Here's a Backpack that Charges Your Devices as You Walk 1

Here’s a Backpack that Charges Your Devices as You Walk


Don’t look now, but your bag or pocket is probably filled with a whole bunch of gadgets. First there was the humble cellular phone. Then came awesome portable video game consoles, tablets, better cell phones and, now, smartwatches, VR glasses and all kinds of other thingamahbobbies. This is awesome! The more gadgetry the merrier, we always say. However, all of these doodads have one thing in common, they need energy in order to run. It can seem like full time job keeping all of your gadgets charged, particularly if you are on vacation or, gasp, far from a power outlet. Luckily, there is a new backpack to help with that very problem. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology(go yellow jackets) have created a backpack that charges your items using the magical energy-producing power of your footsteps. Now there is yet another reason to get out there and walk instead of just laying around all day, watching Netflix and eating chimichangas. The backpack works using a variant of static electricity, something about nanowires and microscopic holes. To be honest it’s kind of confusing but, hey, it works. Electricity beggars cannot be choosers.

This tech is brand spanking new, however, and this is not available in any commercial backpacks(yet.) Once the scientists conduct more tests and get prices down I am fairly certain this tech will make its way on to the shelves of Sports Authority. In the meantime, here is a video of Garfield for absolutely no reason.


Main Type: Bags
Features: Mobile Integration
Tags: Charging Backpack

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