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Power Talkie Off Grid Communication Device

Introducing POWER TALKIE, an advanced off network two-way radio walkie talkie which enables smartphone users to operate especially during times where there’s NO SIGNAL, NO INTERNET or NO WIFI! This innovative off-grid communication expert will secure communication during your outdoor adventure, whether you are hiking, hunting, camping or boating.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Simply download the Power Talkie Smart App to your smartphone, connect the device to your smartphone thru Bluetooth and this will turn your phone into a powerful real-time, voice & SMS text message system when there is no cell signal or internet available, like a satellite phone. Note: This device will connect via (RF) Radio Frequency waves which will create a custom in-network channel, as opposed to other walkie talkie systems. Power Talkie offers a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: WALKIE TALKIE MODE receives real-time voice messages without having to open the app. The TEXT MESSAGING FUNCTION allows texting directly through our APP when there’s no cell service available. This device also SUPPORTS GROUP CHAT as well as GO LOCATION SHARING & GPS. You can also charge your phones with the portable POWER BANK FUNCTION. The EMERGENCY SOS FEATURE will send your location as an SOS message to all power talkie users near your location when help is needed!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Long-range network- Voice and text range may vary depending on your location i.e. in an urban environment your range may be 1.5 km but in an open environment it can be 5km. Frequency is UHF (462.55-462.725MHz). Extended battery capacity- 6000 mAh, with a standby life of 7 days. Output power: 2 Watts. Includes RECHARGEABLE battery, just 3 hours of charging and 7-9 days of operating. Certifications- FCC ID, CE, ROHS Compliant. Works Globally!
  • SUPERIOR FEATURES: Power Talkie is IP67 WATERPROOF, SHOCKPROOF & DUSTPROOF and is constructed with a special surface material which prevents damage occurring from water or accidental dropping of the device. We assure good reception with crystal transmission clarity. Enjoy all of your outdoor activities while maintaining the ability to communicate and stay safe no matter where you are.

Set of 2 Talk and Messenger Communicator, Wireless, SOS Emergency Alert – Pairs to Smartphone, Powerful 6000mAh Battery, 1-3 Miles Range

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Power Talkie Off Grid Communication Device - Set of 2 Talk and Messenger
Power Talkie Off Grid Communication Device - Set of 2 Talk and...


The Power Talkie is a cutting-edge two-way walkie-talkie device that is specifically designed to help you stay connected when you're out in the great outdoors. Unlike standard walkie-talkies, the Power Talkie boasts an impressive range of up to three miles, meaning you can stay in touch with your fellow adventurers no matter how far apart you are. With its rugged design and powerful battery, the Power Talkie is built to withstand even the toughest of environments, so you can take it on all your adventures with confidence. What's more, the Power Talkie offers crystal-clear audio quality, so you can rest assured that you'll never miss an important message, even in challenging terrain. From hiking and camping trips to off-road adventures and more, the Power Talkie is the ultimate communication tool for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors.



Power Talkie is a two-way radio and power bank device that is perfect for outdoor adventurers, hikers, campers, and emergency situations alike. The device is equipped with long-range communication capabilities, which allow users to stay in touch with their group or emergency services even in remote areas, with no cellular signal or Wi-Fi needed. The Power Talkie’s rechargeable 6000mAh battery can provide up to six hours of continuous talk time, or up to 72 hours of standby power. Furthermore, it can also charge other electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets, making it a convenient all-in-one tool for staying connected and powered up while on the go. Moreover, Power Talkie is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and it is waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant. The device also comes with a built-in flashlight and SOS alarm function, both of which are crucial for emergency situations. With its long-range communication, charging capabilities, and rugged design, Power Talkie is the perfect device for anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors or needs to stay connected in emergency situations.


BrandPower Talkie
Tuner TechnologyUHF
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
International Protection RatingIP67
Talking Range Maximum5 Kilometers
Power Talkie
released on May 9, 2019



Team work, outdoor experience, outdoor adventure with technology.Power talkie provides a LAN for your outdoor lifestyle, so you can stay in touch even if you leave the mobile server area.There will be no distance between you.Download the APP experience. TALK FREELY WITHOUT NETWORK

Power Talkie for Android - APK Download

Power Talkie is a portable device that could work with your smart phone to keep you connected when there is no cell service. You can use it to track your friends’ location, send message and voice to them when you are skiing,hiking,walking,and surfing.

PowerTalkie: The Advanced Off-Network Comms Device | Indiegogo

Power Talkie allows you to create your own network and stay in touch with friends through SMS, Voice, and even by sharing maps when you’re hiking, camping, climbing, sailing, or any other activity where there is no signal connection. Share the Power Talkie campaign page on social media



8 Reviews for Power Talkie

  1. Mordechai K

    powerful with lots of extra features

  2. MovieGuy

    I have to admit that I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that I have a set of walkie talkies that rely on my iphone to work. That concept is just incredibly bizarre and more than a little ironic. My main use for walkie-talkies is on a movie set, where it is sometimes really convenient to communicate with someone a ways off, without having to dial a number over and over (not to mention that some places we shoot have little or no cell service).The walkie talkes are built really well, I’ll give them that. I wouldn’t have any worries about dropping these and them not surviving that. And when they say waterproof, they mean it. Although that also means that prying the charging ports open is a chore and you’ll likely need a knife or similar implement to do it.Back to the functionality… the app is poorly made, and very unintuitive. It needs to connect to your phone via blu tooth, which is honestly a bit dicey. After using these it’s convinced me that I’d prefer “old-school” walkie talkies that don’t rely on a mobile phone.

  3. D.Mitchell

    Pros: External antenna, ok battery size/life, has a talk mode, text mode, nice case for 2 units, waterproof, SOS mode.Cons: Group mode has a big bug and unable to receive group messages; Group mode does not work.Voice mode hangs up when receiving even though transmit party has stopped transmitting, leaving no way to move forward without resetting unit.This is almost a product if bugs are fixed.No feedback from manufacturer via emails to questions.I will do complete tests/review on Youtube when i’m done testing completely.K8UR Youtube Channel.Mitch at K8UR. Com

  4. Britty

    Does not support android. Couldn’t find app on google play store as claimed- & provided QR code didn’t work. Apple App Store did work however I find the app to be not very user friendly

  5. Jeff Dandos

    These aren’t walkie talkies. I wanted walkie talkies and should have paid more attention. Not sure what these things do, download an app and its pretty lame. IDK if i should regift these to someone or just toss the in the trash…

  6. Ken G

    After Numerous emails to customer service, I finally have info on how to make this work for anyone on android!! You need to go to ptalkie DOT com. Then Scroll all the way to the bottom, there will be two links 1 download for apple and the other for android. This will let you download the apk. file . Download the file, then install it. It works not with no issues, Oh when you first open the app there will be a Chinese a little dialog box that will pop up in the begining and just click on the option to the right which will be ok, then you can use the app. After that Everything is in English! I changed my rating from 1 star to 4 due to the app finally being available and it working! Hope this helps anyone with issues!!

  7. Kathy J

    One talkie connected fine but the 2nd talkie would not connect to a phone via Bluetooth for multiple attempts. My husband & I were very excited to have these for deer hunting especially since I spied a cougar when leaving my tree stand a few weeks ago & unable to reach him by walkie talkie/phone. Great concept, affordable, it just didn’t work, and there are no more available to order.

  8. Douglas L

    My son and I tree stand hunt in remote Missouri where there is no cell service. Previously the only way to communicate was with noisy walkie talkies. This is unacceptable as it scares the game away. We were about a mile apart in dense woods while using the Power Talkies. We were able to text each other using smart phones (iPhone 7/10) on vibrate mode. The only time the devices failed was when my son put his Talkie device in his full back pack and somehow the power switch was pushed, turning the device off. When a message is received your iPhone vibrates just like it should when you are connected to cell towers. You will not be disappointed unless you are really pushing the distance between the devices. I would buy again!

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