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VBG VBIGER Laptop Backpack

This well built laptop backpack from VBG VBIGER is stylish and comes packed with premium features only normally found on more expensive backpacks.

  • Materials – Nylon lining / Zipper closure
  • Backpack for 15.6 inch Laptop – Size: 10.6 x 5.5 x 15.6in / 27 x 14 39cm (L x W x H). Main compartment fits up to hold 15.6 Inch laptop as well as 15 Inch, 14 Inch and 13 Inch MacBook/notebook.
  • Travel Backpack – This travel backpack with Durable Metal Zippers and hidden zipper pocket at the back for holding wallet and smartphone, bring added safety and prevent your valuables from being stolen or missing.
  • Backpack with USB Charging Port – With built in USB charge port outside and built in charging cable inside, this USB backpack offers you a more convenient way to charge your phone while walking.
  • Security Business Backpack – This business laptop backpack has reflective strip to make your can be visible and safe in the dark. With mesh padded shoulder straps and back panel could perfectly fit the spine curve and keep proper gap with your back, help to relieve your shoulder pressure.
  • Multifunctional Water Resistant Backpack – This college school backpack is made of high-density ant fleece and durable nylon lining with metal zippers, offering tear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Ensure a long-lasting usage everyday and weekend. Serve you well as laptop bag, travel backpack, slim laptop bagpack, business backpack, school bookbag for women, men.

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VBG VBIGER Laptop Backpack for Men Travel Backpacks Business Backpack College...
VBG VBIGER Laptop Backpack for Men Travel Backpacks Business...



Item model number‎1159BLK
Item Weight‎2.4 pounds
Product Dimensions‎19.5 x 13.5 x 6 inches
Backpack with Built-In Zipper Lock
released on June 3, 2020


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13 Reviews for Backpack with Built-In Zipper Lock

  1. Benjamin

    So I’ve been using this bag for about a week now travelling back and forth from school. I’m actually really surprised at how stiff the bag is, it’s stiff as in the product just feels fresh and crisp. Not sure how else to describe it.Organizational wise, this bag has enough pockets for my pens, textbooks, laptop, and random other things like a travel pillow that I put in there. I’m really happy that it has an external USB port. This means all I need to do is plug my portable charger into the USB extender in there and whenever I need power I just plug in my phone on the outside.Don’t really use the anti-theft feature since I feel like if someone were to steal my bag they wouldn’t bother playing around with that lock, they would just take it. I do appreciate that I have a lock attached if I ever need to travel with it though.Overall I’m really happy with my purchase. If you’re looking for a new school bag with a decent amount of features that won’t break the bank, I will recommend this backpack to you.

  2. Mony 007

     Got this bag for road trips and I love it. There are many compartments in the bag to place different items separately instead of throwing everything together. The material feels pretty good and it even has this lock. Overall, I really like this bag!

  3. Cadna

    I had been lugging my laptop around in a single pocket over the shoulder bag. I finally gave in an bought this bag to save my shoulders. I’m not going to lie, I had no idea that the laptop compartment locks! And that it’s sooo nice!!! How I lived this long without a laptop backpack!? This backpack is comfortable and packs a decent amount of other stuff. There is room for a lunch bag, jacket and mouse and keyboard. It’s such a huge improvement for me!! I love it!

  4. Kaytee Butler

    My husband decided he wanted to go back to school so as a gift I decided to get him a backpack and fill it with notebooks, pens, highlighters, post it’s, etc. The bag held quite a lot of stuff. There are two ‘main’ compartments. The back one has the combination lock for the zipper. This is also where the laptop pouch with Velcro closure and the USB port comes out of. It is just a usb cord that feeds into the inside of the backpack so if you want it to be a charging port, you do have to purchase a portable battery pack to attach to the inside. Inside the back main compartment also has two zipper pouches. The one on top is about 6”x9”, the other one is about 8”x10”. The front main main compartment has two smaller pockets sewn to the back (sized to hold pens/highlighters/calculator size items) and one pocket sewn to the front which is about 8×10. Neither pocket in this compartment zips. There is another zipped compartment on the front of the backpack which is has a mesh pocket and a key ring. Each side of the backpack has a water bottle holder. This is the only thing I have found that I don’t really like because they don’t have any expansion to them so they won’t hold a bottle of water if the back main compartment is full. The very back of the backpack also has an additional zipper pocket that has quite a bit of padding to it so if things are in it, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. There are two very nicely padded areas at the shoulders and the straps are also nicely padded. Over all, I think it’s a great purchase, only would suggest an edit to the water bottle holders so they have elastic at the top that will allow them to expand or hold onto the bottle.

  5. MINH

     Love it, I was looking a laptop backpack gift fot my big brother. This one is the best one I think my brother will definitely love it. It is so convenient, it has multiple pockets (as show in video), usb plug in. One more thing, it has good quality, so my brother can take it everywhere without worrying of scratches or tears. Highly recommend

  6. Hoss

     I love this bag! I bought and a gift and i am buying another for me. A lot of compartments, heavy duty zippers, nice color, heavy duty yet light weight.

  7. J S

    This the third backpack I’ve gotten from Amazon and it’s easily my favorite. It’s roomy but slim so it doesn’t stick out and make you look like an ant carrying a giant meal. There’s TONS of zippers and pockets inside. The bottle holders on the side are tiny but good enough for an umbrella (adds to the classy look) or a 16oz bottle of water. I can’t stuff my hoodie into this backpack but giving up a little convenience for the classy slim look of the bag is well worth it and I should probably stop carrying everything I own in my backpack anyways. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and there’s no sign of wear or staining. The zippers all function like they’re supposed to and don’t unzip from me skating or riding my bike over bumps. I’ve used it in light rain and none of my things got wet. My only complaint is I have to carry my 40oz water flask now because the pockets on the side don’t stretch, but still I highly recommend this backpack if you’re looking for large but slim looking classy bag to stuff all your crap in for school or whatever.

  8. Eric Sung

    This backpack amazed me once I received it! I love the design! All my friends say it looks so good! In addition, it has so many pockets and big capacity, so I can put my stuff orderly. Moreover, the hidden pocket is very useful, I always put my wallet in the hidden pocket. Lastly, the metal zipper is very beautiful, I like the material so much! So far, I’m very satisfied with this backpack!

  9. Cyrus Lopez

    I have to take my laptop to school and the campus is fairly large so I often get soaked walking to class when it rains. I changed over to this backpack and filled it with all my papers and laptop – no issues. It really is waterproof and will keep your stuff dry as long as everything is zipped up. Expensive electronics and invaluable course notes will be safe in storms.The amount of stuff you can pack into this thing is also great. It has three large open zipper requirements that can fit multiple textbooks, binders, notebooks, or laptop in each compartment. The laptop section has a Velcro strap to keep it in place and the zipper compartment itself has a lock so people can’t unzip it without knowing the code (although I feel like they would just take your whole backpack instead lol). The other sections have smaller compartments for pens and mini-notebooks such as a planner. The padded handle also feels like its leather which really does feel like an upgrade over traditional unpadded or foam strap.The foam padding covers your shoulders so if you are unfortunately lugging around a few textbooks and various notebooks, the shoulder straps will not dig into your skin. I also liked the external battery port option. It comes with a cable that you can connect your own personal power bank to so that you can simple plug your regular phone charger into the external backpack module to access the power bank you put inside the backpack (saves you from bulky pockets or carrying the power bank by hand).

  10. Robin W

     I’m really happy I made this purchase. I have a laptop bag, but because my laptop is an old thing it’s very heavy. I needed a lightweight bag that would be easy on my back. This backpack fit the bill perfectly 👌 it’s very light when empty and has great padding which my shoulders appreciate. Going on vacation soon and I think I’ll take this as my carry on too! Feels very durable.

  11. Song

     Don’t know where to start with the vbiger backpack.First of its water resistant. Meaning the fabric and material will not soak up liquids.The backpack also has great straps so it relieves tension in the shoulders.The airflow against the your back is padded with breathable material, so no more sweaty backs!It can fit a laptop up to 17 inches and has chargers!You can now keep your laptop for school or work in your backpack and have it charging whenever you put it away!With all the electronic items on you, being able to charge it when not in use is always a plus.Also, I personally like the look of the backpack.


    I have looked for a sturdy backpack for over a year and finally found one! I have absolutely loved this product. I am a high school teacher and attend graduate school – so, I needed a dependable, waterproof, quality built backpack. I have taken exceptional care of it – mindful not to overstuff it with weight, but – this morning, the handle just came off. Nothing was torn, the threads just were not sewn on well and unraveled. I am upset because I cannot carry it by the handle and was so hopeful it would hold up. Don’t misunderstand, it is a good backpack, just the handle passed inspection when it shouldn’t have passed quality control.

  13. Kevin C.

    I’m really enjoying this backpack because it has everything, a lot of pockets to keep all my things ( laptop, books, personal stuff, water bottle, phone) , I love the fact it has a hidden pocket and a security code, it’s a little big but it’s perfect. The material the backpack is made is very strong, waterproof, the zippers are very strong too ( they are not cheap) in general is a very resistant product. I highly recommend

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