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Wearable Flashlight

Hands-free lighting with added safety features for runners.

Nathan Zephyr Fire 100: 300 lumens, hands-free, 60-hour battery, durable, waterproof.

- Hands-free illumination
- Adjustable brightness
- Rechargeable battery


- Limited battery life
- May be uncomfortable to wear Logo
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The Terra Fire 300R is a Grip-Free Running FlashLight

This versatile light is a great addition to your daily life. Keep one in your car, just in case it gets darker quicker than anticipated or in case you need a light. Grip-free and super-comfortable to hold, this trail-friendly trailblazer features a 120-decibel whistle that’s sure to notify other runners – and critters – of your presence.

  • Grip-Free: Designed to fit your hand comfortably while you run without having to grip the light, allows you to run with a relaxed hand.
  • 120 db alarm: Alert passersby, deter unwelcome attention, or scare off critters in the night. Audible from over 500 feet.
  • Long-lasting light: 40 hours on low. 24 hours of light on medium. 9 hours of light on high.
  • Water Resistant: Rain, snow, or sleet this flashlight will be there to light the way. IPX4 – Weather resistant


At you can purchase a Nathan Grip-Free Running FlashLight with Emergency Whistle. Hand Held Torch Terra Fire 300 R. LED Light for Runners, Walkers, Cyclist, Kids, Security. Handheld uses 2xAA Batteries for only $19.98., which is 20% less than the cost in eBay ($24.95). The cheapest price was found on April 18, 2024 9:14 am. – View Buying Options




The Terra Fire 300R Wearable Flashlight offers incredible versatility and convenience, allowing you to tackle any outdoor excursion with confidence. Its compact, wearable design makes it easy to transport and use on the go, while the powerful LED light provides up to 300 lumens of brightness for exceptional visibility in any situation. But what really sets the Terra Fire 300R apart is its long-lasting rechargeable battery, which ensures that you'll never be left in the dark when you need it most. Whether you're hiking, camping, or just navigating your way around the backyard at night, the Terra Fire 300R gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy every moment. With its durable construction and cutting-edge features, this wearable flashlight is a must-have accessory for any outdoor adventurer or everyday user looking to stay safe and prepared.

  • 300-lumen output: Illuminates up to 100 meters away, making it ideal for outdoor activities, emergency preparedness or tactical operations.
  • Hands-free design: Can be worn as a headlamp or clipped to clothing, backpacks, or gear with the included clip system.
  • 60-hour battery life: Long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures that you’ll always have light when you need it most.
  • Durable and waterproof: Built to withstand tough conditions and resistant to impacts, drops, and extreme temperatures.



Wearable Flashlight
released on November 17, 2009



The Terra Fire 300R Wearable Flashlight is an innovative, high-performance wearable device designed to provide a reliable source of light in any situation. This ultra-bright flashlight features a powerful 300-lumen output that can illuminate objects up to 100 meters away, making it ideal for outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, or tactical operations. Its hands-free design allows it to be worn on the head as a headlamp or clipped to clothing, backpacks, or gear using the included clip system, ensuring that you can always access its powerful beam when you need it most. The Terra Fire 300R uses rechargeable batteries, and it has an impressive battery life of up to 60 hours on a single charge, making it the perfect companion for extended outdoor trips or extended power outages. Additionally, this durable, waterproof flashlight is built to withstand the toughest conditions and is resistant to impacts, drops, and extreme temperatures, providing you with a reliable source of light in even the harshest environments. Whether you're hiking, camping, or navigating through a dark environment, the Terra Fire 300R Wearable Flashlight is an essential tool that you won't want to be without.



14 Reviews for Wearable Flashlight

  1. shoppingmamma

    This is the second flashlight I purchased. The first one I dropped and the socket fell somewhere inside the light which makes it impossible to charge. So I purchased the second one in June. This morning the same thing happened!!!! The socket isn’t attached properly and it’s gone!! You can’t charge this thing. What a disappointment. Don’t waste your money.

  2. M Kramer

    Bought this about six weeks ago and so far I’m pleased. It had been recommended as being good for night running. I’m not a runner, but I do walk after dark in the fall and winter months and wanted something easy to carry. I did have some concerns after reading some of the reviews, but so far no problems. I’ve walked with it for about 8 plus hours total, maybe more, and I’ve charged it twice. I’ve been careful with the charging cable and haven’t had an issue. it’s light weight and with the adjustable strap I don’t actually have to grip it to hang on to it which is good. It provides enough light for my use and the rear flasher lets people behind me know I’m there. I haven’t quite figured out which is high and which is low as far as brightness and don’t really notice much difference, but there are streetlights along my route so it ‘s not critical. On the downside, the alarm is not very loud and because of the set-up of the switches I sometimes hit it when intending to turn the light off.About a year ago when I first reviewed the light I read the previous reviews. I had no issues with the charger port until this weekend. I had only charged the light about a dozen times since I don’t often walk after dark and then only for about an hour and the battery life was very good. Plugged it in, partially charged the light and then had to unplug it since we had to close up the camper to head home. Used it last evening and decided to finish charging it this morning. Now the charging port is broken. I can hear the thing rattling inside but there is absolutely no access. I hadn’t noticed the lack of access previously or I would not have kept a light where you cannot change anything. Ultimately I guess I only rented the light since once the battery dies it will be useless.

  3. D. Young

    After reading the reviews before buying I was a little hesitant to spend the money but this was strongly recommended by our running group so I took a chance. Very glad I took a chance, it is a wonderful product. I use it mostly right now for taking the dog on her nightly run/walk, we live in a heavily wooded area so our biggest issue is wildlife. She gets very nervous when it is totally dark so I wanted this, a normal flashlight wasn’t cutting it. Since it attaches to my hand I am able to reach in my pouch and give her treats & also tie her potty bags. I have never used the strobe light on it. You can tell when the battery is dying because the light gets really dim but does still provide you with acceptable light but not excellent.It charges nicely, the only problem is that the charging cable is REALLY short I’d estimate a couple inches or so. I couldn’t plug it into wall so I plugged it into a power strip we have on the floor that has USB hook ups & it works great.My husband uses it too when he has to grill at night & when he takes her out in our backyard at night.

  4. Todd M Wallenstein

    I have had this light for several years. After a number of months the Usb charger did break; however I contacted Nathan directly they replaced it with no questions asked and I didn’t have to ship back the broken one.I use the light 4-5 days per week while running, and find that there is more than enough light to run in the dark.When I use it I typically hold the light between my ring finger and pinky.I own this and other Nathan products and their warranty and return policy is phenomenal. If you have any problems, no matter how old the product is, they will stand by their products. I have been really impressed by them. Don’t hesitate to buy this light.

  5. HoosierDude

    I bought this a year ago with hesitation based on some reviews, but it had the right form factor for me. Its been with me on all my early morning runs. The battery actually improved from the initial few uses. Its also bright enough for what I need and the red flashing backlight gives me extra confidence that people behind can see me. I LOVE this handheld running light!

  6. Anna

    I had such high hopes for this light, as I have owned many other Nathan products. First problem: spotlight instead of wide angle light. It’s only bright right in ge middle. Secondly: will not light up the ground during normal running. Because it’s held in the web of the hand, it faces up and you have to hold it down to light the ground. It’s the same as a flashlight, but a poor one. I wanted a light that I could run he trails or road at night and keep my regular arm motion. This light is not it. It’s going back. I bought the knuckle lights advanced and hey are awesome!!! Super bright wide beam lights everything up. So sad the Nathan light didn’t work out.

  7. Katherine Harris

    I bought this to use on morning runs. Not all of the run is dark, so I typically use a flashlight sporadically throughout the run.The on/off switch is not easily accessible while running and you have to hold it for a couple of seconds before it comes on. Several times I accidentally pushing the panic button instead of the on switch.Additionally, the light has a very bright center illumination, but it is very small. I much prefer a brighter, and broader light while running.That being said, this is probably suitable for walkers and those that will keep the light on the entire time. The red flashing light on the back is excellent and bright and the strap to hold on the hand fits perfect.

  8. Katherine Gilbert

    I love it! Easy to handle and you don’t have to keep it held at all times. Perfect for walking my pup as it gets darker faster in the evenings.

  9. Gary J.

    Works great, helps with added light on trails

  10. Jay F

    My husband has been using traditional flashlights for his nighly exercise walks. I gave him the Nathan Grip-Free flashlight for Christmas. He LOVES it. He said it’s lightweight and it has a wide range of light so he can see so much better on his walks. He gives it a 10 and highly recommends this product.

  11. Slater

    Easy to use

  12. Joan

    This is a great flashlight and I do like that I don’t have to carry the weight of batteries, so it is lighter weight than most. One little grumbling I have is that, for my hand, the alarm/panic button is a more natural press for my finger than the light button, so……that happens a lot. Otherwise, I think it would be pretty cool if I could add batteries last minute if I’d forgotten to charge it or as a back-up in an ultra, but for frequent use on short runs mid-week I think this is just what I needed. I would buy it again.

  13. RI Beachlover

    I walk my dog every morning and found it very cumbersome to hold a leash and a flashlight. I ordered this flashlight and it has changed my walks amazingly in the morning. It is very light weight, the light is very bright, and the whistle I have used to scare away the resident coyote. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  14. L.B.J

    I liked the overall design of the flashlight and the emergency whistle and the actual idea of it. It is super bright. But that’s where the pros stop. If you’re only using this to walk with it’s fine, with your arms straight down. But when you run with it, and your arms are bent, it ends up shining more off to the side than in front of you. I found I had to switch wrists with it when changing direction so I didn’t shine it into oncoming traffic. I tried multiple wrist angles and I found the only way to get it actually light the full path in front of me was to hold my wrist straight out and rotate it slightly which was completely uncomfortable and I wasted valuable energy doing this. Also defeats the purpose of it being “gripless”. I’m bummed I spent $45 on a flashlight only useful for walking.

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