This Bicycle Folds Down to Double as a Backpack 1

This Bicycle Folds Down to Double as a Backpack


Americans sure do love our cars. However, there is another way to get around, albeit quite a bit slower. It is the humble bicycle. This patron saint of travel has been around a long time, much longer than the automobile. Contrary to popular belief, bikes can actually be an amazing way to get around, particularly if you live near or in a big city. As such, there has been plenty of wearable tech rolling down the pike that interact in novel ways with bicycles, from cameras to activity trackers. However, what if a piece of wearable technology actually was a bicycle. Now that would most certainly be interesting. Most interesting indeed.

Don’t look now. This is a real thing. Italian designer Gianluca Sada has designed his egotistically named Sada Bike. As stated before, not only is this a fully functioning bicycle, it also folds up neatly into the size of a backpack which then can be worn just like a backpack, on your back. You’ll never to worry about someone snatching your prized cycle while you are in a restaurant scarfing down slices of pizza because you’ll have said bicycle quite literally on you as you scarf said slices. This is done by completely rethinking what makes a bicycle a bicycle. You may notice the wheels have no spokes, for instance. That is to make the whole thing more foldable. Every thing is designed that way, but we assure you this is completely rideable and safe.

This is only a working prototype design for now so if you want to walk around with a bike on your back you are going to have to do it the old fashioned way, by strapping a freakishly large bicycle to your poor, worn out back. Good luck!

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