These Glasses Deliver Smartphone Notifications to Your Eyeballs 1

These Glasses Deliver Smartphone Notifications to Your Eyeballs


Wearable technology enthusiasts, more than anything else, love glasses that do cool things. The future prospect of some kind of cyberpunk dystopia in which we put on pairs of glasses to live other people’s lives is just too alluring to not get excited over. On that note, we cover all kinds of developments in the so-called “smartglasses” movement. Google Glass gave a proper start to said movement, but being as how Google has taken their sweet time in releasing a consumer grade model of their wonder device, there are all kinds of competitors on the scene now. Keep reading as, well, here is another one.

Introducing the Fun-iki glasses, which connect your eyeballs to your smartphone via the magic of technology. Essentially, these glasses exist to blast smartphone notifications in front of your eyeballs, thus saving you all of that time you’d waste reaching your hand in your pocket. Thank goodness for that, as just last year I wasted an entire 55 seconds reaching into my pocket. These glasses, unless Glass, can be outfitted with any prescription lenses you need so they offer that other popular functionality of glasses.

They have a built in micro USB port for charging, which is convenient. Also, they come in two colors: white and black(like the cookie!) They’ll be available later this year at a suggested retail price of $149, which isn’t so bad especially when you compare it to Google Glass(it currently retails at $1,500.)

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