Microsoft Confirmed to be Working on Smartwatch 1

Microsoft Confirmed to be Working on Smartwatch


There have long been rumors that Microsoft was inching ever and ever closer to formally announcing their very own competitor in the smartwatch war. However, we have only had conjecture and patents to fall back on. As we all know, conjecture is worth less than a hill of beans and patents, well, companies sometimes patent stuff for no reason. They use them as misdirection or just to cover their bases regarding future lawsuits and the like. So it gives us great pleasure to announce that, yes Virginia there is a smartwatch clause. In other words, Forbes magazine has reported that Microsoft is indeed prepping their own smartwatch and it just may be pretty darned cool.

First of all, the watch will work with both of the two most popular operating systems out there, Android and iOS. This is interesting because usually smartwatches end up being tethered to one or the other. Having your choice between either really frees up consumers to pick Microsoft’s watch without any smartphone interaction complications. Of course, having said that, that means the watch will rely on your phone for many of its main functions(unlike some smartwatches which are fully autonomous.) Also, the battery will last two days or more, which isn’t too bad unless you take many multi-day trips to the Sahara desert or something.

It appears the Xbox and Kinect divisions are the ones spearheading this smartwatch project, so one can expect plenty of gamification and, hopefully, a whole lot of mid-air gesture tomfoolery. We’ll let you know more about pricing and availability as soon as more information is released. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will drop a lot of info at next week’s E3 conference.

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