This Beautiful Planetarium Watch is the Height of Geek Chic 1

This Beautiful Planetarium Watch is the Height of Geek Chic


If you are a longtime reader of this site, there is a fairly good chance you are also something of a science nerd. After all, wearable technology and science go together like mashed potatoes and gravy or pizza and even more pizza. Of course, that’s an assumption based entirely on speculation but, hey, science is cool regardless. You know what else is cool? The planets and space and all of that jazz. Perhaps one day wearable technology will help us sail into the stars to find new life or at least more pizza. Until that day, here is a nifty pair of watches that capture the entire solar system right there on their watch faces.

Van Cleef & Arples have just unveiled a duo of amazing planetarium watches, that track the movements of the planets of the solar system. Now you’ll always know where Jupiter is in relation to Mercury, which has got to be entirely useful on a day by day basis! OK, so it’s not exactly useful, but it is cool. For you squares out there, the watch can also be used to tell boring our regular planet Earth time if you are so inclined. It’s called Midnight Planetarium and this beauty contains sapphire for some of the planets and all manner of high tech timepiece tomfoolery. One of them is even cased in 14k gold.

This is a limited edition design, with only around 400 being made in the gold design and an unlabeled amount of units in the regular design. The gold version will also cost you in upwards of $200,000 so you had better start saving up your space rocks now.


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