Hoptroff HotBlack Smartwatch Will Keep Your Workouts Classy 1

Hoptroff HotBlack Smartwatch Will Keep Your Workouts Classy


There are coming to be two kinds of smartwatches, those that seek to emulate what your phone does, only with a smaller and wearable form factor, and those that seek to make you healthier. The former is obvious because, well, that’s what started the whole thing. The latter also makes a heap of sense, given that a watch basically rests right on your pulse, which makes keeping a constant eye on it(among other things) much easier than any other kind of gadget. On that note, here is a new watch that fits squarely in the second category, and doesn’t care much for the first.

The HotBlack smartwatch is a snazzy looking fitness tracker that, hey, also manages to tell the time. The company that makes this watch, Hoptroff, are known for making really, really(really) expensive timepieces made for primarily James Bond villains. This is their first foray into the world of smartwatches and it seems like a pretty good attempt. As you can see from the picture, it doesn’t necessarily look like a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, and yet it works marvelously as both. It also keeps track of sports scores and other fitness-related odds and ends. So, yeah, don’t get this watch if the last time you played sports was that intense Madden session on your Xbox.

The HotBlack isn’t out yet, so the company is going the Veronica Mars route and raising money for its creation on Kickstarter. You can preorder your own for around $700, if you have that kind of cash laying around. In this economy, who doesn’t?! Here’s a video produced by Hoptroff which shows off the inner workings of a watch. You’re welcome.

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