Navigate jacket gives haptic feedback and uses GPS 1

Navigate jacket gives haptic feedback and uses GPS



GPS being integrated into clothing isn’t really a new idea, but it is something that isn’t very popular yet. This could be for a number of reasons. The Navigate jacket is a little different though. Not only does it integrate GPS with your clothing, but it also uses LED lights and haptic feedback to guide the wearer.

The Navigate jacket is by an Australian wearable technology company called Wearable Experiments, which basically aims to create fashion that is blended with technology, rather than creating geeky gadgets that most people will never wear. Most of the products made by the company actually look like completely normal clothing.

The Navigate jacket isn’t the first thing from Wearable Experiments – another product from the company is the Fundawear, a set of underwear that allows a partner to sexually stimulate the wearer through the use of a smartphone app.

Wearable Experiments has dubbed the product “fashion for the retail explorer”, and says that the jacket has both an appealing design and subtle and unobtrusive technology.

Using a Navigate jacket makes using GPS much more intuitive. Instead of having to glance at a screen every now and then, the wearer simply has to, well, wear. You simply input your destination through the jackets smartphone app, and the jacket then guides you through LED lights to tell you how far you are from the next turn, and vibrations to tell you which direction to turn.

Wearable Experiments has built the product and is now working on manufacturing it on a larger scale. Pricing and release dates are still yet to be determined, and we may never actually see the jacket being released to the general public. You can check out the jacket for yourself in the video below!


Main Type: Clothing
Features: GPS, Tactile Feedback
Technologies: LED
Tags: Navigate

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