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Aoking College 15.6 Laptop USB Backpack

Check out this stylish Anti-theft Waterproof Office Slim Cool Backpack for Men from Aoking.

  • Dimensions: 18.1″ x 6.69″ x 12.99″ (LxWxH) (46 x 17 x 33 cm), Weight: 0.85 KG, Maximum laptop size: 15.6″
  • Waterproof Material: Made of a rubberized 1680D Ballistic Polyester Material, guards your electronics and papers from bad weather.
  • Large Space Main Pocket & Cushion Laptop Sleeve: provides an extra-large compartments to store everything you need and a better protection for your device
  • Multifunction Details: External USB port to charge your laptop anytime you go; Insulation Bag inside to keep your drinks all day well
  • Hidden pocket + Luggage Straps (Backside) — Anti-theft design can be used safely even in crowded people; Luggage straps to let you free your hands anytime


Aoking College 15.6 Laptop USB Backpack Antitheft Waterproof Office Slim Cool …

Thank you for visiting our ebay store! Aoking College 15.6 Laptop USB Backpack Antitheft Waterproof Office Slim Cool … - Dimensions: 18.1" x 6.69" x 12.99" (LxWxH) (46 x 17 x 33 cm), Weight: 0.85 KG, Maximum laptop size: 15.6" - Waterproof Material: Made of a...


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10 Reviews for Anti-Theft Slim Cool Backpack

  1. Aimaiya

    Good bag quality. A lot of the pockets that can fit everything i need. Love the sponge at the back, it makes me feel comfortable when carrying heavy thing inside. The anti-theft pocket at the back is good to put expensive thing. The design of the usb outlet hole is very convenient for me to charge my phone so that i don’t need to put it in my pocket.

  2. Ashley Vega

    I like this backpack. It fits my laptop and other things just fine. it’s comfortable with good padding in the straps and back area. It is of good construction and has stylish design. I like the pouch in the lower back area, it’s a safe place to put my wallet. The only small complaint is the water bottle holder pouch on the outside, it does have a zipper so it expands slightly, but it is really only large enough to hold a small water bottle. Not a big deal though, as it does come with a removable pouch inside the largest section of the backpack that can fit a little bit larger bottle if necessary. All and all it’s a nice backpack for the price.

  3. Jared

    Great backpack! My main purpose for buying it is to carry 2(5″x16″) mid/high frequency speaker columns that go atop my subs when I deejay. I used this bag as an additional carry-on when I went on vacation last week. It held a pair of Reebok Zoku(s), a 1 quart bag of liquids, a 1 quart bag of jewelry, a beach towel, Andis T-Outliners, a 12.5″ laptop & power pack, a 10ft. hdmi cable, a Samsung Dex station, and a few other items not worth mentioning. It is very stylish & unique, which I why I chose it over many other backpacks available for purchase. The bag opens wide allowing for quick retrieval of your items, and has additional zippers to allow for further expansion. Make sure you are aware of the size 13.0″ x 7.0″ x 18.1″ (LxWxH) so you can determine if the bag fits your personal needs. It is best suited for a tech savvy urban traveler rather than a student hauling a truckload of books or clothes.

  4. Casey Thomas

    I bought this backpack after extensive research — I live in NYC and have to walk through the rain frequently. After over 2 months of near-daily use, I can say that I LOVE this backpack! I can easily fit everything I need in the various pockets, and the main compartment stays dry! One thing I’ll say is that, in heavy rain, the outer compartment gets a little damp (because some moisture gets through the zipper), but I don’t keep the valuable stuff in there. The straps are also a dream — stays comfortable for hours, even when stuffed to the gills! Highly recommend!

  5. MTX

    I loved this backpack! Very stylish, exactly as it looks in the picture. Very impressed with the quality of material/ craftmanship. Size is good for work but small for a MS/HS student who carries lots of books. The “bumps” on the straps distribute the weight well and make it very comfortable to wear even with heavy load. I would buy again but upgrading to a bigger one by the same brand.

  6. KJ Nosu

    I been using this back pack for about 3 weeks. I like that this bag could hold so much. I noticed that the threading towards the back of the backpack is coming undone. The only heavy things held was my 13” MacBook Air. Everything else on the bag held up really well. I bought this bag for the anti theft aspects and also a safe place to carry my laptop. When empty, the bag carries its own amount of weight. I think it’s because of the material and the padding that is added. It’s made of really good quality material, it’s just the stitching could be better. Overall I recommend this bag, it meets all my needs. I’m planning to take this bag with me on a trip to see how well it holds up. Until then, I suggest you get it!

  7. Dharmesh Patel

     At the $30 price. I was in full honestly not expecting a backpack this amazing. This backpack is not only beautiful and it’s periods with the nice blue pouch with the pattern in the front but it is also sturdy and comfortable and perfect fit for my laptop. It has been easy to travel with it it has been terrible at it it’s a backpack that I would highly recommend at the price point and at the style. It will do everything any other backpack would do for you but may be even better.

  8. Shuli

    Very good material and design. My son wanted a more mature bag for school and we decided on this bagpack. He was so happy when we received it in the mail.The bag is very well made with durable materials and very functional.It actually holds a lot more then I expected it to.This bag is great and stylish and we are very happy with this purchase.

  9. AndreaP

    This is really a sharp-looking backpack. It has flare that is lacking in most other bags. The bag’s one HUGE downside, is that it’s NOT 7″ deep; it’s only 5″. This on its own might not be a big problem, but the padding is quite thick and eats up even more of the inside space. (Although I will add that the padding makes it a very comfortable bag to carry against your back.) The construction is stiff, which gives the bag more structure than most backpacks. At 18″ high, there’s more space in that direction, but the bag doesn’t unzip all the way so you can lay it open on its side, so that means anything you put on top will fall to the bottom. Not sure it’s worth it for me. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.

  10. Emmanuel Peace

    This is the best backpack, in all my years of backpack using, I have ever had! I bought this bag in early 2018 and girl, the bag is still going strong! It is waterproof as advertised. Just don’t forget to zip the front part up when it’s raining lol. It’s not a soft bag tho, comfort is not exactly its strong suit. It gets heavy quick, but I think I’ve built enough stamina for it, and have had to adopt a good posture for it. The space in it is maybe 4 out of 5, it can get a little tight in there – I pack my gym clothes, shoes, laptop, and lunch in it almost every day, maybe that’s why it gets tight and heavy quickly. A lot of bags would have broken under all that pressure, but this bag is sturdy.If it didn’t have to do all that work, without any major accident to it, you could get almost 5 years with it without even realizing you’ve had the bag that long. So yeah, I recommend it. Have fun, and happy new year!

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Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack
Grey Backpack with USB Charging Port and RFID Pocket

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