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Safedome Fingerprint Lock Backpack with Biometric Lock and Charging

The Safedome Anti-Theft Fingerprint Lock Backpack allows you to store your items and restrict access to only those you trust without the need for keys or memorizing a combination. Your fingerprint, and up to nine others if you wish to add them, opens the built-in biometric lock. The Safedome Backpack keeps your important items, from your laptop to your passport, safe and secured. With its sleek black style, generous pockets and unique technology, it is everything you are looking for in an anti-theft backpack for work, travel, or everyday use.

  • FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC LOCK: Open the anti-theft backpack securely with just one touch. Place your finger on the special biometric pad to automatically unlock the bag. Up to 10 fingers can be programmed into the bag lock.
  • INTERNAL CHARGING CABLE: Charge your laptop or other devices with an internal charging cable that can be accessed through an external USB port.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: The backpack’s biometric lock will last up to 1,000 fingerprint openings. You can easily recharge the lock with the supplied USB cable for long lasting anti-theft security.
  • LARGE CAPACITY BACKPACK: The bag has external and internal pockets including five internal pockets, a strap pocket, and a padded laptop pocket that can fit a 15 inch laptop.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: made from 300D Polyester/PVC. 210D Polyester internal. This backpack is water resistant up to 1 meter and is durable enough to be your perfect backpack for travel, business, or for back-to-school time.

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FeaturesFINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC LOCK: Open the anti-theft ba
Smart Fingerprint Lock Backpack
released on August 5, 2019


Smart Anti Theft Fingerprint Backpack FL-V2

Fipilock is an extraordinary brand of fingerprint lock. No need password and key for lock. Our manufacturer provides OEM&ODM and customized to customer.

Safedome Fingerprint Lock Backpack - Stylish & Savvy Tech ...

The Safedome Secure backpack features the latest biometric fingerprint unlocking technology. Place your finger on the special pad to automatically unlock the...

Safedome Smart Fingerprint Lock Charging Backpack, Anti ...

Safedome Smart Fingerprint Lock Charging Backpack, Anti-Theft Biometric Secure Lock Laptop Bag with External USB Charger, Water Resistant Travel, Business, or Back-to-School Backpack For Men and Women FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC LOCK: Open the anti-theft backpack securely with just one touch. Place your ...


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7 Reviews for Smart Fingerprint Lock Backpack

  1. Joyce Tan

    The charger doesn’t work

  2. Nicky Bags

    this is the best bag I ever had. I didn’t have to open my bag just to charge my phone and so secure that only my finger could open it. I love it. Space wise it’s ok still manage to put all my stuff…

  3. HoneyLove

    Buyer Beware

  4. justin faulhaber

    This product is high quality laptop bag. Finger print lock for easy access and security also easy to carry around because of backpack straps.

  5. Jason S

    Pretty saitisifed with this backpack. The fingerprint unlock does take some getting used to, but once setup it works pretty well. I’ve not had to recharge the battery just yet but have had to explain to TSA that it wasn’t a recharging for external devices system, which wouldn’t be allowed on a flight.

  6. JMyers4736

    Very cool product! We got this to keep documents private when traveling. The fingerprint concept is such a great way to let people know that it’s not going to be easy to just take and open the bag! I also like that you can change the print if you wanted someone else to carry it.

  7. Jeffrey Owens

    Cheap and doesn’t work, fades quickly Nd the finger print is a joke to operate. All fingers of anyone’s unlock it

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