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Super Bright Wrist LED FlashLight

This wrist wearable flashlight is rechargeable, waterproof, and includes a built-in compass and optional digital watch.

  • IPX7 Waterproof can be in Raining Weather(Do not soak in water).
  • Multi-Function used as Wrist Light, QuartzWatch or Compass.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, Easy for USB Charging(usb cable white/black random), with new Luxury Gift Box
  • 5-Modes: High/Medium/Low/Fast Strobe/SOS.(no instructions in the package). It is easy to use, no need instructions, just check the product listing pictures.

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Super-Bright 500000LM Flashlight LED Tactical Torch Light Rechargeable Battery
Super-Bright 500000LM Flashlight LED Tactical Torch Light...
Tactical LED Rechargeable Wrist Watch Flashlight Torch Compass Running Hiking US
Tactical LED Rechargeable Wrist Watch Flashlight Torch Compass...
Tactical LED flashlight watch Rechargeable Wrist Watch Flashlight Light Torch
Tactical LED flashlight watch Rechargeable Wrist Watch Flashlight...



Material:ABS Plastic case + silicone watchband
Main Function:Wrist Light + Compass + Quartz Watch
Movement:Imported movement
Spotlight:Convex Lens
Body Color:Black
Color Bin:White Light
Bulb Number: 1 x Led Bulb
Brightness:350 Lumens (Maximum Brightness)
Waterproof Rating:IPX7(Soak in water will cause in damage)
Switch Mode:5 modes (High/Medium/Low/Fast Strobe/SOS)
Wrist Light Battery:Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Watch Battery:Button Battery (Included)
Light Distance: about 100 m (Maximum range)
Size:Watchband(27cm)+Dial length(6cm)+Dial
Lighting time:High light about 3 hours, medium light about 5 hours, low light about 8 hours.
Bright Wrist LED Light
released on October 14, 2016


Flashlight - Wikipedia

A flashlight, torch, or torchlight is a portable hand-held electric light.Formerly, the light source typically was a miniature incandescent light bulb but these have been displaced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) since the mid-2000s. A typical flashlight consists of the light source mounted in a reflector, a transparent cover (sometimes combined with a lens) to protect the light source and ...

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The flashlight has six light modes that all have different runtime lengths and beam through distances at each level. Turbo: 1750 lumens, 4 minutes, 220 meters High: 500 lumens, 218 minutes, 117 meters


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8 Reviews for Bright Wrist LED Light

  1. devildog

    I got to use it for the first time on patrol last night, and I am very pleased with the performance. I am a police officer working night shift, and we do alot of building clearing. This light was extremely handy, and I loved not having to reach into my belt to pull out my flashlight. The high setting provides pleanty of throw, and isn’t so bright that the cast off will destroy your night vision. Tested the stobe function out on a rookie we are training, and it is definitely blinding and disorienting. The low function provides plenty of light for close up work, and could actually stand to be a little dimmer. Having the ability to recharge via a micro USB (plenty of those in a patrol unit equipt with computer) is very convenient. The unit is very well put together, and the housing is rock solid. The switches have a good solid click with nice tactile feedback. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars was that the silver bezel around the light head threads into the body of the light was loose and I couldn’t tighten it enough by hand. This was easily fixed with some medium strength locktite and a pair of needle nose pliars. I compared this light to a buddies Surefire brand of the same design, and his was only slightly broghter, but I will take this one for the around $25 price, compared to the $300 or so that he spent. After seeing mine he regrets his purchase. All together very satisfied so far.I’ll post an update after putting it through the rigors for a while.

  2. Socrates N. Turner, IV

    Like everyone said- The unit is well built, bright and pretty comfortable.Let’s start by setting realistic expectations. In my opinion this does not replace a headlamp or a good flashlight- especially for outdoor work or really wide open spaces. I’m a flashlight junkie so I have at least 30 cree LED flashlights and headlamps. I have a headlamp in my EDC bag and a wide beam flashlight in there also. When my girlfriend comes to visit, I walk her dog late at night. I use headlamps when I take the walk since we don’t have many street lights. I have a camping lantern and I would use that or a headlamp at the campsite.In my opinion this is best used inside the house, either to save electricity or when stumbling around at night. I stumbled on this when looking for a weapon light for my xd subcompact 40 cal. I bought a laser light combo that was really great but made for a full size pistol. The 40 cal is my in home go to weapon. This seemed like an interesting concept as opposed to another hundred dollar light/laser combo. It’s also a pain finding a holster for an attached laser/light. I like sleeping with a shoulder holster rig, and like the idea of being fully prepared with all my tools instantly accessible, even in bed. My xd sub 9 mm is in the shoulder holster. This light allows me to have a weapon light on me at all times, regardless of which pistol I use. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in and super convenient for those late night snack/bathroom runs.The light provides plenty of spread inside a room and even the lowest setting is plenty bright enough to illuminate everything around you. The power level indicator is really convenient also. Placing the beam does take some getting used to. It has a nice throw with a bright spot, but, you have to get your hand out of the way to avoid shadows. The band is comfortable and doesn’t scratch at all. The light does get hot when used on high for a long time, that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it for outdoor or heavy duty use. The box says you get 4 hours of use on low power and about 1.5 hours on high use. I have no idea what the lumen rating on this is, but, I would guess around 250 to 300 lm on high. I was worried about accidental activation, but, the buttons require a good amount of force to depress so you won’t kill the battery by accident under normal circumstances. I think it would travel well in a bag.This is a cheap streamlight knock off with zero drawbacks. The build quality and functionality is the same so save $150 to $500 if you don’t expect this to be your go to flashlight. It’s a great back up or secondary light. It’s a perfect CQB weapon light, in my opinion. I have more serious lights on my long guns, but, this is perfect for my pistols. I’ve got red lasers on my pistols, and with this- I get the benefit of the combo at a fraction of the cost.For what is does, this is terrific. Keep your expectations reasonable- it’s a $20 light. For that price point, this is a great buy and one every flashlight geek should pick up. It’s $20 or less, well made, convenient and works. I hesitate to give it a five star rating only because I like it, I don’t love it. I have 7x cree xml flashlight that is literally blinding and headlamps that have crazy wide and deep throws, so my expectations are bit skewed. That being said, I’m buying a couple more spare units and will probably give a couple away to friends and family.This is a no-brainer. Thanks to advances in led light tech, this is an automatic great buy.

  3. Mary Ann Marino

    Bought this for a gift. The first time he tried to charge it up it WOULD NOT charge. The green light being on makes you think it’s charging but that’s not the case. We tried to return it but since it came from China (which I hadn’t realized before I ordered it) they wouldn’t talk about replacing it and automatically refunded me $8.00….not the price I paid. Totally annoying. I read another review here on Amazon stating that somebody else couldn’t get it to take a charge. Was great while it was charged and after that a total piece of junk. So, you have to decide if you want to take the chance……….. Now, we’re on the hunt to find another one.

  4. Stefanie Doerfle Soto

    After I read the reviews, which was pretty decent, I ordered. In the beginning I was okay with my purchase but down the line not so. The positive the item is nice and solid and the way the light is situated is good. If fully charged the light is bright and has different settings. The cons. The charge dosent hold long. One dogwalk 50 min, that’s it. There is actually not a complete of button on the light, so its blinking the whole day, that’s killing the batterie.The closing of the charging part I lost the first day so going out in rain with it is now a no no too. I would not buy this item again

  5. Dave

    I bought one of these maybe a year and a half ago and use it regularly. The wrist band broke so I ordered another. The new one has maybe a quarter of the battery life of the original. I thought I was imagining this at first. So I left it plugged in right up until my run tonight. It lasted about 50 minutes before the indicator light turned red and the output dimmed. By another ten minutes the indicator light was flashing red. About 10 minutes after that I was running in the dark. It is a total disgrace to the expectations set by my original purchase. Planning to track down the compass part I gave to my kid and return this thing. 1 hour battery life when 4 is advertised is not acceptable.

  6. Rachel Christoff

    I just don’t f-ing get it. All they had to do it put extra hole(s) in it but they didn’t. I am not a petite woman but still have womanly wrist apparently??? It wasn’t exactly secure so in my annoyance I tried to poke an extra hole with my knife and now the threads where I poked a hole catch on stuff.As for use it was good. I am so use to the headlamp/flashlight that I forgot to use it and often found myself relying on my old headlamp like when I had to off in the woods to use the bathroom or the flashlight when looking around the tent but I am sure it will become more and more second nature.

  7. Trevor Rowe

    It is what it is. I like it for shoot my bow in the dark.

  8. tyson

    I used this one time in a bit of rain and it instantly stopped working and hasn’t worked since. Not waterproof at all!

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