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Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack Charger | Includes a Battery Pack (Power Bank) and 2 Year Warranty | Powers Phones Including iPhone, Tablets, USB Devices, More.



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  • At amazon.com you can purchase Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack for only $179.00, which is 29% less than the cost in eBay ($251.24).
  • The lowest price of Voltaic Systems Offgrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack Charger | Includes A Bat... was obtained on July 5, 2020 11:08 am.

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Voltaic makes solar bags that charge virtually all handheld electronics. Their Generator product charges laptops. – View Profile

8 reviews for Voltaic Systems OffGrid Rapid Solar Backpack

  1. HG

    Amazing backback! I can easily fit all of my video photography equipment when I’m going off grid. This is the backpack I have been waiting for. Comfortable, practical, stylish. The solar panel and charger are amazing. I have never had a faster portable charger. I’ve had this product for about 2 months now, and have had zero problems/issues.

  2. heyfreak

    I have just got this. Well made bag. Looks really good up close. The main compartment is a good shape and size. I can get laptop and notebook in to the padded sleeve. Battery charges smartphone quickly. Great for me as i am out and about and often on a bike so Ican keep charged up. Cant comment on solar performance as yet.

  3. Marcus Gray

    I love my solar backpack. Since we live in Southern California, I take it everywhere with me in case of an earthquake. I am also taking it to the desert for my job – I’ll be able to charge while everyone else is running around for an outlet. I haven’t stopped telling everyone around me to get one!!!

  4. Walter E

    This backpack was worth the 200.00. I love the extra compartment for tablet/laptop and the main compartment has so much room. I didn’t write a review immediately because i wanted to see how it worked for being a general commuting/work backpack. To say the least its very comfortable and the solar charged battery is a lifesaver. I use my iPad Pro 12.9 for work and i am always on the go. I haven’t used the whole battery but it has been more than enough to give my iPad enough juice to get things done and have enough charge left over to charge my AirPods and iPhone 7 Plus. I highly recommend this backpack.Update (26 August 2018)Still amazing. This pack gives me a lot of convenience and is very sturdy. Would recommend to anyone. So far I have used to to hold my work stuff, hike and bike in San Diego.


    I’m happy becuase it is great and your excellent service and very fast. my backpack is great. Thanks

  6. Michael P Terry

    Everyone is jealous of this backpack! It can charge my phone and iPad 3 times!

  7. Albyz

    Fantastic and innovative

  8. Darryl Tarr

    Very sturdy backpack with the huge added benefit of solar charging.

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Voltaic Systems OffGrid Rapid Solar Backpack