. Note this review is for the 2 watt version (DXFRS800), not the 1 watt. I have no experience with the 1 watt. I’ll be following up if I run into any issues or other observations that might help when making a decision. Pleased with the purchase so far.

  4. hellyeah1031reese

    Great little things for being pretty close say like a party or around the office but not out in the field if you need like 1/2 mile. I’m looking at regular walkie talkies with ear piece. I run equipment and need good connectivity with the other machine.

  5. ssarty57

    Great product and batteries hold an awesome charge

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4 Cobra Wearable Walkie Talkies DXFRS220/ ACT220 WMT ** Tested**
4 Cobra Wearable Walkie Talkies...
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