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Shoe Clip LED Lights for Safety

Be seen at night while walking, running, or jogging with a set of LED Show Clip Lights. These are so bright that you will be visible from over 1/2 a mile away! Easy to use, just slap them on the back bottom of your shoe and press once to turn them on and twice to go to flashing mode. Great for all night outdoor activities. You are getting a pack of 2 shoe clip lights and 1 year warranty.

  • FITS MOST SHOE SIZES – Securely hooks onto your shoes or arms with no adhesives or fasteners. Target shoe size heel width between 2~3.5 inch, fits most size shoes. 2 LED shoe clip lights in one package.
  • SAFELY EXERCISING ANYTIME – Ultra bright LED shoe lights are visible up to a half mile, can be seen by drivers in peripheral vision, these safety night lights are perfect for running, jogging, biking, spinning, or walking in the dark.
  • LONG LASTING – Uses two CR2032 for extra brightness, included and can be easily replaced by the BONUS SCREW DRIVER. High quality reflective LED giving maximum light output and offering around 70-100 hours of illumination.
  • TWO LIGHTING MODES – Clips featuring two lighting modes, color changing RGB flash output and steady color fast strobe. Press once to keep for the first lighting mode, press again to activate the flashing mode, ideal running accessory for kids, adults, and older folks.
  • WATER TIGHT AND PORTABLE – These spur lights can be used in any terrain of any weather, super light weight for carrying. Comes with one year warranty and 45 days money back guarantee. Be safe for all outdoor activities now!


2pk LED Ankle Clip Safety Light Reflective Running Cycling Walking Strap Band
Features: Clips on ankle, glowing to stay secure & visible 2 bright light modes: Solid & Blinking / Flashing Stay safe in any outdoor activities at night Safety gear accessories for runners, cyclists For running, jogging, walking, biking, crossfit Water resistant single push button:...
ACTIVE LIGHTS RED GREEN - Black Rechargeable USB LED Safety Shoe Clip Light
(1 PAIR) LED SHOE Light glow CLIPS for night safety leg running walking jogging
INCLUDES (1 PAIR) OF SHOE CLIP LIGHTS •Easy to turn on. Memory Metal fit for All Size. •Multi-function. It can be wear on your wrist, arm, running shoes. Batteries are replaceable. •2 settings on, flashing steady color fast strobe. You can see them for a long way. PLEASE ORDER COLOR AND SELECT...
(PAIR) LED BATTERY SHOE glow Safety Light CLIPS for running walking dance party
(PAIR) LED BATTERY SHOE glow Light CLIPS for running jogging walking cycling Powerful eBay listing templates by 3Dsellers
New VIBE Led Shoe Clip Lights Bright LEDs for your shoes, 2 light modes
New VIBE Led Shoe Clip Lights Bright LEDs for your shoes 2 light modes Wide angle visibility Water resistant Batteries included Fast & Free US shipping Please ask any questions before bidding and good luck.


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LED Shoe Clip Lights (2 Pack) Reflective Safety Night Running Gear for Runners Joggers Bikers Walkers, Color Changing RGB Strobe and Steady Color Flash Mode, Water Resistant and Bonus Screw Driver
in stock
as of January 21, 2021 7:11 am
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LED Shoe Clip Lights (2 Pack) Reflective Safety Night Running Gear for Runners Joggers Bikers Walkers, Color Changing RGB Strobe and Steady Color Flash Mode, Water Resistant and Bonus Screw Driver
in stock
as of January 21, 2021 7:11 am
Free shipping
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MaterialStainless Steel
Accessories IncludedActivity tracker
LED Shoe Clip Lights
released on March 17, 2018

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8 Reviews for LED Shoe Clip Lights

  1. Lindy

    I used these during a couple early morning runs that are dark and they clung tightly to my shoes, I didn’t feel them at all which was great. They lit up in multiple colors and I was pretty happy with them. Then that after about 90minutes of use, not on the constant flash mode, one of them quit lighting up all together. Being that their use had been limited I ruled out a battery issue and determined that one was simply faulty. I wrote a review indicating such and planned to return the items as defunct. Within minutes of writing a review indicating my disappointment, the seller, Volare-HK emailed me and offered to replace the faulty light at no charge for me. I’ll update my review again after further use, but at this point I’m extremely pleased with the customer service and hopeful that the replacement will be a fully working one that I can use for a reasonable amount of time before battery replacement.

  2. Kristi

    The very first time I wore these by the time I had finished my run of only four miles one light had fallen off a running shoe and was lost. I wore a woman’s Saucony Guide 10 shoe. The units were securely gripped onto my shoes when I started off in horizontal fashion as the directions indicate they are to be attached. The seller sent me a replacement. However, the first time I clipped on one of the replacement clips the support band behind the light snapped in half. Because the seller offered me a replacement I gave the product a three rating than a two stars. But, I’m back to two. Great concept, poor execution. Another light was lost during a run. They do not stay on while running, only walking. I want to comment that they are possible to use on the arms though they are not intended for that use and could cause pinching. I can see the possibility of carrying them in a hand.

  3. Druid

    They are okay for short term use. Unfortunately they aren’t really made for adult sized feet and one broke as I was putting it on. It’s unfortunate as I often work outdoors at night and it was a great way to help people notice me so I don’t get run over. Incidentally an unintended consequence I got a number of compliments one them as well. So if you have smaller feet, they may work well for you.

  4. Giggsy

    I’m not sure how to rate these. The light aspect are terrific. They are bright enough that any car driving behind a jogger should be able to seen them no problem. They are also fairly light, so they shouldn’t add any bulk to your runs. My issue, on my very first run they both popped off my shoes. I was able to find one blinking under a car that was in my neighborhood (so they are bright), I back tracked to find the other one and couldn’t. This was all on my very first late night run. Pretty disappointing.

  5. KingsWife

    These are awesome! I LOVE that they are multi-colored and blink. I call them my unicorn 🦄 feet! Plus, they are bright and fit comfortably with no slipping. Even came with a tool to change the battery when I eventually need to do that. I’ve been sharing my love of these shoe clips with a ton of people. Safe and fun!

  6. MamaK

    Bought these for night and glow runs!!Pros- They came with batteries or whatever already inside. All we had to do was open and go. There’s a button to turn them on and change the setting from strobing color to more of a white light. The lights were bright. They clipped nicely onto my shoes by pulling those two black things apart. Felt tight and secure! They were very fun!Cons- Only one, but important enough to me that I chose to bring what would have otherwise been a 5 star rating down to 3. Our first time using them, one fell off my husband’s shoe. I still had both mine but I am more of a turtle runner where he placed in the top 10. I know they just grab onto your shoe, but I don’t think it should have come off so easily. It wasn’t a rough terrain run or anything. It was all city like streets.Over all….I loved them! I was just very disappointed by the fact that one fell off my husband’s show on our first run with them. Would I buy them again, yes when needed.

  7. smallras

    I purchased this product for my father who does early morning brisk walks. He is particularly fussy so I wanted something that he could just press and go. He wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but after seeing how bright the lights were and the cycling colors, he was sold. He even started going to walk earlier than his usual time because he felt confident even in poorly lit area, with the shoe lights. So he was very upset that after about 1 month of use, the batteries died in 1 and the following week in the other. He only weared it for about 1 hr 5-6 days a week. But he has instructed me to get a new “light” for his shoe. And since the 4 replacement batteries every month for 3 months will equal the cost of a rechargeable shoe light I’ll do that.

  8. S. Dotson

    OK so these are OK for use as hand lights – which they were not designed for. I put them on two types of shoes both were for running. I a sturdy backed Asics type shoe and the other a Nike breathable pair of runners. Both lost the light off of one side – I mean it came off and I had to go back and find it! Aggravation! So they sit now on my laundry cabinet waiting to be useful for some other purpose? I’d go with the adhesive reflective stickers for sneakers/runners – or the weave into your laces type for real security. Not these.

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Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights
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