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Wireless Speaker Watch

Portable watch speaker with music, hands-free calls, and anti-loss.

Wireless speaker watch with music player, hands-free calls, and long battery life.

- Portable speaker
- Convenient watch
- Wireless connectivity


- Limited sound quality
- Short battery life

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Soye Wireless Speaker Watch

Wireless Speaker Watch is now newly upgraded and features colorful lights! Portable watch design, a perfect partner for outdoor activities, like sports or riding. Perfect for your night use.

  • Music Player and Excellent Sound Quality: This speaker could not only be used as a Bluetooth speaker, but also can be used as a MP3 Player. Support TF cards, makes this speaker an MP3 Player.
  • Hands-free calls and selfie-timer: Wear this watch when driving and easily enjoy the hand-free calls. In addition, it supports one button to selfie-timer while enjoying your favorite music by using remote control to take a photo.
  • Anti-lost function: when your mobile phone is out of the Bluetooth receiver range(10 meters distance), the smart sensor inside will give alarms for remind.
  • Super long battery life: High density polymer battery, stand-by time is long enough to 48 hours, and use time is about 6-8 hours.


At amazon.com you can purchase a Upgraded Wireless Wrist Portable Sports Bluetooth Speaker Watch with Multi Function MP3 Player & FM Radio & Selfie & Anti-Lost & Ultra Long Standby Time for Running, Hiking, Climbing for only $19.99. The cheapest price was found on February 27, 2024 6:10 am. – View Buying Options


Bluetooth Speaker Watch Portable Wearable Mini Sport Wireless Bluetooth (Blue)
Bluetooth Speaker Watch Portable Wearable Mini Sport Wireless...


Experience the ultimate convenience and portable sound with the Soye Wireless Speaker Watch. Perfect for on-the-go listening or in-home entertainment, this stylish and functional device seamlessly combines fashion with function. With its compact size and lightweight design, you can easily take your favorite tunes with you anywhere you go. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, you can quickly and easily connect your phone or tablet to stream music, podcasts, or even take phone calls. The built-in microphone and speaker means you can speak directly through the watch, making it perfect for hands-free communication. You can even use it as an alarm clock to wake up to your favorite songs. With an impressive battery life, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted listening without worrying about running out of power. Let the Soye Wireless Speaker Watch be your go-to solution for all your music and communication needs.

  • Music Player and Excellent Sound Quality
  • Hands-free calls and selfie-time
  • Anti-lost function
  • Super long battery life


    Wireless Speaker Watch
    released on February 20, 2017



    The Soye Wireless Speaker Watch is a revolutionary gadget that combines the functionality of a wireless speaker with the convenience of a watch. The device connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream music, answer phone calls, and access your favorite apps without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. The built-in speaker delivers clear and powerful sound, making it perfect for outdoor activities, office work or just lounging around at home. What's more, the Soye Wireless Speaker Watch also includes a variety of other useful features such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, and pedometer, making it a versatile device that can meet a range of needs. The watch itself is stylish and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day, and it features a touch screen display that is easy to navigate. With its combination of innovative technology and practical features, the Soye Wireless Speaker Watch is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to stay connected and stylish on-the-go.


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    6 Reviews for Wireless Speaker Watch

    1. Anj

      This is a pretty cool concept and something that I hope is developing. This is basically an MP3 player w/ speaker that goes on your wrist. It does what it is advertised to do. The volume can get up there and you can insert an SD card for your music.I would have given a 5-star review; however there are some quaities of this watch that didn’t quite settle with me and is kind of unsatisfying.1. For how bulky this thing is I expected a decent quality of sound. The frequency range(s) are practically all mid-range. (Something like talking in speaker phone) if this thing delivered a fuller spectrum of sound I would give 5-stars hands down because that is really all I asked for. I’d even be willing to pay more for better quality speaker & a more sleek design.2. It’d be nice to be able to tell the time at least. You know…like an actual watch.But hey this is only my feedback and like I said it does the job.

    2. Anubis

      The watch is made of solid material and not like those imitators using cheap plastic. Sound quality is great when using an SD card but Bluetooth clearly is varied depends on the distance. It is easy to use and operate (didn’t even read the manual) and worth the $$. The only complain if one might have is the initial sound that turns on is a bit loud… give me a “huge” surprised.

    3. Joseph P Duffy

      Nice product. Well crafted. Great sound for a little speaker. Fit wrist well. Good for hiking, biking, walking. Running. FM radio is a bonus

    4. Speaker and Watch Fanboy

      So, I got this so I could listen to music while at work. It’s in a warehouse. I don’t turn it up too much but I keep it close to my ear but attaching it to my bra strap. Yes, I know lol. Anyways, I can play it about 3 hours on a charge. I imagine it would go longer but I try not to press my luck. The latch on it did fall off but was easy to reattach. Luckily, I didn’t lose it.I dont like that you have to scan radio channels one at a time. It doesn’t automatically scan for stations. Can take a while to find a station that way.Bottom line, I think it was worth it.

    5. sheri b

       I bought this because I wanted something to listen to music during my morning walks. Right out of the box I was amazed at how soft the wrist band was, a big plus for me. I easily paired it with the Bluetooth on my phone in just a few seconds.


       The speaker on this watch is really loud, I think you lose some clarity with the loudness but overall I am satisfied with the sound. The battery life isn’t the greatest, it will last longer if the music isn’t at full volume. The size of the watch is a little bulkier than I would want from a watch, i could easily see it banging into things & getting caught on some things. The watch band gives you a lot of room, so it will fit a variety of different wrists sizes. As far as the overall functions go, they all worked for me, I had no issues as far as functionality goes. The watch is easy to connect to a cellphone via BLUETOOTH. THE SELFIE function works as well. Controlling the music is very easy to do. MY ISSUES WITH THE WATCH ARETO ME THE SELFIE FUNCTION IS UNNECESSARY, INSTEAD OF THAT BUTTON I WOULD PREFER A 3.5mm HEADPHONE PORT. ANOTHER DISAPPOINTING FEATURE WAS THE BLUETOOTH FEATURE, I GET THE WATCH IS A SPEAKER, BUT I WANTED IT TO CONNECT TO A PAIR OF BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES & IT CANNOT DO IT. THAT FEATURE WOULD HAVE MADE THIS WACH A LOT BETTER. YOU CAN’T USE THIS WATCH IN A GYM BECAUSE YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO MUSIC OUT LOUD IN MOST GYMS, SO YOU WOULD NEED A PAIR OF BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES. IF YOU’RE OUT ON A RUN THEN YOU MIGE NOT NEED THE HEADPHONES SO YOU COULD HEAR YOUR SURROUNDINGS. THAT TO ME WAS A DEAL BREAKER, I WAS GOING TO GIFT THIS TO A KID THAT LIVES AT A FACILITY THAT I WORK AT BUT NOW I CAN’T BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO MUSIC WITHOUT HEADPHONES. MY LAST GRIPE IS THIS WATCH DOES NOT DO THE BASIC FUNCTION THAT A WATCH IS SUPPOSED TO DO. IT DOES NOT TELL TIME. IF THAT WAS SOMEWAY INCORPORATED INTO THIS WAYCH IT WULD BE MUCH BETTER. EVEN IF YOU COULD’NT SEE THE TIME IT JUST SPOKE THE TIME TO YOU. If you can use this watch in a setting that allows it, this is a great purchase, but if not it just becomes a speaker on your wrist.

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