Introducing Jet Vest, a jetpack by any other name 1

Introducing Jet Vest, a jetpack by any other name


The humble jetpack. Is there any one item that more adequately illustrates the “holy grail” of the wearable tech-obsessed? It just might be the granddaddy of them all. It’s an object that seems simple from the outside and yet, aside for brief and dangerous spurts into the sky, has proven to be too complex to bring to market. When will technology catch up to our dreams and give us a properly functioning jetpack?! We, and I’m speaking for you guys as well here, want to soar the skies like Superman or a character from a 1950s sci-fi pulp novel.

The answer? Maybe soon. Another team of inventors is taking a stab at it, anyways. The problem with jetpacks is they need actual jet engines to function. Not only are these engines expensive but they don’t tend to be the safest things on the block either. These industrious fans of feeling bird-like have been slaving away on their Jet Vest, which is a jetpack by any other name. The hook here? It uses actual jet fuel, instead of the pricier and more dangerous hydrogen peroxide which is found in most jetpack concept designs.

They have taken their idea to Kickstarter, of course, to maintain funding. The difference here, though, is you aren’t buying an actual Jet Vest(that’d be way too expensive for now.) Your money gets you time with a Jet Vest. Take it for a quick and tethered spin around the block or just pose in front of it for a series of macho photos. Either way, your donation helps this kind of technology slowly, but surely, achieve mainstream acceptance. That’s gotta be worth something right?

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