Solar Hydration Backpack

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Solar Hydration Backpack
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Solar Hydration Backpack

Solar Hydration Backpack with Solar Powered Battery Pack for Charging

The Solar Hydration Backpack is features a solar powered battery charger and 1.8 Liter Hydration bladder. Enjoy free unlimited on-the-go power with this SolarGoPack solar panel backpack! This solar charging backpack uses the power of the sun to keep electronic devices such as smartphones, GPS units, tablets, E- readers, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, and more powered up and ready for use. The 1.8L hydration pack keeps you hydrated without having to reach for a water bottle.

  • 7 Watt solar panel generates power from sun to charge the 10,000 mAh battery
  • Charges smartphones and other mobile electronic devices while camping, hiking and traveling
  • SolarGoPack solar power charger backpacks are durable, stylish, flexible, and lightweight
  • Includes Micro USB cables and 10k mAh waterproof li-polymer battery
  • Excellent for travel, sports, hiking, school, and emergency power outages


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Solar Hydration Backpack 7 Watts Solar Phone Charger with 2 Liters Bladder
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as of February 24, 2021 10:30 pm
Hydration Solar Backpack 7W Solar Panel Charger & 2L Bladder Bag
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2 new from $69.99
as of February 24, 2021 10:30 pm
SolarGoPack Solar Powered 1.8 Liter Hydration Backpack
in stock
as of February 24, 2021 10:30 pm
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// Specifications

Best UseCycling, Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Multisport, Running, Snowsports
MPNDoes Not Apply
TypeHydration Backpack
Capacity1.8 L
Solar Hydration Backpack
released on September 12, 2014

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8 Reviews for Solar Hydration Backpack

  1. Kason T Escobedo

    This backpack is not built well. I bought this in April of 2015 and 4 months later it has failed spectacularly.1. The female end of the battery broke within a month. Amazon was nice enough to refund me enough to buy a new battery pack.2. The divider between the two sections now has a huge hole in the top.3. The solar panel has failed. It will not charge anything. It did work for a few months, but even then, it never really charged very well.This was from light (laptop + notebook), city use.I wish I could return it, but apparently, I’m outside the window :/

  2. Lalita V.

    Was happy when the backpack first arrived, but soon experienced issues regarding the solar panel and then the battery. A representative from the company contacted me requesting feedback for the product, and I mentioned how the solar panel wasn’t efficiently charging my battery. He provided excellent customer service and was prompt with his reply. He suggested it may be because the solar panel itself, and sent a more powerful panel which I was able to use to power the battery a total of two times, and then my battery broke. The metal portion of the charge outlet on the battery fell into the battery itself, and now I can’t charge the battery at all. The charger does not fit correctly into the batter since it is missing the metal portion to hold it snugly in place.I was happy with the product, but I feel that the quality is lacking. Maybe I just had bad luck with it, but when I contacted the representative again asking to either replace or fix the battery, I did not receive a response. Now I feel as though I’ve just bought an overpriced backpack, not a solar backpack since I cannot utilize its solar power capabilities.

  3. Trisha Furst

    Great size and powerful battery!

  4. Allen Nakagawa

    Shipped this as a wedding gift for a friend who uses it constantly. I’ve the smaller 1L version. Have to say that with a flexible solar panel and a 10,000mAH ruggedized LiIon power bank behind it, works very well. I’ve replaced it with a RAV power bank (Amazon), 20,000mAH. There are two side pockets, deep zippered slits. When one power bank is fully charged, I replace it with either the Eceen or the RAV. So does my friend. The solar panel is held in place by a thin snap on lanyard and is easily removed if you want to place the solar panel in say, some tree branches. The power cable in the back is sufficiently long enough for that. This has a 2L bite lock collapsible hydration pack while mine has the 1L. Both are easily accessible and washable. Behind the hydration pack is a large pouch, large enough for a 10″ iPad or a larger Android tablet. Inside top flap where the solar panel attaches to on the outside, sports a zippered pouch. I stuff mine with cables, adapters, and chocolate snacks. There’s two side pouches as well. I keep a smaller solar power bank in one and a collapsible Platypus hydration flask (REI, Amazon) in the other. Overall, well constructed, comes in a variety of colors. Sturdy zippers, doesn’t jam. Solar panel generates 7W power, same as the Goal Zero, Wagan, Bushnell but this one is detachable! RECOMMEND: Buy two (ordering my 2nd one).

  5. Nelson Torres

    I have been using the ECEEN backpack for a month and I am happy with it.  A few minor cons but that’s it.The ProsIt comes with a 1.8L Bladder bag and 7 Watts Solar Powered Panel to charge your devices. I am a fan of slim fitted backpacks in general so this was a plus for me.  I like how easy it is to fill by just simply twisting the cap unlike my CamelBak where I have to use a bit of force to twist the cap. Another plus is the extra storage compartments inside the bag, Especially inside the pouch area. I like storing extra things. The overall design of the backpack catches people’s eye everywhere I go. From the slim fitting city sleek style to the in-season dark red color. This backpack also makes a good bag to wear at conventions such as Comic-con because you are able to hydrate and charge your devices in direct natural lighting. I like that you can detach the Solar Panel to give the bag a different personality.The ConsThe tiny flaps that holds the Solar Panels seems to be poorly made. It tears up quicker for some reason. I wish the Solar Panel came with a battery pack because that would make things much easier in terms of charging. If you want to charge your devices, you have to stand in one place to charge. If you like fashion, tech, and fitness, ECEEN’s Solar Panel Hydration Backpack is worth investing in. You will certainly grab people’s attention by just wearing it. I know I have.


    Great as a day pack I took the water pouch out. The solar panel charged the pack great while I was poolside. Used the charger to charge my galaxy 7s active. Zippers are great stitching looks good. Also given as a gift to a family in P.R. & Friend in Florida

  7. WQND300

    Had one of the backpacks that was purchased for me as a gift last year. After almost daily use the backpack needed to be replaced. The battery pack and solar panel were still working just fine which is why I purchased the same backpack.When I received the backpack i immediately opened it and pulled out the solar panel and went looking for the battery pack which was no where to be found. Came back on Amazon where i found a video review which shows it comes with a battery back. Looking further at the page showed a question someone asked about if it came with the battery. The company replied stating for 2018 it did not. I then went to the product information section and found that buried in there was information saying that it didn’t come with the battery.The battery along with the solar panel were a big factor when deciding to buy the product again so i will be returning the product.

  8. Laura Baker

    This camel back is full of room and really helps to charge your electronics. Perfect for festivals or camping.

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Depend on durability: crafted to withstand adventure, the solar power backpack is more than a solar battery charger, it is also a bladder backpack, with a 1.8 l hydration pack and a plethora of pockets and compartments, the sport quality weather proof PVC fabric guarantees top performance and reliability, and weighs less than 3 lb. overall, SolarGoPack backpack is a necessary eco-friendly addition to your hiking gear or camping accessories

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