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Multi-Functional Backpack

Comfortable, organized and durable travel backpack with 2-year guarantee.

Anti-theft laptop backpack with 3 compartments, TSA scanner friendly, waterproof, and ergonomic design.

- Versatile
- Spacious
- Durable


- Heavy
- Expensive Logo
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Raydem Travel Laptop Backpack

RAYDEM Laptop Backpack provides great comfort for you with ergonomic design, and Multi-Pocket to have your items in the order. Larger Space to hold everything you need in your routine. Also, this backpack is durable enough for long-term use and we promise 2-YEAR free refund & return policy for manufacturing defects, plus lifelong after-sales service. Once you find that the backpack isn’t perfect or any other quality problems, get back to us for a refund or replacement.

  • ROOMY & ORGANIZED – 3 MAIN compartments & 13 inner pockets, designed for maximum organization. A dedicated laptop compartment with protective pads in the bottom fits a 17.3 inch laptop & 12.9 inch tablet, as well as a hidden pocket to hold your mobile phone & an additional layer for frequently used items.
  • TSA SMART SCANNER FRIENDLY – Get through airport security or commuter checkpoints faster by laying the laptop flat without removing it from the bag. This backpack is made particularly for international airplane travel or day trips and can be easily organized on-the-fly, quick to open, quick to pack up.
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE – Ergonomic Design ensures the greatest Comfort for your back, included are Mesh pads on the rear of the backpack, reinforced seams on the shoulder straps and handles to effectively prevent accidental ripping. With YKK zippers and polyester material, this backpack is durable with improved Tear Resistance features to ensure secure and long-lasting daily usage.
  • WATERPROOF & PORTABLE – The outer layer of our backpack is made from polyester fiber (scratch resistant) while the inner layer is waterproof PVC for extra protection for laptops & electronics. Crosswise straps at the rear for convenience, simply attach to luggage or carry-on.
  • PRACTICAL & SAFE – An external USB charging port helps you stay connected on-the-go while the Anti-Radiation pocket protects your credit cards. A hidden back pocket stores your valuable items safely.


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Raydem 17.3” Travel Laptop Backpack, Gray~Water Resistant, Anti-Theft~New w/Tags
Raydem 17.3” Travel Laptop Backpack, Gray~Water Resistant,...


The Raydem Backpack is the perfect blend of style and functionality, providing a comfortable and convenient carrying option for all your daily essentials. Featuring a spacious main compartment and multiple pockets, it allows you to easily organize and access your belongings. Its durable and water-resistant material ensures that your belongings stay safe and dry in any weather. The back panel and shoulder straps are padded for maximum comfort, making it perfect for long commutes or day trips. What sets the Raydem Backpack apart from others is its sleek and modern design that effortlessly complements any outfit. You'll never have to sacrifice style for functionality again. Whether you're a student or a professional, the Raydem Backpack is a must-have for staying organized and stylish every day.

  • ROOMY & ORGANIZED - 3 MAIN compartments & 13 inner pockets
  • TSA SMART SCANNER FRIENDLY - Get through airport security faster
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - Ergonomic design with reinforced seams
  • WATERPROOF & PORTABLE - Scratch-resistant & waterproof exterior
  • PRACTICAL & SAFE - Anti-Radiation pocket & USB charging port
  • VERSATILE & SPACIOUS - Fits laptops up to 15 inches with padded interior and multiple pockets


    Multi-Functional Backpack
    released on April 10, 2019
    Can you wash this in a washer?

    I soaked and washed my bag with Dawn dish soap and hung it to dry. This worked fine and did not damage the bag or the electric.

    Is the usb port compatible with fast charging? specially for devices such as samsung.

    Well yes, if the power bank you put inside the backpack is compatible with fast charging. I recommend INIU Technology (they sell on Amazon) for a power bank compatible with fast charging! I hope this was helpful!

    does it have a trolley strap to fit over luggage? if so, what are the dimensions? the photos do not show the trolley strap.

    There is an elastic strap on the back of the backpack that could be used to fit over luggage. I don't have the dimension of it.

    Does this bag fit a Acer Aspire E15?

    If you measure laptop corner to corner and it is less 17.3 inches it will fit. My hp Lenovo measures 17.1 and fits with ample additional space.

    Does this backpack fit the requirements for a personal item on an airplane?

    At 18 in x 12 in x 9 in I would be more inclined to consider it my carry-on bag rather than the personal item.



    The Raydem backpack is a versatile and durable backpack designed for students, professionals, and adventurers alike. It is designed to be spacious enough to store all your gear, yet compact enough to fit comfortably on your back. The backpack is made from high-quality materials, including a water-resistant exterior and a padded interior to protect your devices from scratches and bumps. The backpack features multiple compartments and pockets for organized packing, including a dedicated laptop compartment that can accommodate laptops up to 15 inches. The front pocket is perfect for storing frequently used items such as your phone, wallet, and keys. The Raydem backpack also has a built-in external USB port and a charging cable, allowing you to charge your devices on the go. Furthermore, the backpack is designed to be comfortable to wear, featuring adjustable straps and a breathable back panel. Whether you're heading to work, school, or a weekend adventure, the Raydem backpack has got you covered.


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    11 Reviews for Multi-Functional Backpack

    1. EE

      I bought this because I travel a lot and haven’t had a backpack that could last very long. This turns out to be THE backpack I needed. First of all, it has many compartments. You can always find a right sized packet for anything you would like to pack, laptop, documents, cellphone, small cosmetic bag, contact case…secondly, with all different packets, it doesn’t look so heavy duty like some of the travel backpacks. Stylishness and functionality don’t usually come together for small size people like me. Thirdly, the external USB port is a nice little feature that I didn’t know I would need until I had it. I now can easily charge my portable battery at airport, coffee shop…. The lock that comes with it is also a nice feature, especially if you travel internationally a lot like me. I like to put things I could easily grab in the front pocket, like phones and passport. But before I had this backpack I had to carry my backpack to the front when I was in a crowded area so that I know my phone couldn’t be stolen. My only gripe about this product is it comes with a strong smell of new fabric. I left it in my garage for a few days so it eventually went away. But all in all, this is perfect!

    2. Bingjing Xu

      I’ve been study for a test lately and need to take about 7-8 books to work daily. My old one just quit on me and I need a new one quick. Got on Amazon, browsed around for about 5 mins, bought this one for its competitive price and stylish looking. Been using this backpack for over a week now, absolutely love it! It’s light, durable and stylish for work and business trips. Few details surprised me and made me love this backpack more! Key holders: finally, I don’t have to dig around and look for my keys. Anti-theft back pocket: Genius! Who would thought that I have my wallet on the back?! Perfect for traveling crowed areas. Three layers: Lots of room for my laptop, iPad,8 books! Thick cushion on the shoulder strips and back. The only part confused me was the USB port, I thought it comes with a battery and left it “charged” overnight. After reading few comments, I realized that it’s just a wire connects portable charger with your phone. It still saves me the hassle of having to hold my portable charger while charging my phone. Finally, FREE locker! I’m glad that I made this purchase and recommend this backpack!

    3. Kevin

      I’m a college student who cannot afford a car at the moment so I commute to work and school daily so you can imagine how many things I need , my work clothes , my laptop , Chargers , books, glasses case , Extra shoes and clothes. You name it, my bag is always stuffedI am more than satisfied with product because it has so many pockets for anything that you may need . It has good size pockets so you can always separate your individual chargers comfortably. It has a laptop pouch, and huge pocket compartments everywhere with more pockets inside of them. The material of the backpack doesn’t feel cheap at all , it feels premium and has an expensive look and feel it it . The zippers on the backpack slide really easily when closing and opening , and the zippers are such good quality and I’m not even exaggerating anything. This is a great backpack and I’ve looked at several backpacks before purchasing this one . I’m happy with this purchase because no matter how much stuff I have inside my backpack everything feels light weight , when compared to my other backpack the same equivalent weight so have so much pressure on my back. It definitely feels like this backpack is magic because it’s so comfortable and lightweight regardless how much stuff you have insideP.S. at the flat bottom of the backpack there’s a secret compartment with a zipper , I’ve realize this after 3 days and I never thought to look there ! You’re welcome future buyers !

    4. Chandler Mom

      This is a true business travel bag with room for laptop (its own section) and a few days worth of clothes. Most bags on Amazon were much too small to be effective for a 2-3 day business trip (no room for clothes). Some of best features: USB port for phone charger, multiple compartments some with zippers, can fit a large 32oz (probably bigger) water bottle on the sides because the straps will hold it effectively.

    5. Always Shopping

      I like the backpack. It’s large and it seems sturdy. I plan on using it for travel and school. I love that there are so many compartments. You can for a lot of stuff in here. It’s great for travel. I especially like the little pocket on the back of the backpack. It’s perfect for wallets and phones stuff you want to make sure doesn’t get stolen. My only con so far is that this bag is not water resistant at all. I splashed it with water and it soaked right through. I bought this mainly for its promise of water resistance and size. I’m moving to a place where it rains a lot. I’ll have to see how this bag holds up.

    6. Michael D. R.

      This well built backpack is humongous! It looks like it eats other backpacks for breakfast…but seriously this expandable backpack is a welcome addition to those who fly with carry-on’s only and for those who have to lug laptop, projector, assorted cables, pamphlets, you get the picture. Two massive compartments with plenty o’pockets, even one that is rfd proof! A secret pocket on the back, a rain cover in a bottom compartment, thick padded straps and back plus the YKK zippers that literally seal the deal. The laptop compartment opens to lay flat when going through airport security. There is even a small reflective strip on the rear for added safety. The seams appear strong and stitching is firm. As a hiker, fisherman, traveler, businessman, etc. backpacks have been an integral part of my life…I have even owned a backpack cooler, and it was popular with everyone!

    7. Kasaam

      Pack certainly has enough room (I just have to get use to the differences with my old pack to where to store things). My only complaint is that the pack came folded in half and will not stand on it own. Took the computer out of the pack and pack fell over, off my work chair and onto the floor. Luckily my tablet was in the center pocket and was not damaged. Good thing I did not plan on using the phone charger option. While moving the cord I managed to pull the port out of its housing on the outside of the pack and I have been unable to get it back in.EDIT: After two months, the case has still not recovered from being folded in half during shipment. It has fallen off my work chair twice more while trying to pack it to go home (most of the time I flip the bag so it falls into the chair but on those two occasions I was distracted). I have reduced my rating by one star.

    8. Kristen in Texas

      I purchased this bag for my son to use as his high school bookbag. I was hesitant to purchase this because of the low price. Figured the quality must be compromised. But gave it a try. So glad I did. Very sturdy and very roomy. Holds all his books and laptop with no issues. Nice padding on shoulder straps that are also adjustable. Also this bag has a hidden compartment on the bottom of the bag that holds a elasticized waterproof cover that fits over the outside of the bookbag on rainy days. All in all it’s a great, sturdy, roomy, well made bag. Would buy again.

    9. rsf4sail

      I should have measured my back before buying this wonderful back pack. It arrived yesterday and I want to love it but it is not going to work well for me. I am a petite woman and the size is not comfortable. If I shorten the straps it hits my head and if I lower them the bottom hits well below the small of my back. I originally bought this for a full time travel back pack however I also just pre packed before my upcoming trip to test out the luggage strap across the back to see how it fits on my roller bag. Unfortunately the built in luggage strap is elastic and does not securely keep the back pack attached to the roller bag handle as it stretches forward with the weight of it’s contents. A web strap would have been much better. Overall it is a great bag with tons of space but not for my travel needs.

    10. Janice

      Purchase for my spouse and he loved it. Just the right size for a 6 foot person. It has all kinds of hidden spots that he forgets where he puts thing. Good for traveling with your computer and other stuff.

    11. Tee

      The first impression of this bag was that it was slightly heavy. Not a deal breaker but noticeable. Then I thought that maybe I didn’t need a bag so big as I have a 15″ computer. But then I knew that I wanted to use it for travel so I thought that the extra space might come in handy. So I packed it up for my trip.It was not until I was standing in line at the airport that I noticed the design flaw. I placed the backpack (for the first time) on top of my rolling luggage using the strap on the back of the backpack. Well the strap is made of elastic and of course the backpack is made to be heavier on the front so the elastic stretched and both the backpack and the rolling luggage was face down on the floor. The whole point of having this strap is that you don’t have to carry your backpack on you back but rather place it on top of your luggage and then guide your luggage. Well if you have to let go for any reason at all, it flips over. Even if you are walking around the airport, you have to hold on to both your luggage handle and the backpack handle if it is on top because the elastic will be stretched and your backpack will be hanging forward.Other than the elastic strap it is a great bag. It is nice and roomy with lots of pockets. I will say that it is easy to get stuff lost in the bag because it is so roomy with so many pockets. Of course that is not to bag’s fault. You just have to be more organized than I was.One selling point of the bag however is not even listed anywhere in the description or the video. That selling point is that there is a zipper on the underside of the bag that houses a nylon cover or “rain coat” for the bag. I find it very ironic that I did not ever see this zipper until my bag was face down on the airport floor.So basically it is a great bag if you do not need to place it on top of a suitcase or you do not mind holding it steady when you do. Since I do travel and that was the purpose of me getting another bag, this one was a deal breaker for me.

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