Acer Liquid Leap Armband is a Little Bit of Everything


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There will come a time, not too far in the future, when the very notion of having different wearables for different uses will become quaint and ridiculous. You will have one item, say an armband, and it will do each and every thing your imagination can muster up. Companies are already trying to make that happen. Look at the smartwatch. How many smartwatches also double as fitness trackers, phones or many other things? Nearly all of them. This is a trend that, instead of slowing down, is set to exponentially speed up in the coming years. I  can’t wait to wear something on my wrist that also makes me batches of macaroni and cheese. Well, that may be a whiles off but some stuff is coming soon.

Speaking of, Acer just formally announced their Liquid Leap wearable. It’s an armband that doubles as both a smartwatch and a full featured fitness tracker. As such, it tells the time(whoa) and tracks all manner of your vitals, including steps taken throughout the day, heart rate, sleep quality and more. Additionally, it plays music and reads text messages and the like. You can also swim while wearing this, as it is waterproof. After all, swimming is fitness too! Just ask, uh, anyone who swims.

The company hasn’t exactly announced price but they have suggested it will be less than $140, so we have that to look forward. As far as the launch date, look for the Liquid Leap to begin flooding store shelves this fall.

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