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XD Design Bobby Tech Backpack
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XD Design Anti-Theft Solar Backpack

The XD Design Bobby Tech Backpack combines style, solar charging, and anti-theft capabilities into a backpack. Stay connected, organized, and secure with the Bobby Tech Backpack from XD Design.

  • Charge your phone directly from Solar Energy, through a Power Bank or Wireless Charging Pad: it takes 3.5 hours to fully charge your phone on a sunny day
  • The Integrated USB Charging Port has both Regular and Type-C connections
  • Adjustable Internal Dividers, which allows you to Organize your (Camera) Gear in many different ways. The Compartments fit 15.6” Laptops and 12.9“ Tablets with a Total Content of 18 Liters.
  • The Patented Fidlock on the shoulder strap enables Quick and Easy Access to your phone or bottle
  • This Eco-Backpack, Sustainably Made using Recycled Plastic Bottles, is Water Repellent and Cut Resistant on the front and sides
  • Materials – 100% Polyester, Zipper closure

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XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel Charger USB/Type C
XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel...



Product Dimensions:11.42 x 6.1 x 17.52 inches; 2.87 Pounds
Item model number:P705.251
XD Design Bobby Tech Backpack
released on January 18, 2019


The Bobby Tech and Bobby Pro - XD Design

While both being pretty much identical in design, the Bobby Tech has one distinctive feature: integrated SOLAR PANELS! YES! All the Bobby Tech needs is a little bit of sunlight and you’ll be alright. It even has an integrated wireless charging module, making it possible to charge your phone on the go without any wires! Both backpacks include:

Bobby Tech // Anti-Theft Backpack - XD Design - Touch of ...

The Bobby Tech anti-theft backpack combines safety, comfort, and the latest technology into a package tech-lovers cannot resist. The integrated solar panel will ensure that you can charge your devices directly from solar power and never run out of power. An integrated wireless charging module makes sure you can charge your mobile device without the hassle of any cables.

Top 10 Best Solar Backpacks For 2021 | Whole People

You’ll pay for the privilege of carrying the XD Design backpack but it’s worth it. It’s stylish, made of 100% recycled plastic and it’s cut resistant too. You can charge a phone from flat to capacity in less than 4 hours with it! You can find the XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel online.



8 Reviews for XD Design Bobby Tech Backpack

  1. C

    I already own a Bobby Urban original and use it for EDC in NYC. I was a Kickstarter purchaser of this backpack and like many other US customers, my pack arrived squashed. Mine also had white unremovable streaks that looked like stomped in plaster dust. I straightened it as best I could and painted it with several diluted coats of Angelus Leather Paint. The result was lumpy but the color was good. I have been using the damaged one around NYC to carry my desk and lenses and have gotten compliments especially after demonstrating the features. The only downside is that the fidlock phone case us too small for my smartphones. The solar panel works well. I have not tried the wireless charging. I hope that XD will make a larger phone holder. My replacement just arrived through Amazon, hence the review.The company promised replacements in 3-5 weeks and made good!It is feature packed. My next international trip is next month. I intend to use it as my personal item. This is on JetBlue. I have not yet measured it as a personal item for Ryanair.

  2. pericles mihalas

    WOW what an amazing backpack.

  3. Shuxiao Zhou

    The usb c port does not work for this bag. I bought two of it and both of them do not work. Everything else is great except this small feature. Very disappointed

  4. Francisco Walter


  5. stech

    It’s exactly what I was looking for. I went to the zoo and the backpack kept my battery charged up. I dont use the wireless charger, but it’s nice to have I suppose.

  6. darus k

    It may be good backpack after some improvements. Not good as day pack for more than one day.

  7. Ryan Panetta

    this bag is everything i thought it would be

  8. GregoryBrandt

    This cost me $400, and I have not been able to get it to work. I have tried multiple power banks. One power bank, the backpack sucked all the juice out of it. I bought it when the pandemic hit as a “bug out bag” but I was hoping I could get it to work. It did charge a phone when I first got it. I live in Hawaii, so we have ample sunshine, but like I said, this bag does not seem to work like it is supposed to. The cords are complicated too and they don’t really send any directions. If I returned the bag now, I would have to eat $100, so I will keep it. I suppose it looks okay, but I really got it for the practical reasons of being able to charge devices off grid. I live in an apartment, here in Honolulu, and I have been trying to get it to work by putting it in the direct sunlight, but I couldnt get this thing to properly charge if I was sitting on the equator, which I basically am.

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XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel Charger USB/Type C
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XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel Charger USB/Type C
XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack...
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XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel Charger USB/Type C
XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack...
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