More Apple Watch News – It Will Contain More Than Ten Sensors


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Apple iWatch
The smartwatch battle has, thus far, been a fairly contained one. Sure, Samsung, Pebble and some other companies have thrown out some initial volleys, but many armchair critics say that no true technology battle can get underway until Apple weighs in. As such, there has constantly been rumors and speculation that Apple was creating their very own smartwatch. These rumors eventually turned into verifiable facts, with a proposed October launch date, although the company hasn’t officially announced anything. Now actual details about the watch are beginning to leak out of the usual tight-lipped California company. We for one, couldn’t be happier.

The venerable Wall Street Journal claims to have gotten their stock-soaked hands into some Apple watch information, claiming the watch fill feature ‘more than ten sensors” that will track just about everything you could imagine. This does fall in line with what we know already about the watch, particularly if you cross reference it with the health tracking abilities of the forthcoming iOS 8. There is also some more information among the clutter. The watch will apparently come in a variety of screen sizes and even, whoa, get a charge not from being plugged in but from some other amorphous sort of energy such as motion or the sun.

Of course, this could all be misdirection on the part of Apple, but WSJ isn’t known to get stuff wrong. Except, of course, that whole economy imploding thing. The one they may have dropped the ball on. We’ll let you know when we know more about Apple’s sure to be fabulous little invention.

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