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Clip On Lapel Light from Snow Peak

This versatile, hands-free Snow Peak LED light clips to a shirt or camping gear with a magnetic clasp. Wind-up cord. 3 AAA batteries included.

  • Super strong magnetic connection allows for strong attachment to many materials
  • Curved magnetic connection allows you to adjust the pitch of the light up or downward
  • Brightness levels include high, low, variable and emergency strobe
  • Wrap cord around the battery case and attach the light to use as a handheld light



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Snow Peak Lapel Torch Light
released on October 23, 2013

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7 Reviews for Snow Peak Lapel Torch Light

  1. Mr Lapin

    I got this as a gift a while back, from someone who’d declared my Princeton Tec Eos headlamp “dorky.” Dorky the Eos may be, but at least the light goes where I need it. That’s not the case for this gadget.The Snow Peak has gotten a lot of glowing (groan) reviews elsewhere. The pictures accompanying those reviews look like the same one light I have. But I can’t figure out what they found so sensational about it.The Snow Peak does have a truly gorgeous light quality, warm and bright, with excellent color rendering. And the unit’s quality of assembly seems good, even though it’s made in China. I do wonder though how sturdy the wire tethering the LED to the battery case will be in the long run – especially since it’s awfully easy to snag that wire in use.It also has a nice variable intensity feature that the Eos doesn’t have – push and hold the button and it dims; release when you get the level you want. However, I’ve never found the Princeton’s three brightness levels to be insufficient. Also, when the Snow Peak is dimmed, the pwm flicker is seriously annoying.I realize that some folks aren’t as bothered by flicker as I am. However, if you’re one who couldn’t stand a CRT computer monitor with a 60 Hz refresh, let me tell you, you’re not going to like the Snow Peak when dimmed either. Caveat emptor.In some situations, being able to carry the battery pack in your pocket or on a belt might be useful. At least, it should be. But I quickly found I had to contend with a wire that can get in the way, or get caught on something.And then there’s the time it takes to get going. You have to find a place for the battery pack (the clip isn’t too useful; it’s just plastic, and looks like a thick leather belt might break it). Then you have to route the wire through your jacket or shirt, clip on the LED, and try to aim the light where you need it. On the other hand (or head), with a headlight, you just put it on and turn it on.OK, they call it a “lapel torch.” The LED is supposed to attach to (duh) your lapel. Snow Peak also suggest you might attach it to a hat. I guess this could work with a stocking cap, but with a billed cap, forget it. The design is completely wrong for that use.The problem is, you can’t aim the LED once you clip it in place. I thought I read in some of the other reviews that the light head swiveled on its magnetic strap, but I’ll be darned if I can see how. You can angle it a bit, but just a few degrees. Clip it to the side of your cap and it lights up the bushes to your side. Clip it to your cap bill and it lights up your toes.Even if you could aim it forward from your cap, it would still have the same fatal flaw it has when attached to your lapel or stocking cap: way too much light spill. The transparent plastic rim round the light housing looks slick, but it diverts the light from where it should go. Where does the light end up? Right in your eyes. On a dark night, the glare narrows your pupils and kills your night vision. The only way I’ve found to prevent the glare is to carry it in your hand, well back from your head. If you’re going to do that, you might as well just carry a flashlight.One use mentioned for this light is clipping onto a tent flap. That I can imagine would work. I’ve also found it useful as an extra headlight for a bike or scooter; the magnet is strong enough to hold it firmly in place. But mostly, the Snow Peak Lapel Torch is a (somewhat pricey) solution looking for a problem.

  2. Terry M.

    I work in video production so I’m used to clipping lapel microphones on people’s shirts or jackets. So when I saw this flashlight it seemed like a genius idea. I also despise wearing headlamps. But the Snow Peak Torch didn’t work as well as I thought it would. It takes time to clip the magnet on my clothing properly and then never seems to be pointing where I want it to. I Like the glow and the Torch seems solid and well made. But I tend to use other flashlights now and the Snow Peak sat in a closet for a long time until my granddaughter found it. I was surprised to discover that she loved it. Not just for lighting up the dark but also for lighting up her toys and the interior sections of Lego play sets. It really does make for dramatic lighting in those miniature rooms. And that little light can go just about anywhere. So I really recommend it for that purpose and give it an extra star. Marketing this product for kids might be a better idea.

  3. Brandon

    I bought this little light from REI three years ago for running before dawn. I love that I can stick the battery pack in a pocket and attach the light to my reflector vest. The light is super bright, and I am thrilled not to have a headlamp bouncing on my head anymore. My friend took borrowed it for a humanitarian trip to Africa and loved the convenience of just sticking it in her pocket and not running around with a dorky headlamp. I have found it super durable and came to Amazon to buy two more to give to my running friends for Christmas.

  4. Mike Cheung

    This was one of my favorite lights, but the button has completely seized up and the light no longer turns on. Unfortunately this has made me wary of buying any snow peak equipment with rubber buttons. I still have it, hopefully one day I can do a little surgery and replace the button.

  5. J. Thompson

    I would have liked to try it but it’s in the men’s department

  6. Michael Gorecki

    I use this as a light on my jacket at night when to go to the train or bus. The cord is nice and long, so I can leave it in my pocket and hang the light. It is also very bright.

  7. Jennifer Adamson

    Why are so many people losing their ish over it saying “men’s”?!? I am a woman and don’t care if sometimes is marketed towards men. You drive a car don’t you? Cars are viewed as “masculine”. Get your heads out of the dirt and stop being offended by every little thing.

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