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Gonex 35L Waterproof Backpack and Floating Dry Bag

The Gonex Roll up Floating Dry Bag Backpack features strong tear resistance, large capacity and is light weight and 100% waterproof.  Made from high-quality and durable material.

  • 100% Waterproof Material and Zip Pocket – With a PVC film on top, the backpack is constructed with 500D PVC for better waterproofing. Two waterproof zip pockets on the front for storing small items such as mobile phones and wallets. Roll top keeps gear dry. It provides great protection to the items inside and also make it easily to access the small items.
  • Well-made & Ventilated Padded Back – Made by High-density EVA, the rear panel is sturdy and moisture wicking. Ventilated and comfortable.
  • Detachable Separate Laptop Bag – The separate detachable computer compartment in the backpack provides a great protection to your laptop, notebook, etc. It supports up to 14 inch laptop. You do not need to worry your electronic gears while participating water sports.
  • 3 Different Modes for Closure – The mouth of the bag can be rolled in 3 different ways and then be connected with the two sides. You can carry the backpack in different functional modes of closure and fashionable styles.
  • Multiple Application – With its effective waterproof, it’s suitable for most of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, boating, rafting, fishing, diving and other adventures. Also, with 4 color choices, it is a stylish backpack for commuting, working, sports etc.


Gonex Waterproof Backpack for Men Floating Dry Bag 35L Waterproof Travel Roll...
Gonex Waterproof Backpack for Men, Floating Dry Bag, 35L Waterproof Travel Roll Top Fishing Backpack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking Boating Rafting Fishing Swimming Beach with Phone Case Blue Gonex is a registered brand specializing in outdoor sports products. Our products are featured with strong...


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Gonex Waterproof Backpack
released on April 29, 2019

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8 Reviews for Gonex Waterproof Backpack

  1. Jennifer

    There is no way I’m going to be able to convey how excited I am for this backpack. I’m still getting it filled, but just examining it and starting to fill it up, it has already WAY exceeded expectations. First, what I’m using it for so you understand a bit of the reason behind my excitement (I hope!)….so this is going to be my automotive “go bag”. It’s basically an emergency kit. I have several of these. My big one is at home – which let me tell you, I’m now considering getting another of these waterproof bags from Gonex to replace the bag I’m currently using for my big home kit as well. You can buy ready made emergency kits, but I prefer to just make mine since I have medical issues. Also, the ready made bags are FLIMSY. That is the last thing you want if it comes time to actually use something like this (and I know this firsthand, having used a flimsy bag during a hurricane – waterproof is what you want!) Now, in my case, aside from natural disasters, I actually DO use these things, but it is probably a bit different because I tend to have to be prepared for different types of “emergencies”, given that there are medical considerations. However, I don’t like to let medical stuff slow me down from living life! So I always carry a bag in the car in addition to having the one at home because if I got stranded for even a few hours without a way to get to safety I would DEFINITELY need supplies from a kit like this due to my medical issues. Maybe it’s not a necessity for everyone, but it is a necessity for me, and it has saved my life in the past! My area gets all kinds of crazy weather. Tornadoes, severe flooding, extreme cold and ice….you name it, we get it! Waterproof is GOOD. And this bag is WATERPROOF. It’s also heavy duty, and it’s very clear that Gonex has thought of EVERYTHING. The back part of the bag is padded to make it comfortable to carry. Every part that could potentially be an opening and let moisture in is very tightly and efficiently sealed. There are some very cool and convenient pockets, all tightly protected. I looked over every seam and couldn’t find a flaw anywhere on this bag. If you’re looking for something to protect your gear, whether it’s for the kind of thing I’m using it for or whether you want your stuff dry while you’re out camping or rafting or whatever else in the elements, then THIS IS YOUR BAG. But my favorite feature – and I wish I could have gotten a picture of this, but no matter how I tried I couldn’t hold my camera at the right angle and still get a pic (and my tripod is currently broken) – is the interior padded pocket that can hold (I am presuming here, but it does fit both my iPad with keyboard case and my Macbook pro) a tablet or computer. It velcros to the interior back wall of the bag, but can be completely removed as well. Also included was a clear waterproof phone holder with lanyard. I actually already had one of these, but I like this one better because it locks tightly. It will not open unless both of the locking mechanisms are completely unlocked, so you can’t accidentally open it. Also, it opens such that the lanyard only threads through one side at the top (so you never have the lanyard blocking you from getting your phone in and out of the case). My phone (Moto G6) easily fit in there with the case on and this holder could definitely fit a bigger phone in there. I maybe should have waited to write this review until I was less in disbelief over this bag and could find a better way to express myself, but I couldn’t help myself – I’m too excited over how awesome this back pack is. Highly, HIGHLY recommend!

  2. Alexa

    I can’t say enough good things about this backpack! This thing is awesome!-super spacious-variety of ways to close the backpack and keep it closed ( although rolling down feels more natural)-tons of storage pockets and an ID pocket-includes removable laptop and tablet holder (fits 17″ laptop and my IPad perfectly)-the backpack straps and back are super comfy when you are wearing it. They are very cushioned with airflow pathways-the straps even have eastic loops to manage dangly straps-sternum strap with emergency whistleThis backpack has all the qualities of a high end bag for a fraction of the cost. Very Satisfied! Would totally reccomend!

  3. Bill Jackson

    This thing is HEAVY DUTY, and definitely exceeded my expectations for a waterproof bag. The 35L bag is very big, you could easily store a week’s worth of camping supplies in it. The construction is very high quality and is clearly built to last; this is also the first dry bag I’ve owned with the backpack straps on it – now I will never go back to smaller dry bags that are designed to put into backpacks. Just get one of these, and you have an all-in-one dry bag storage unit that is highly portable. I tested the waterproofing with my garden hose and not a single drop got inside, very impressed!

  4. Joy

    I love the back pack kept my things dry…but the zippers is useless if water gets in it stays in you cant put anything in it

  5. Readme Ray

    I was seeking the perfect dry bag for fly fishing. I tossed the interior insert for a laptop commute and this added a lot more space and reduced weight. Size wise this is perfect–I wanted something that could fit under the seat in a drift boat like a Clackacraft or Hyde–this is spot on perfect! These bags are lined with a thicker plastic material that would really take effort to puncture. The interior has some nice pockets for phone/wallet/keys. The exterior pocket is a nice add, but be warned while it’s handy access it’s not waterproof enough for your cel phone. You can easily fit a spare jacket, lunch, water bottle, and some fishing gear in this bag. I cut all the extraneous straps off to make it a bit more streamlined.

  6. MC

    Water tight and very tough. I just had a nasty road bicycle accident wearing this pack and it survived just fine against the pavement.

  7. truthful

    Water can easily fill inside the the outside pockets, Its designed in a way that even if zipped closed water can enter. There is a small flap that covers the zipper, but it collects water and it is impossible to have the flap face to extrude water because the zippers are faced different directions, so if one is able to work then the other zipper will then have the issue and potential to collect water = which then FILLS the pockets, POOR DESIGN.

  8. Jeannie

    The quality of this backpack is amazing. I just love it. You can feel how nice it is and I just know it would keep everything dry. I purchased this backpack based on reviews but neglected to really understand how large (35L) it is and therefore ended up returning it. However, I do highly recommend it if you are in need of a large bag. It does say for “men” which I overlooked. GREAT BAG, sad to see it go back but I don’t have the need for one this size.

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