Glowfaster Smart Jacket Tracks Your Heart Rate and Even Plays Games 1

Glowfaster Smart Jacket Tracks Your Heart Rate and Even Plays Games


Brr. Ladies and gents, it is cold as heck out there. We have to be layered up in order to even the house. Long sleeve shirts and long johns are a necessity. Also, a scarf and a hat wouldn’t be all bad. Oh yeah, and gloves(preferably with the ability to use touchscreens.) One final thing. We are gonna need a jacket as the final feather in our warm cap. But, you know, why should we wear boring old jackets when we are living in an age of wearable technology? Where are the smart jackets? Where are the coats and jackets that do cool stuff, besides keeping us safe from the cool stuff(see what I did there?) Don’t worry. Here is one.

Introducing the Glowfaster, a bona fide smart jacket. What on earth does this jacket do, besides protect you from the elements? Well, it tracks your vitals as you never know when the fearsome snow and ice will slow your heart rate down a little too much. In all seriousness, this is the perfect jacket to wear while you are running when the weather is a bit cold. There is also some gamification elements, turning that cold weather run into the most fun you’ve had since you were laying on your couch playing Angry Birds. 

The whole thing is controlled via a free app via Bluetooth, so as long as you have a phone or a tablet you’ll be good to go. The Glowfaster isn’t out yet but the creators have taken to Kickstarter to achieve final funding. If you kick in around $60 or so you can be the first kid on your block to not freeze to death.  Cool!



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