Earphones set to make waves in the gym 1

Earphones set to make waves in the gym


Fitness tracking is of course a growing market,with wristbands galore offering a range of performance measurement, but the acquisition of Beats by Apple hints that a different approach may well prevail.

Talking to Eric Hensen, the inventor of Freewavz, himself a doctor and self-confessed fitness nut, you get a sense of a man on a mission. Having worked on the impending launch of Freewayvz headphones for more than 5 years, he is clearly excited at the opportunities ahead.

Eric came up with the idea for the Freewavz earphones whilst weightlifting. Not only did he not want to listen to other people’s music, he thought that a pair of custom fitted earphones, modelled on hearing aids, might offer a solution to accurately measuring heart rate and sports performance. In addition, he didn’t want to be foreced to wear both earphones and another “fitness” device to monitor his health.

Developed over five years, the unique Freewavz earphones will roll out later in 2014, and Hensen is adamant that his product offers a breakthrough in giving users a better clarity on performance. The earphones use a unique Absorption Pulse technology to monitor heart rate and the user gets updated on calories burned, steps etc via an audio feed.

According to Dr Hensen, the easy part was the idea; the harder part was shrinking the technology so that it was both compact and light. With that achieved, the company is launched on Kickstarter and offers opportunities for developers to get in on the wearable health boom.

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