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Withing Pulse HR Health & Fitness Tracker

Pulse HR is a health & fitness tracker, featuring heart rate, multisport tracking, connected GPS and an OLED screen that displays full smartphone notifications for calls, texts, events and all your favorite apps. It has been designed to support you day and night with automatic sleep tracking, water resistance up to 50m, and a long-life battery of up to 20 days.

  • Heart RATE & multisport – select from 30+ sports with continuous heart RATE, reporting on heart RATE zones, plus daily/overnight hr. tracking and automatic exercise recognition so you get credit for all your moves.
  • Connected GPS via smartphone – map and share your workout and exercise sessions with reporting on calories, distance, elevation & Pace.
  • Long-life battery – lasts up to 20 days Between charges So you can keep moving.
  • Water resistant to 50M – Enjoy automatic swim recognition and having no fear when you shower, go snorkeling or get caught in the rain.
  • Sleep tracking – wake to a Sleep Score based on light and deep sleep cycles, interruptions, and more, Plus enjoy a silent vibrating alarm with Smart wake-up.

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Withings Pulse HR – Water Resistant Health & Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate &
Withings Pulse HR – Water Resistant Health & Fitness Tracker with...
Withings Pulse HR – Water Resistant Health and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate
Withings Pulse HR – Water Resistant Health and Fitness Tracker with...
Withings Pulse HR – Water Resistant Health & Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate &
Withings Pulse HR – Water Resistant Health & Fitness Tracker with...


The Withings Pulse HR is a sleek, wearable activity tracker that offers much more than just step counting. It not only monitors your physical activity like jogging, swimming, cycling or walking but also tracks your sleep, continuous heart rate and even your daily calorie intake. With its compact design, the device is perfect for everyday use, and the OLED display makes it easy to navigate your stats. The Pulse HR can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies you when you receive a call or message. One of the most beneficial features of this device is its ability to analyze data and provide personalized health insights. By keeping you informed of your progress, this device can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle which can lead to a happier life. Overall, the Withings Pulse HR is an excellent investment for those looking to take control of their health and well-being.



The Withings Pulse HR is a fitness tracker designed to monitor your daily activity and health. This compact device offers a wide range of features including heart rate monitoring, step tracking, sleep tracking, and calorie burned tracking. It also has a built-in GPS that allows you to track your outdoor activities like walking, running, and cycling. Withings Pulse HR is equipped with a touchscreen OLED display that shows you all essential data related to your activity levels such as distance covered, active time, and workout duration. Moreover, it has a waterproof design, making it suitable for swimming or taking a shower. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and can be synced with your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity. The device also has a long-lasting battery life of up to 20 days, which makes it very convenient for daily use. Additionally, it comes with a free Health Mate app that provides real-time data analysis and personalized coaching, making Withings Pulse HR a perfect fitness partner for people who are always on the move.


Withings Pulse HR
released on April 16, 2019
The HR irritates my skin, does anyone know how to address this issue?

You should remove it a bit each day. wash your arm and clean the device. Allowing the skin to breath for a short while has helped me.

My battery died 14 months after purchase. Dont you think you would have better product support considering your charging brand name prices?

This will require further investigation. Please allow us to help you regarding your Pulse HR by contacting us at https://within.gs/help.

How do Charge the battery? Is it a clip on charger or one of those you have to take the strap off to charge it?

To charge your Pulse HR, connect the USB end of the charging cable to a power source then, position the other end of the charging cable on the back of your watch in such a way that the magnets align.

Is the wristband covered by the 1 year warranty?

The warranty does not cover accessories and consumable components (such as bracelets, batteries, chargers, cables) unless they are the main subject of the order.

Where can I find a spare wristband?

Withings website


Health & fitness tracker - Pulse HR | Withings

Pulse HR is an advanced activity tracker that enables you to effortlessly keep track of daily activity and training sessions. Includes continuous heart rate to help you get the most out of your workouts, connected GPS to map your route, and automatic sleep tracking with a daily Sleep Score.

Pulse HR – Withings | Support

The time is incorrect on my Pulse HR. What should I do? I have a question about this product. What can I track with Pulse HR? How long can the battery of Pulse HR last? Which devices are compatible with Pulse HR? When will Pulse HR be available? What is the difference between Pulse HR and other Withings activity trackers?

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13 Reviews for Withings Pulse HR

  1. Daniel Margheim

    The Pulse HR is my first foray into fitness trackers. I bought this for two main purposes: sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. My phone already kept good track of steps (though this is obviously significantly better and more versatile), so I was really looking for better data on my sleep habits and general hearth health.After about 3 weeks, I have found the sleep tracking to be as accurate as I need it to be. By showing me timeframes for deep/shallow sleep periods, I’m able to extrapolate some common disturbances (the same obnoxiously loud motorcyclist drives by my apartment nearly every night at 1AM). Plus I have found the sleep scores match up well to how I would rate a given night of sleep. I spent one night on a futon in a room without A/C after being up late. I got about 4 hours of uncomfortable sleep and woke up feeling worse for wear. My sleep score for that night was a 36, which honestly when I saw it at 7AM felt a little generous. :)The heart rate monitoring is also as accurate as I need it to be. I have never had any HR monitoring before, so I’m still learning how to read the data and understand what it means. But the Health Mate app is great for me! It offers encouragement when I haven’t been active enough in a day or over a span of days, and it congratulates me for patterns of healthy heart data (generally over the span of a week).

  2. Tim M

    The unit is easy to read, seems to do a good job on sleep tracking and pulse tracking, and is easy to sync. Those are some of the good points.But the pedometer sucks, especially compared to earlier models from Withings. I have gone on three different outings over the past few days with multiple pedometers. Two were in urban-type settings, walking around a mall, and walking around stores in a tourist area. The third was a hike in a national monument area that involved a rough trail and a lot of up and down. This unit recorded only about 50%-60% of my steps. I know that because the distance it recorded didn’t match the map distance, and the step count didn’t match the other pedometers. I even tried counting 500 steps and it was short by over 150.One of the primary reasons I bought this was to replace my old Withings pulse (a model that has been discontinued) because I wanted to keep the app and have a good pedometer. It looks like I will need to buy some other pedometer if I want something accurate. What a disappointment.Update: After less than 3 weeks of wearing this, the anchor for the strap snapped off.

  3. Jihemtee

    Une précision tout d’abord: je ne fais pas partie du club des testeurs comme 100% des commentaires précédents, mais suis un VRAI ACHETEUR! :-)Possédant déjà 2 “anciens” Pulse Ox ainsi que la balance de la marque, j’ai fait le pas vers ce nouveau modèle après avoir longuement comparé les produits alternatifs.Je n’ai vraiment rien à redire sur ce nouveau tracker:- Les données analysées le sont très précisément.- Le nombre d’activités suivies est impressionnant.- Le suivi du sommeil est d’une précision “atomique” avec ces différentes phases. J’étais très dubitatif sur le manque de déclenchement manuel comme sur l’ancien Pulse Ox. Mais force est de constater que malgré mes phases de sommeil complexes, réveils multiples, insomnies, le Pulse HR me retourne avec précision l’ensemble des détails de ma nuit.- l’option de réveil par vibration discrète. Plus besoin de réveil.- L’app Androïd est tout à fait complète, bien structurée et très lisible, à fortiori lorsqu’on a la chance de posséder plusieurs appareils, l’ensemble des données de santé, et d’activités étant synchronisées à l’écran (ex: marche ou course & suivi cardiaque)- L’interface WEB est un énorme plus pour analyser l’ensemble de ses données sur grand écran (et également les sauvegarder ou importer). On peut y ajouter les données de tensions artérielle (manuel, ou auto avec l’appareil de la marque), et même bientôt l’ECG!- Le look du bracelet est sobre et “classieux” à la fois.- L’autonomie (jusqu’à 20 jours) est je crois la meilleure du marché.Allez… S’il faut faire quelques reproches:- I’affichage est monochrome, on aurait pu espérer un peu de couleur.- Il faudrait pouvoir augmenter/diminuer le temps d’affichage de l’heure lorsque le bracelet s’active: Il est d’environ 2 secondes, ce qui est très court et ne laisse pas toujours le temps de basculer vers un autre écran.- On pourrait aussi espérer un réglage de la taille de police, notamment pour les messages et notifications, car en cas de presbytie, pas la peine d’essayer de les lire si on ne porte pas ses lunettes au moment de l’alerte…Les remarques ci-dessus pourraient facilement faire l’objet de modifs par simple évolution du firmware.Conclusion:Extrêmement satisfait de mon achat, car produit hyper complet et précis, interfaces app smartphone et WEB de grande qualité. Associé à d’autres appareils de la marque, le suivi global de santé est extrêmement complet; les données extraites pouvant même être communiquées à son médecin. Un fantastique bond en avant dans le suivi de santé et d’activité de tout un chacun…

  4. songfarer

    I tried a very large heavy tracker and basically hated it–too hot, too clunky, had to wear it too tight for a reading. The Withings is incredibly tiny–screen is 11/2 “x1/2″ or 5/8”, band is flexible silicone/plastic with a secure buckle clasp. There are 30 exercises to choose from, it tracks heart rate, steps, miles, calories burned, and monitors sleep. I really like the sleep monitor function–lots of good info. I have swum with it–no problem. Waterproof to abt. 3 ft. Does not track specific swimming strokes, however.The free phone ap is where you see all the info; the watch screen has digital time, steps, heart rate, calories, & remaining battery charge. It was fairly easy to download the ap and to pair the phone & tracker–I did it on 1st attempt. Maker advertises 26 days battery life–I didn’t believe it, but I’ve been wearing it constantly for nearly 3 weeks & I still have 20% battery left. I think I will get very close to the 26 days of charge. I think the battery lasts so long because the info is mostly on the phone ap. Phone ap is easy to use, & info can be edited, &you can add notes in several places. It will track calories consumed, but you have to enter the food you’ve eaten.I only have 4 negatives: text is VERY small due to small screen–hard for us older folk. But edit function in phone ap saves the day–you can fix any errors you made. The screen is not bright enough to read easily in strong sunlight–the “always bright” function doesn’t seem to keep it from dimming in daylight. The alarm vibrates against your skin–if I’m doing anything at all I don’t feel it. And the light-up with a wrist turn doesn’t work too well–I just use the button. This doesn’t bother me, however. For me the positives far outweigh these few issues.In a nutshell–lots of options & functionality in a small package, priced comparably with Fitbit, easy to use, comfortable to wear. Size is particularly suited to a woman, which the larger tracker I 1st tried was not.

  5. Thomas Kummer

    Auf der Suche nach einem Tracker, der den Puls, die Schritte, den Schlaf und weitere Merkmale efassen kann, bin ich auf den Tracker von withings gestoßen… Nach dem Auspacken fällt auf, dass der Tracker sehr leicht und schlank ist – ich bin begeistert… Ich mag keine großen und klobigen Tracker – deshalb ist dieses Gerät optimal für mich. Die Verarbeitung ist wertig – die Helligkeit des Displays könnte stärker sein.. Für die Nutzung ist die Verbindung zur firmeneigenen Health Mate App notwendig.. aber das ist ja bei jedem Hersteller so – wer seine Daten nicht aufbereitet weitergeben möchte, kann sich so ein Gerät prinzipiell nicht kaufen… Die App ist übersichtlich und die Synchronisation klappt prima.. Nach den ersten Testtagen muss ich sagen, dass sowohl Puls (automatisch Messung alle paar Minuten), als auch die Schritte und die Schlaf-Daten recht zuverlässig gemessen und dargestell werden. Überrascht war ich, dass bei einem Spaziergang dies automatisch erkannt wurde und mir im Nachgang exakt die Meter-Zahl, die Dauer des Spaziergangs und der Puls für diesen Zeitraum angezeigt wurde.. wow… Der Tracker ist beim Tragen nahezu nicht zu spüren.. Die Akku-Laufzeit ist bei normalem Gebrauch hervorragend… ich bin begeistert und kann dieses Gerät sehr empfehlen…

  6. Stefan Buecher

    Zunächst einmal hat man ein wertiges, haptisch ansprechendes Teil in der Hand, ABER- es ist in der webseite nicht erkennbar, dass es eine Reihe von Handies gibt mit den der Tracker sich nicht synchronisieren lässt ( unabhängig vom Android-Status )- das matte Display ist extrem kratzempfindlich- ich habe immer wieder Probleme beim synchronisieren, weil die Verbindung sich trennt ( daher auch nur der 1* / die App Health Mate an sich finde ich sehr gut )( Reset / natürlich sind die Daten weg / neu anmelden usw. )- schade alle anderen Geräte funktionierenFür den ganzen Ärger ist der Tracker zu teuer !- zumindest ist der Service flott

  7. nascheule

    endlich habe ich den richtigen Träcker gefunden.Für mich könnte das Armband etwas kürzer sein.Mein Model schwarz, ich empfehle dringend einen Displayschutz. Ich bin viel draußen oder arbeite im Garten, leider sieht man das nun auch.Der Tracker ist in Ruhe dunkel, Arm neigen “erweckt die Uhrzeit“ . Fine ich angenehm.ich habe für jeden Wochentag eine Weckzeit eingestellt. (über die App/ich verwende IOS)Der Tracker ist wasserdicht .Ich finde sie hat alles was ich brauche.wie schon beschrieben Displayschutz ist anzuraten

  8. Yorkshire Beef

    Very happy with it overall. Together with the HealthMate app it’s great for seeing heart rate / steps / sleep trends over time. I dont use the notifications part of it so can’t comment on that. The battery life is excellent – I get at least the quoted 20 days out of it but suspect that’s because I’ve got the notifications off. It can wake up when you raise your wrist but I’ve turned that off as it can be annoying when you’re in bed and you move your wrist and suddenly it lights up the darkness. I’ve knocked a star off as the sleep tracking isn’t as accurate as it should be – it can’t differentiate between laying down and not sleeping, ie reading, and light sleep. You’d think it would be able to given that it knows your heart rate but maybe it will get better over time.Very happy with it over all, would definitely recommend it even with its faults. The app is also excellent.

  9. Mallalla

    Ho scelto questo modello in base alle recensioni positive anche se non avevo grandi aspettative, di solito questi dispositivi risultano sempre poco precisi nelle misure.Questo Pulse HR a me sembra invece piuttosto preciso, la frequenza cardiaca è corretta, i passi combaciano con quelli misurati da google fit sul cellulare, e la registrazione del sonno è notevole, finora non ha mai sbagliato. Non sono uno sportivo quindi non posso esprimermi sul tracking delle varie attività sportive, però ho provato a tracciare un percorso in bicicletta e mi pare che si sia comportato bene anche in questa situazione. La batteria è incredibile, non mi interessa ricevere notifiche, né come detto ho necessità di tracciare percorsi con il gps quindi posso dimenticarmi di doverlo caricare per decine di giorni. La sincronizzazione con l’app non ha mai perso un colpo e l’app stessa presenta tutti i dati in modo chiaro e facile da consultare. Per l’utilizzo che ne faccio (monitoraggio del sonno, della frequenza cardiaca e dei passi) sono molto soddisfatto è esattamente quello che cercavo. Il braccialetto inoltre è bello da vedere, sufficientemente piccolo e leggero. Se proprio devo trovare un paio di cose di cui lamentarmi sono: il cinturino troppo lungo e il fatto che non ho trovato la possibilità di impostare notifiche per inattività prolungata, davvero poca cosa. Non ho ancora testato l’impermeabilità.

  10. Tim


  11. Nadine

    Ordered this as my fitbit was slowly dying & the promise of a 20 day battery life was very appealing. I have tiny wrists and the fit is so comfortable. The interface is easy to use and a bonus is it’s waterproof! Only had this a day but already really enjoying it and glad I made the switch.

  12. Gadget Freak

    Having now the Pulse HR I can confirm that it monitors the heart rate quite well, it seems to work on the sleep side but generally my sleep is covered by another Withings product. However this Pulse HR is quite useless for tracking activity. It seems that Withings has done nothing to improve this aspect so for monitoring exercise it is a waste of money. Biggest defect is that it starts an activity and stops it automatically after 1 , 2 or if you’re really lucky 4 seconds. Really hit and miss and if it misses on a day, retrying gives the same bad result.Who knows, perhaps one day Withings will get round to fixing this feature. In fairness Withings offered to reimburse but I mistakenly thought that they would get round to fixing it but I’m still waiting.I have a few of the Withings products and find their eco-sytem good though it has issues getting/feeding Apple’s iHealth app however it provides me with most of what I need as an occasional sportsman; very occasional. The idea was to measure my walks. It has the potential as the hardware is there but the HR Pulse software has bugs that are quite annoying so I end up not measuring my walks correctly On cycling, total disaster as my ride mysteriously got cut into 3 stages one a full 30 seconds long. So for cycling I’ll continue to use my Edge 25 & perservere with this Withings Pulse HR.So bottomline, got potential but needs software upgrades to become useable. One thing to note, you can select the list of sports with “other” always being included. If that list is very short, in my case just “walking” your walks will have a maximum duration of 3-4 seconds. The workaround is to add another sport, say “cycling” then your walks are captured more or less correctly.Can’t judge sleep tracking as I alrwady use Withings “sleep” for that this gives more details than the pulse HR.

  13. Elle

    Ich habe eine Withings Waage in Gebrauch deshalb war die Installation fix getan, Bedienung einfach und für mich logisch. Die Synchronisation läuft ohne Probleme. Die Handhabung gut, alles wie erwartet. Die Pulsmessung zuverlässig in Ruhe wie Aktivität. Das Schlafmonitoring muss täglich bearbeitet werden was die Anfangszeiten angeht, das Sitzen vor dem Fernseher wird meist als ‚Schlaf‘ bewertet, egal welches Programm läuft 😉 Aktivitäten – wie tägliches Radfahren zur Arbeit und zurück- werden nur selten automatisch erkannt. Das ist für meine persönlichen Interessen jedoch ok, auch weil ich das Design schön finde. Leider fiel Bluetooth beim ersten Gerät schon nach einer Woche aus, zurücksetzen ohne Erfolg. Austauschgerät bestellt, war nach 2 Tagen da und läuft.

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