Today in Rift – Oculus Rift Headed to, Wait, Chuck E. Cheese’s?


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There may be a time, coming very soon, when virtual reality becomes more important than, well, real reality. Real reality is filled with bills and long lines and stale slices of pizza. Virtual reality is filled with flying skateboards, talking gorillas and, uh, fresh slices of pizza. Like most sea changes, the children will lead the way. Their innocent hands clutched around video game controllers as they gleefully murder hordes of alien life forms. Kids love video games. Video games love virtual reality, particularly the Oculus Rift eyewear device. So it’s only natural some industrious company would come along and combine the two. We didn’t expect that company to be Chuck E. Cheese’s however.

Everyone’s favorite barely remembered arcade experience is betting big on Oculus Rift, installing the device in a whole bunch of their locations. They are offering a group plan that outfits the birthday boy or girl with their very own Rift for the afternoon, which they can then use to innocently end all manner of virtual life. The company doesn’t suggest any child younger than ten should use the device, however. This is probably due to the fact that their precious little eye sockets haven’t done growing yet and something that intense may stunt their growth.

This promotion has already started and it is underway in Dallas, Orlando and San Diego. If any readers live in these cities and want to go check it out, we’d love to hear how it went. Give us all the gory details!

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