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Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Heavy Duty Gym Bag Backpack

Designed by Jiu Jitsu Athletes, this Jiu Jitsu backpack is the perfect heavy duty gym bag/backpack for all your Jui Jitsu needs. It even includes a special waterproof Gi pocket to protect and isolate your Gi from the rest of the bag.

  • DESIGNED BY JIU JITSU ATHLETES: Our backpack is made by athletes who actually train every day. We’ve thought of all of the special touches that will make it the last training bag you’ll ever try.
  • WATERPROOF GI POCKET: Keep your clean clothes clean, and your sweaty gear quarantined. Easily pack a dirty gi or rashguard in our backpack’s waterproof pocket to keep your gear stink and germ free!
  • BELT PROTECTOR POUCH: Your belt is a sacred part of your jiu jitsu journey. Keep it protected and respected with our pack’s belt pouch
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS: We doubled down on reinforced stitching and top grade nylon to make sure the Gatame Backpack will remain part of your Jiu Jitsu journey from white belt to black belt.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR GEAR: This backpack has plenty of room for one set of training gear and clean clothes. Looking to carry more than 1 gi or a kitchen sink? Search for our Gold BJJ Duffle Bag.
  • BACKED BY THE GOLD BJJ GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products completely. If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your Gold BJJ Backpack, we’ll replace or refund your order no-questions-asked


Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack - Heavy Duty Gym Bag with Waterproof Gi Pocket
Brand New Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack - Heavy Duty Gym Bag with Waterproof Gi Pocket Manufacturer model: GBJJBAGBLK DESIGNED BY JIU JITSU ATHLETES Our backpack is made by athletes who actually train every day. We've thought of all of the special touches that will make it the last training...


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Jiu Jitsu Backpack
released on November 27, 2017

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11 Reviews for Jiu Jitsu Backpack

  1. Mr. Miller

    I’m definitely happy with this backpack so far. I am very new to BJJ, but I quickly realized how convenient having a backpack that can fit a gi, clothes and other hygiene essentials would be. This bag has great compartment on the bottom that fits a gi and keeps it from stinking up the main pocket where you will want to store your clothes. There are several other compartments that all zip and are great for odds and ends. The bag looks good and isn’t one of those obnoxiously over-branded one that screams “I DO JIU JITSU!”. Great purchase!

  2. Chamuth G

    I bought two of these as Christmas gifts for my husband and daughter. My daughter replaced her previous back pack with this one and uses it more like her purse/everyday bag. We’ve only had these since Christmas so durability won’t be known for awhile but my first impression is that they’re well made out of quality materials and should hold up well. They aren’t quite as large as I was expecting but they are somewhat roomy. I’m not sure what all my daughter has packed into hers but she’s pretty happy with it so far.My husband is actually using his exclusively for BJJ and says it fits his gear just fine. He’s an A3 in gis and carries tape, mouth guard, compression gear and some miscellaneous stuff in his. He’s happy with it and feels that it fits all of his stuff.In addition to BJJ, I also do kickboxing and lift weights at a conventional gym so I have a considerable amount of stuff that I lug around. I will say that this bag wouldn’t work for me unless I were to unpack certain things when I went to different gyms for training. If you carry a large amount of stuff then you may want to choose something larger but if you like traveling on the lighter side, this bag can fit your essentials for BJJ pretty comfortably. And my daughter loves it as a purse. 😉

  3. juan antonio berumen

    I’m a brown belt and have been doing BJJ for almost nine years. This is easily the best bag I’ve ever purchased for training (especially for the price). The specific pocket for your sweaty gear is awesome for keeping all of the rest of your gear clean; especially since I usually go to work after training. The only downside is that it is a little small and you can only fit two gis at a time if you have nothing else in it. With that being said, I usually keep a gi and several nogi shorts and rash guards in it so it’s not a big deal for me. Just something to keep in mind for those of us who train more than once a day and can’t go home right away. Overall, I would definitely recommend this bag.

  4. Ordosu

    This backpack is pretty perfectly designed for my jiu-jitsu gear, and is much easier to bring on my commute than a gym bag. The wet pocket fits all my gear separate after practice, keeping the main pocket clean for a fresh gi. The bag’s quality seems good, though I’ve only been using it for a few weeks. Regardless, the backpack comes with a one year warranty once you register it.

  5. Paul

    It’s only been a week, so I can’t speak to durability, but I love the bag. Plenty of room to store a soaked A2 gi in the specially located compartment and it has solved my mental struggle with placing my flip flops in my old gym bag with my clean gi. I used to use a plastic bag to keep my flip flops separate from my gi when bringing everything to work. Now the flip flops go in the dirty gi compartment. So this bag has replaced 3 bags: Backpack for my laptop and coffee mug for work, gym bag and plastic bag inside that gym bag to keep flip flops from touching my clean gi, or anything else that would end up on the mats.Currently holds: A2 gi, belt, rash guard top, compression undershorts, cup, rolls of tape, flip flops, MacBook, coffee mug, bottle of water, phone, keys. It’s definitely full, but not busting at the seams.Edit: 13 months later and still doing well. It’s durable.

  6. Billy Hoffmann

    I ordered this bag to replace a worn out traditional gym bag. So far, I love it. It seems extremely well made and should hold up for a long time. I pack the bag with: a full A2 gi, belt, change of clothes, rash guard, spats, towel, a bunch of tape, band aids, nail clippers, mouth guard and case, lacrosse balls, and a resistance band. All my gear fits with plenty of room for a small shower kit. I will be back in a couple months to update this review with how the bag is holding up. So far, highly recommended.

  7. joshua scott griffin

    I purchased this bag because of what I believed to be its great utility in design. unfortunately, that was not the case. The opening for gi pouch at the bottom is too small for a folded gi, luckily there is a cheap oddly placed upside down fabric handle that you can grip while you attempt to stuff your gi in the undersized opening. the interior of the bag is a mess due to the sloppy loose gi pocket that makes the inside of the bag look like you crammed a yellow tarp in it. the side pockets are open and have no mesh or additional pockets. The bag features pointless load bearing waste straps that hang and look sloppy, the web retainers intended to hold excess straps are too small and thin to hold the excess when rolled up and look terrible, the same thing goes for the middle chest strap except for that one doesn’t have the web strap retainers so its even worse, this is a bjj bag, so im not sure why it even needs those straps. the middle pocket intended for your phone or like items does have a nice lining but it has no support under the fabric so it appears sloppy loose and wrinkled and can make it hard to retrieve items. I would recommend purchasing a more expensive alternative or getting a premium bjj duffle bag for the same price.

  8. Jason

    This bjj backpack is great fro the most part. Seems well built and has a nice appearance. The water proof pockets work well to keep my dirty gi separate from the clean gi. My only real issue is with the size, it is hard to get two gis and a towel in the backpack. If it was just a little bit bigger that would be ideal. Still a fantastic product and I would recommend it!

  9. Max

    Great quality looks the only problem is that the backpack is a little smaller then I expected. It’s about the size of a normal Hershel pop quiz backpack.

  10. Gabriella C

    This bag is sized very weird, when you put it on it hangs off your upper back so there is a big space between your back and the bag. The pockets and lining are all very flimsy and overall much thinner and cheaper made than I expected given the description. The gi compartment is really small and there is nothing heavy duty or sweat proof about this bag.Definitely not recommended.

  11. Ryan

    Awesome product, exactly as described, love it!

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