Pavlok Armband Gives You a Shock When You Do Something Bad 1

Pavlok Armband Gives You a Shock When You Do Something Bad


There are a lot of bad habits in this wide, world of ours. Let’s see. You can become addicted to smoking, drugs, pornography, the Internet, video games, Netflix, pizza, cute cats and the list goes on and on. It’s easy to develop addictions. It’s not so easy to get rid of them, however. Entire industries now exist to help us get over those ornery addictions, actually. Why go to one of those treatment centers when a shocking piece of wearable technology could do the same job at a fraction of the cost?! There is no reason, aside from decades of proven techniques.

Here is the appropriately named Pavlock, named so as it turns you into Pavlov’s dog. Essentially, it is designed to send you a nice little electric shock whenever you screw up and fall off the wagon. Sound fun? It’s not, but neither is being addicted to something, you dingus! The armband lets you program in specific goals and actions, say going to the gym. If you miss an action too many times, it is shock time. More than that, it can also post to Facebook on your behalf letting the world know of your secret shame.

The creator of the technology thought of it, no joke, because he once paid a woman to smack him in the face every time he logged into Facebook. So, yeah, here you go world. The only question is, how do we know that just wasn’t one of his fetishes? Seems fishy! In any event, you can preorder your very own Pavlok now for $150.

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