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Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers and Sub

Take high quality sound with you anywhere in 2020.

Bluetooth Speaker Backpack: 20W removable speakers, 4+ hour battery, shock/water-resistant, multiple compartments.

- Portable sound system
- Hands-free convenience
- High-quality audio


- Limited battery life
- Limited storage space
- Heavy to carry Logo
Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers and Sub 1


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The Premium Backpack with Bluetooth Speakers for 2020

The Speaker Backpack from Super Real Business has been around for a few years and is one of the most popular speaker bags, new for 2020 the speakers have been upgraded from 15 to 20 watts for improved sound. The built-in subwoofer sets this speaker backpack apart from the rest of the pack. Rock out to your bag in 2020 with this Bluetooth speaker backpack.

  • People love it – This Speaker Backpack has a removable stereo speaker built into it, for high quality sound. It has two full range 20 watt bluetooth speakers, which easily remove if needed to reduce weight or play music separately from the bag.
  • Ultra Compatible – Not all backpacks with speakers work on all devices, but this one does! – iPhones, Androids, iPads & Tablets and connects via bluetooth (includes an optional 3.5MM jack for older, non-bluetooth devices).
  • Long Battery – The rechargeable backpack speaker battery lasts for around 4+ hours of continuous use. Plus use the built-in power bank to charge your devices on the go.
  • It’s ready to go with you – with shock-resistant compartments that allow for high-impact use. Lightweight and Water-Resistant, weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Bring It Everywhere: Good for the beach, picnics, camping, parties, raves, festivals or school. GREAT for bachelor party gifts & bachelorette party gifts.
  • What You Get: Bluetooth speaker backpack w/ 20-watt speakers, micro USB cable, welcome guide, our fan-favorite 100% money back guarantee and world-class, super friendly customer service.


At you can purchase a Bluetooth Speaker Backpack (Gray, 2020 Edition) for only $79.00., which is 22% less than the cost in eBay ($100.95). The cheapest price was found on April 18, 2024 9:11 pm. – View Buying Options


Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for Parties/Festiva
Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for...
Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for Parties/Festiva
Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for...
Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for Parties/Festiva
Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for...


The Super Real Business Speaker Backpack combines functionality and style seamlessly, making it the perfect solution for those who want to have everything they need at hand while on the go. With its built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can play music or take calls without having to fumble with your phone, making it both convenient and efficient. The high-quality materials used in its construction make it durable, while its design ensures comfort and ease of use. Its ample storage space and intelligent design provide you with the flexibility you need when you need it. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, this backpack is perfect for those who value both function and fashion. Experience the convenience of hands-free communication and superior sound quality with the Super Real Business Speaker Backpack.

  • Removable 20W speakers for high-quality sound
  • Compatible with all devices via Bluetooth or optional 3.5MM jack
  • 4+ hour battery life with built-in power bank
  • Shock-resistant and water-resistant for high-impact use
  • Perfect for any occasion - beach, camping, parties, school
  • Includes backpack, micro USB cable, and money-back guarantee
  • Multiple compartments with padded laptop compartment for up to 15-inch laptops
  • Comfortable for extended periods of commuting or travel


    Compatible BrandUniversal
    TypePortable Speaker System
    Compatible ModelUniversal
    FeaturesRechargeable Battery, Bluetooth
    Connector(s)USB, Micro USB
    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers and Sub
    released on February 1, 2016



    The Super Real Business Speaker Backpack is a versatile and innovative product that combines functionality and style. The backpack is equipped with speakers that produce high-quality sound, making it perfect for on-the-go presentations or music playback. The speakers can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing users to effortlessly stream music, podcasts or conference calls from their phone, tablet or laptop. The backpack features multiple compartments and pockets, providing ample storage space for laptops, books, files, and other everyday essentials. The laptop compartment is padded and can accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop, ensuring that it remains protected from scratches and other damages. The backpack is made of waterproof material, which makes it ideal for travelling in different weather conditions. Additionally, the comfort level of the backpack makes it a great choice for commuters who need to carry their belongings for extended periods. The Super Real Business Speaker Backpack is an impressive gadget that is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals who value convenience, productivity, and style.


    Super RB,Super Real Business Products

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    14 Reviews for Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers and Sub

    1. aurorlank-0

      overall superb device and the nice sound quality from it is just excellent and i am very happy with this device and the music lovers will be too.

    2. Daniel Song

      While hesitant at first, this bag surpassed all my expectations. The bluetooth speaker was extremely simple to set up and also separates from the bag in order to allow simple cleaning or for use of the speaker on its own. Thankfully the speaker can connect through an auxiliary adapter in case your device does not support bluetooth which is also a plus. The material on the bag is a very soft, twill-like fabric which gives it a more hipster look. Finally, the compartments and space the bag offers is unbelievable. This bag is well thought out and has not taken any shortcuts!

    3. Peter Luu

      This backpack cured me of my severe inability to go out in public without imposing my clearly superior taste in music to the general public.Ever since I got this backpack and I’ve worn it around, homeless people give ME money!11/10 would rage again.

    4. isurdananjay_5

      It’s super loud stronger in bass and clarity, What an excellent product! For the price, the build quality of the bag, and the sound from the speakers really is spectacular.

    5. miss_lady_love

      I bought it for my husband and his personal training business. The speaker is super loud and he’s able to take it everywhere he goes. It’s a big help when he has his classes. So many compartments. He absolutely loves it. Thank you so much

    6. Jerred Larmore

      Way better than the Trekk bag. More room (unlike the Trekk), the music doesn’t skip (like the Trekk), and unlike that bum-@$$ Trekk bag the USBs are located on the back of the speaker port (as the USBs are located on the top of the power unit of the Trekk, poorly made and will do the “wiggle the charge wire ’til it works” thing). I don’t mind unzippng the speaker from the bag to charge it or carry the speaker unit around the house, as it is dope for chores and chillin’. Great bag for the price point.

    7. Caleb Chen

      What’s Good:- decent battery life- the quality of the backpack itself has improved a bit compared to the previous one- zippers don’t get stuck like before- cool looking design- jingle upon turning on is not as loud beforeSome Improvements That Could Be Made In Future Versions:- speaker could be louder- material of backpack feels a bit light and cheap. I wouldn’t mind paying more for a higher quality backpack- charge time, at least for the one I received, is a lot slower than the previous modelFor the most part, it’s great and does exactly as advertised. The company clearly cares a lot about the backpack and is continuously looking to improve it.

    8. gclevenger48

      Sound quality is decent. However the USB charge connection has malfunctioned before first use! So will return/exchange for better product. I like the idea of backpack with bluetooth sound system. Just a little cheaply on the electronics.When Super Real Business saw the issue I had with product, they exceeded all expectations in rectifying the issue. I have since purchased an additional backpack/cooler bluetooth bag and am very pleased with product and customer service response. Thank you guys!

    9. Scarf

      Perfect bag for the beach, riding your bike, or even going on vacation! You can charge your phone from the speaker, (which has an awesome volume range and does in fact disconnect from the bag if you so desire). There’s tons of compartments inside to organize your belongings. Also, it has great insulation in case you wanted to throw a few liquid beverages or snacks in before the beach.

    10. vinny

      So the backpack does as described, the question for me pooed up in my head how well does it protect a gadget lover, who is always on the move; so I’m a gadget lover who bought many such sort of backpacks including well known manufacturers like Trekk, yes this back pack can accommodate a 15inch mac book pro; the scary part about this is when it starts raining!!, the backpack is water Resistant Fabric which drips away the water but also absorbes it at the same time, yes it was a affordable priced around $90.00 USD’s but people who want to use this on daily/ recreational users wouldn’t mind paying a little more extra to a backpack which illuminates and is waterproof completely, the work and gadgets you maybe carry with you may very well be much more important than what the backpacks actual cost is, it is a sure thing that RangerBackpacks should consider, especially looking at a market, being a Business Analyst who loves gadgets and to try new things is who and what iam, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there thinking this, Great product Ranger the battery lasts for ever, the twitters could be more refined as the sound cracks at 96% volume, bass cracks, but overall this is good product, few more futures and tweaks here and there, you guys can capture this market in no time.

    11. EFFYBOY

       Pros:+ Love the looks & features, very stylish+ Comfortable to carry around, along with a strap for security is a nice touch+ Pretty lightweight, even with the speaker include.+ Alot of storage for on the go or student users+ Bluetooth speaker, pretty good for parties or on the go. You can even take the speaker out the bag, but I rather just leave it in. Its loud if you plug in a phone that has a DAC.+ Battery life is really great & it has a power bank for charging any devices, which is a major plus.Cons:+ The material, probably a little troublesome if it gets wet.+ Charging time takes a long time to fully charge+ The sound quality would need some improvement, too much low treble, which sounds harsh & not much bass. Becareful if you fully blast the speaker though, otherwise it will distort & sound grainy really bad. A fix solution for me is to tweak the EQ & throw in a Minirig Subwoofer then it will sound….Beyond Awesome!+ The speaker is mono. I wish it is stereo.Other than that, it has all the package of what you need. All in one. Great value for the money, would highly recommend it.

    12. Sean Thomas

      The backpack is great. Because there is multiple speakers in the sound system, an equalizer should also have been built in so that the high end sound could be toned down, so your music won’t sound like garbage.

    13. andrewx12

      This backpack speaker is awesome. It’s very spacious and the sound is more than what I expected! This is our second one!

    14. Samantha A Bower

      We took this Backpack with Speakers to the beach with us over the summer. It was a perfect way to transport items AND listen to our beloved music! Highly recommend.

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    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for Parties/Festiva
    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt...
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    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for Parties/Festiva
    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt...
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    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers Subwoofer for Parties/Festiva
    Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt...
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