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VGOAL Small Sling Backpack

VGOAL Small Sling Backpack: Versatile, durable, and convenient for outdoor activities.

VGOAL Sling Backpack: Compact, functional, and water-resistant. Perfect for travel and outdoor activities.

- Compact size
- Comfortable strap
- Multiple pockets


- Limited storage space
- Not suitable for heavy loads
- Only one strap Logo
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A versatile and stylish sling backpack designed to cater to the modern man’s needs.

The VGOAL Sling Backpack Men’s Chest Bag Shoulder Crossbody Sling Backpack for Men with USB Charging Port. This bag is perfect for those on the go, looking for a reliable and spacious bag to carry their essentials.

With a large capacity, this bag can easily fit a 9.7″ iPad, wallet, cell phone, and other valuables. It is versatile and can be used as a small travel sling bag, work bag, daypack, and more. The design of the bag is ergonomically perfect, with lock buckles on both sides that allow you to adjust the shoulder strap position according to your needs. Additionally, the soft air permeability padded back cushion makes you feel light and comfortable, even when you’re carrying heavy loads.

The bag’s most notable feature is its USB charging port design, which allows you to charge your electronic devices on the go. Simply connect your power bank with the built-in USB extension cable inside the chest bag and then connect your external USB cable to the external USB charging port to charge your devices. (Note: power bank is not included.)

Other features of the bag include a multi-layer design, which includes a main pocket, a front pocket, and a zipper shoulder pocket. The main pocket has a large-capacity layer for all your daily necessities, a layer that fits a 9.7″ iPad pro, and a zipper pocket. You can keep useful items in the front bag and conveniently access other necessary things from the strap pocket.

This bag will work for any occasion, be it hiking, traveling, outdoor activities, office, school, business, etc. Its fashion and casual style make it an ideal accessory that complements your outfit. The stylish and concise design adds to its appeal, making it a must-have for every modern man.


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Men's Sling Backpack Waterproof Anti-theft Shoulder Crossbody Chest Bag USB Por
Men's Sling Backpack Waterproof Anti-theft Shoulder Crossbody Chest...
Men's Sling Backpack Anti-theft Shoulder Crossbody Chest Bag USB Charging Port
Men's Sling Backpack Anti-theft Shoulder Crossbody Chest Bag USB...
Sling Backpack Men's Chest Bag Shoulder Crossbody Sling Backpack For Men With Us
Sling Backpack Men's Chest Bag Shoulder Crossbody Sling Backpack...


The VGOAL Small Sling Backpack is a versatile, compact backpack suitable for all types of outdoor activities. With its ergonomic design, this backpack ensures maximum comfort during your adventures. Its spacious compartments provide ample storage for all your essentials, including a water bottle, gadgets, and even a tablet. Its durable construction boasts high-quality materials, including water-resistant nylon, ensuring longevity and protection against the elements. The VGOAL Small Sling Backpack is perfect for those on-the-go and promises easy access to your belongings at all times. With its adjustable strap, it is easy to customize the fit, guaranteeing maximum convenience and comfort. Ideal for hikers, cyclists, and travelers, this backpack is an excellent addition to your gear, simplifying your journey and upgrading your style. Get your VGOAL Small Sling Backpack and bring convenience and comfort to your outdoor experiences.

  • Functional and versatile bag
  • Compact design
  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • Spacious main compartment that fits a tablet or small laptop
  • Special pocket for water bottle
  • Front zipper pocket for phone and small items
  • Interior pockets and slots for wallet, keys, and essentials
  • Durable and water-resistant nylon material
  • Adjustable strap for comfortable carrying
  • Suitable for outdoor activities and travel
  • Great for commuting or running errands
  • Reliable and lightweight


    Color: Black
    Size (INCH): 13
    VGOAL Small Sling Backpack
    released on August 8, 2019
    Can this fit an 11 inch iPad Pro

    Let me put my answer this way. The main inside compartment of this bag is essentially 9 x 20 inches. It might hold something 2 or 3 inches thick.

    How do you unlock it? Just received it theres no instructio manual .

    Mines didn’t come with this function

    Will it fit a camera (Canon R) with 50mm lens?

    Applicable, the size of the bag is also used with 13.3INCH computer, so it can be used with (Canon R) with 50mm lens

    How long does the strap extend to?

    very long strap at least 18 inches

    buenas tardes, quisiera saber si la mochila para un ipad 11 pro max

    Si. Creo que sí es apta para un iPad de esa medida. Yo guardo una de 10" y aún queda un poco de espacio.


    This Popular Sling Bag Is $20 at Amazon - Travel + Leisure

    December 11, 2022 - Travel + Leisure


    The VGOAL Small Sling Backpack is a functional and versatile bag suitable for anyone on-the-go. With a compact design, this sling backpack boasts of multiple compartments and pockets that are strategically placed to keep your belongings organized and accessible. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit a tablet or a small laptop, and it also comes with a special pocket to hold your water bottle securely. The front zipper pocket is perfect for storing your phone and other small items while interior pockets and slots offer ample space for your wallet, keys, and other essentials. The VGOAL Small Sling Backpack is made with durable and water-resistant nylon material, making it perfect for outdoor activities and travel. Its adjustable strap allows you to carry it comfortably as a shoulder bag or across your body like a messenger bag, making it a great option for commuting or running errands. Whether you are a student, a professional, or someone who needs a reliable and lightweight bag, the VGOAL Small Sling Backpack is definitely worth considering.


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    6 Reviews for VGOAL Small Sling Backpack

    1. Robyn Gundlach

      It’s perfect size to not be noticeable when you have it on, theft proof cause the way it’s made makes it almost impossible to get it open without noticing, perfect size for my laptop and camcorder plus keyboard and mouse, I have a few off and end things in it and it’s cushioned so it doesn’t damage anything, has a built in charging liner on the outside so you can plug in your stuff to charge your phone etc. gotta buy your own portable phone charger, it also can go into the inside where you don’t need it sticking out wires mixed and all, so it’s beautifully perfect for what I needed

    2. Nyx Covault

      I needed a basic/professional sling bag that wasn’t full-size, but could still carry daily essentials. I’ve been using my VGOAL bag for around 2-3 months now and I can say that this bag is fantastic.It’s great quality with no tearing, fraying, or breakages. It’s comfortable and has plenty of adjustment options. Storage space is just enough not to be overwhelming, but still has those fun pockets like on the sling strap and the back of the bag. It’s water resistant so it easily survives the rain/snow. It’s got every feature you can want in a small size.Highly recommended if you need something basic, sturdy, and fairly priced.

    3. Robyn Gundlach

      Will fit Dji action 3 combo, 3 battery case, extended selfie stick, charging block, several cables, iPhone pro max and a small tripod handle. I normally don’t but in a pinch I can stuff my small superzoom camera in there as well. It’s sturdy , offers good protection and looks great. After a few weeks of use, I believe it was a great purchase, would buy again.

    4. ftlauderdale37

      I recently received a tablet the approximate size of an A4 legal pad. This bag carries the tablet, my water bottle, and all my everyday carry items and keeps them safe with good padding. Anther plus is the USB cord that allows me to plug up a battery pack to charge my phone on the go.

    5. Michael Anderson

      I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve watched videos of similar bags with locks…I just can’t seem to figure it out 😵‍💫. Great bag though. Very well made.

    6. Nyx Covault

      -I got this sling bag because the bag I had been using for work was not quite big enough to hold my 8″ x 10″ day planner and the corners were getting pinched. This bag, on the other hand, has more than enough space for notebooks of that size or electronics such as tablets and laptops. (Just make sure you’re getting the larger size shown in my pictures, as I saw several reviews saying that the smaller bag is not big enough to hold a laptop.)-The cord for the USB adapter tucks into a small hidden zipper on the inside of the bag when not in use. Possibly a very small portable charger could fit inside the compartment with it, but I haven’t tested that. A larger portable charger can tuck into one of the flat inner pockets inside the main pocket of the bag.-The small pocket on the back (the part that is up against your body) is just big enough to hold a large glasses case like shown, or maybe a small umbrella.-One minor downside is that the water bottle holder is on the inside rather than the outside of the bag. It’s also kind of small and my 24oz metal bottle doesn’t fit. But a 16.9oz standard plastic bottle or a metal can should fit just fine. It is also more secure to have the drink pocket on the inside to avoid your drink falling out or being stolen.-Overall this is an excellent backpack to take to work, school, hiking, the gym, and anywhere else you may need a smaller bag. I don’t usually leave long reviews like this but this backpack really impressed me.

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