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  1. Tommy

    I have owned other Nomatic products before and have loved them. I bought this new bag from their Navigator series and used it for a recent trip I took. I was gone for 3 days and was easily able to pack all my clothes and accessories. I love the little secret pocket where I am able to keep my keys from home. The lined pocket at the top is a nice place to store my phone. I was a little leary about the price of the bag when I bought it but this bag far exceded my expectations. The quality is superior and flawless. Every zipper and pocket has a purpose. I highly recommend you get this bag.

  2. Jon Wright

    This is my first experience with a Nomatic bag. I was traveling for 3 weeks with my family and was looking for something durable that would also fit all my clothes, toiletries and computer. This turned out to be everything I needed and more. Every pocket is designed with a specific purpose in mind and it fulfills its function perfectly. There’s even a hidden pocket inside another small pocket for anything needing a little extra protection. I had plenty of space to hold everything I needed to bring and was even able to pack some of my wife’s things as well. The shoulder straps are comfortable, even with the bag being packed to the max and there’s even a waist strap to help support your back (if necessary).This bag is 100% worth the price and I’d recommend this product to absolutely anyone!

  3. James Ricks

    Let me start by saying that I have way too many backpacks. I have one for rock climbing, short trips, work, skiing, and for camera gear. I was looking for a big backpack that I could take my camera and a bunch of video gear skiing, and also something that could replace my carry-on suitcase on longer trips. This does all of this for me and more.Here are the key things that really set this bag apart from my other backpacks:-Build quality: I have owned Nomadic products in the past, and this is where they have “wowed” me in the past. This one is next level. I have had minimal problems with backpacks in the past, just the occasional broken buckle. This one is SOLID. Many of the buckles and hooks are metal, and the straps are soft, but they feel like a super nice seat belt. They are not the cheap plastic nylon ones, they are really nice, but hard to explain the material.-Laptop pocket: All of my bags have a laptop pocket at the top, and this one is from the side, which does not make the backpack loose its shape. The advantage to this is I can take my laptop in and out while wearing it. A little thing, but it is actually really important to me, plus its hard to find for pickpockets.-Adjustability and fit: At 6’5” I am a large human. Most chest straps when my backpack at the right height is way high on my chest, I can’t use them because they are way too high and end up choking me. This one you can take out, and there are slots to put it way down or way up, depending on your size. This makes this bag so much better for me!-Comfort: This goes along with my previous point, but because of the internal straps that hold your cloths or other big items right up against your back, there is nothing “jiggling around against the bottom, and it is held right against the back. It also has a really stiff design which makes it great for sports like skiing, and also for carrying all day.-Carrying space: This has a beautiful big space and feels like packing a normal carry-on suitcase. Opens just like one as well, so you can keep all your clothes nice and organized just like a suitcase.-Water Resistance: Nice smooth material, put my camera in it for a really rainy shoot, the inside did not get wet at all. Enough said.-Looks: Amazing design, I feel good wearing it.I have not had any issues with the pack so far, I have been impressed with it and loved carrying it around with me to a variety of events and activities.If this review was helpful, I would appreciate if you marked it as so! Thanks for reading.

  4. kaye donn kirk jr

    Best travel backpack so far!

  5. Chris & Amanda Harrison

    Haven’t had it that long but it’s living up to my expectations. Glad I bought it!

  6. Chris & Amanda Harrison

    This bag is amazing

  7. Jon Wright

    Too big, too many compartments, lots of straps and buttons and zippers, just a pain, returned it. The kicker is the laptop Compartment hardly fity alienware 17.3 but the redt of the bag was massive.

  8. Inky Sparrow

    My husband purchased this for our travels. It’s been through many airports. Different modes of transportation. Wind, Rain, Snow, Dust, Heat, Humidity have little to no impact on the internal contents of this backpack.My husband has laptops, drones, chargers, tablets, backup cell phones stored in here. Its airport friendly and environmentally protected. Plus, it’s secure.It is bulky. But, when you have as much gear as he carries when we travel, this backpack is invaluable.

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Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack

Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack: Streamline your travel with convenience and versatility.

Nomatic Navigator Backpack: minimalist, durable, and perfect for travel.

- Versatile compartments
- Durable materials
- Comfortable straps


- Expensive price point
- Limited color options
- Heavy when fully packed



in stock


The Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack 32L is the ultimate travel companion for anyone looking to pack more while keeping comfort and support in mind. This backpack is designed to maximize your carrying capacity with a 32-liter to 41-liter expansion, easily packing up to five days’ worth of clothing and a 16″ laptop.

Crafted with durable water-resistant materials, the Navigator Travel Backpack is built to last and is perfect for any adventure. It features a tamper-proof zipper system, load-bearing harness system, and an EVA foam formed back panel for support. Additionally, the front section of the backpack is dedicated to organizing your tech, cords, and other small items with multiple mesh and zipper pockets, including an RFID safe pocket.



  • Streamlined travel experience
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Multiple compartments, including laundry and shoe compartments
  • Hydration sleeve
  • Separate laptop compartment (up to 16 inches)
  • RFID-blocking pocket for credit cards and passport
  • Unique strap system converts backpack to duffel bag
  • Made of durable materials for harsh outdoor conditions
  • Perfect for avid travelers
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    Model #: NVTP32-BLK-01
    Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack

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    Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack 32L W/ 9L Built-In Expansion | Anti-Theft Carry-On Size for...
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    The Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack is the ultimate solution for avid travelers looking to streamline their experience. With a sleek, minimalist design, this backpack comes packed with an array of features that cater to travelers' every need. The backpack boasts multiple compartments, including a laundry bag, a shoe compartment, and a hydration sleeve, all of which offer ample space for organizing your belongings. Additionally, there's a separate laptop compartment that accommodates up to a 16-inch device and an RFID-blocking pocket that keeps your credit cards and passport safe from identity theft. Unlike most travel backpacks, the Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack has a unique strap system that allows it to convert from a backpack to a duffel bag seamlessly. Moreover, it's made of durable materials that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring that your backpack will last the test of time. With its thoughtful design and robust features, the Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack is the perfect companion for your next adventure.

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