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Neolight Super Bright 5 LED Headlamp

Make your life easier when working with a flashlight using this hands-free, LED Headlamp and get bright lighting For Indoor And Outdoor Activity. Why struggle to hold a flashlight when you need both hands to perform the task at hand? The Neolight LED Head Torch provides a perfect solution for this problem, since of course it is always shining where you are looking. With adjustable focus function, it also can be used for precision work (watch or clock repair) or auto repairing or craft work that requires attention to detail.

  • POWERFUL HIGH LUMENS WHITE LIGHT – A set of 5 high performance LED bulbs give you the brightest illumination up to 100,000 hours, and you’ll be able to see up to 1640 feet (500 meters) away even when it’s pitch dark.
  • RECHARGEABLE & LONG-LIFE BATTERY – Never buy batteries again. Our headlamp is powered by 2x 3.7V 18650 rechargeable batteries, up to 8 -10 hours working time under full charge.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOCUS – When you want to focus on a specific object, zoom in to project a bright spotlight. Zoom out and you easily turn your beam into a wide floodlight that’s ideal for lighting up an entire room or a campsite.
  • 4 MODES TO CHOOSE – Our headlamps has 4 modes: Middle XM-L T6 LED on, 4-Side XPE LEDs on, 4 LEDs all on, Strobe. The rear red indicator light on the battery pack plays a good warning role at night, ensuring your safety when you work under bad weather.
  • WATERPROOF & ANGLE ADJUSTABLE – Durable aluminum alloy crust, abrasion resistant and IPX5 waterproof. No need to worry about using it in all kinds of rain weather. Head up and down we can adjust the headlamp to 90 degrees, controling the lighting position, using it more conveniently and flexibly.


Neolight Headlamp H04 - Super Bright 5 Led High Lumen Rechargeable Zoomable
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LED Headlamps, Neolight Super Bright 5 LED High Lumen Rechargeable Zoomable Head
Thank you for visiting our ebay store! Hands-Free, Bright Lighting For Indoor And Outdoor Activity Why struggle to hold a flashlight when you need both hands to perform the task at hand? How much easier would tasks, walks or jogs at night be with two free hands? Our Neolight LED Head Torch is a...
LED Headlamps Neolight Super Bright 5 LED High Lumen Rechargeable Zoomable Wa...
LED Headlamps, Neolight Super Bright 5 LED High Lumen Rechargeable Zoomable Waterproof Head torch Headlight for Outdoor Hiking Camping Hunting Fishing Cycling Running Walking ★ POWERFUL HIGH LUMENS WHITE LIGHT- A set of 5 high performance LED bulbs give you the brightest illumination up to...
LED Headlamps, Neolight Super Bright 5 LED High Lumen Rechargeable (Black)
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LED Headlamps
released on August 20, 2017

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4 Reviews for LED Headlamps

  1. Achint

     I bought this headlamp mainly for doing working on outdoor projects at night. This is a really bright headlamp and completely serves my purpose. This contains 5 white led bulbs that can be turned on in different combinations by selecting the mode of the lamp. Thought the brightness of the lamp cannot be controlled specifically but the operational modes have different brightness levels. The lamp looks to be well built and should be fine with a little bit of rough handling.Battery:The lamp comes with two rechargeable 3.7V 18650 batteries. There is a USB cable provided which you can use to charge the batteries. Batteries can be charged while plugged into the headlamp as well. I appreciate the fact that the batteries can be replaced. I am quite apprehensive of gadgets that have internal rechargeable batteries and cannot be replaced. There is also an battery level indicator that show battery charge level is left when being charged,Operating the lamp:There is a green power button on the top of the headlamp. The button turns the headlamp on and if you press it again it changes the mode of the headlight giving you different brightness or shape of the light beam. There are 6 modes of operation and after you have pressed the power button 6 times, pressing the power button again will switch it off.Things I liked about the lamp:1. The lamp is powerful.2. The light of LED is white which makes things clearer to see in the dark.3. The head-strap is relatively comfortable and is not too tight.4. The batteries can be replaced and are re-chargeable.5. The 6th mode of operation is flashing light that seems very handy for cyclists.Things you should be aware of before buying this product:1. Though this not a very heavy headlamp, its not very light either. This is fine for hiking, camping and outdoor work, but I am not sure if anyone will be comfortable wearing this for a long time while performing a physically strenuous activity.2. This is clearly not marketed as and is definitely not a professional grade headlamp. Even though this is quite bright headlamp, but for professionally demanding work such as construction you would want to buy a lamp that can handle more abuse.3. The only uncomfortable part of the lamp is the front of the lamp that rests on the forehead. This area could use some cushioning.

  2. C. Gregory

    My son and I went on a night time fall hike. We shared this headlamp and a flashlight. We both wanted this headlamp as it is bright, and we could keep our hands in our pockets to keep them warm. We were hiking for 6 hours and the headlamp kept working the whole time! We also used this when removing splinters as you can never have enough light when digging out wood from hands.There are a few negatives, but none that stand out too much. Yes, it looks like you can launch rockets off of your forehead. If you’re looking for function, this is a great headlamp. If you want fashion, you might look at other options. Another negative is that the brightness can blind people. Walking on a trail means that when other hikers pass you by, you have to keep your eyes on the ground and not on them.The headlamp allows you to charge both from an outlet, or via USB, so it’s easier to charge on the go, or prior to your trip. I’d definitely but it again.

  3. T O N Y.3K

    Great quality Led headlamp at this Price point, especially at $20. Comes and looks exactly as advertised (Headlamp, Wall charger, usb 2.0 charger, and the x2 18650 rechargeable batteries) At first i wasen’t expecting the led lighting to be that bright (Note: It comes charged out the box, But i recommend fully charging it when you get it) But after fully charging it the Led’s are pretty bright, especially in mode 1 (Has 4 Modes) and has the light temperature/Color of 7000K Bulbs. They are comfortable, the stretchy quality of the band feels premium but are not amazingly super comfortable. Again these are $20 headlamps, that does more than the job. I somewhat have a large head and I think they fit perfectly without having to adjust them out the box. They don’t feel like they are squeezing my brain nor’ too loose~goose’. For people who would be using them over an safety helmet or hat for work professional purposes and are on a budget, this would be no issue doing that, they do stretch quite a bit, and can adjust them for more slack. If your wondering, due to the 5 lights it might be heavy and ‘drop’ forward while wearing it, this is not that big of an issue IMO. They are fairly light, but you do feel a little weight and is kind of larger than the ‘Single’ Beam headlamps and when your wear them for the first time they do kind of stick out in your peripheral vision (Especially when you adjust them Downwards) but you do get used to it quickly, and the construction and ‘Hold’ of the lamps are designed pretty well. I personally use them for anything that needs lighting and need to use both my Hands. I Used them this morning when walking my dog in Pitch black darkness, and were very comfortable and Lit the way very very well, So bright when fully charged! And am going to use these when Building or when working on the inside of PC Cases where i really need both my hands. The only downside to these are that, when you want to adjust the light positioning down & Up, you would need to loosen a screw to get it loose or tighten to hold. Its fine for me, where i did adjust it to my favorite workable position, but if your constantly going to be adjusting this might be very annoying for you.

  4. Evolution2001

    You can find this headlamp available from a couple of different Amazon sellers. This particular seller happened to have it for just $10! At that price, why not try it?!?I haven’t done a full battery run-down test yet, so I can’t speak for the entire length of time that it will be usable. To do that properly would take at least 3 sessions since there are three illumination modes. 1) The outer 4 lights that give a wide area coverage. 2) The single center light which has an adjustable beam (narrow / wide). 3) All lightsFor $10, or even $20, the things I don’t like about the headset are pretty minimal.1) The rechargeable batteries that come with it (“Nice!”) are not standard size. So if you ever need to replace them, you’re going to be shopping online or going to a boutique battery store. (“Bah!”)2) The charger has a red/green light to let you know when the batteries are charged. (“Nice!”) However, it has no certifications, such as a UL listing. (“Bah!”) That always makes me a bit nervous. I’m not a fan of leaving electric items like that plugged in and unattended.3) The headlamp is definitely heavier than the battery pack, so it feels heavier on the front of your head. (“Bah!”) And there really isn’t any padding between the hard plastic assembly that the light is mounted to. (“Bah!”) But that should be relatively easily fixed by placing an adhesive foam strip, like weatherstripping for your outside door, on the back of the light assm. However, until I do that, my forehead started to be bothered by it. That was after about 15-20 minutes of walking around & doing physical labor in the dark.4) The light assm pivots up & down, and stays put via notched clicks. (“Nice!”) Conversely, when it’s on your head and you want to adjust the angle, it takes quite a bit of effort. (“Bah!”)Overall though, this unit is going to give you way more light than a comparably priced name-brand unit from Energizer or the kind that you’d find in the bog box stores near the checkout endcaps. You’ve seen them…they have like 2-3 small LED and a small battery pack. They aren’t very bright and they definitely aren’t adjustable beams, which is mandatory for me when I look for a new headlight.Even if this gives me one solid season of working outside in the dark this summer, it’ll certainly have been worth the $10 I spent on it. I’d say it’s still a pretty solid buy at $20.

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