Glowfaster Smart Jacket Could be Your New Motivation Coach 1

Glowfaster Smart Jacket Could be Your New Motivation Coach


Jackets seem like they could be the ultimate emblem of wearable technology. They are, after all, eminently wearable and have all kinds of space to embed microchips and thingamabobbers inside. However, that hasn’t exactly been the case. Besides heating tech, the humble little jacket has managed to remain the, well, humble little jacket. Where are our cool and tech-forward jackets that will leap us single handily into the 22nd century(or some other futuristic century?) They are coming, in theory, but the wearable tech industry has sort of been waylaid by smart watches, glasses and the like. Here is something cool on the jacket front, however.

Introducing Glowfaster, a Bluetooth-enabled smart jacket that acts as your very own personal trainer. Sure, there is tons of this kind of tech floating around in armbands, watches and the like, but being as how this is a jacket it adds a certain layer of necessity to the proceedings. After all, if it’s cold outside you need to be wearing a jacket anyways. You don’t ever have to really be wearing an armband. It allows you to play exercise games, listen to music and figure out where you are via GPS. It all works via studying your heart rate. It’ll work with a related iPhone and Android app.

The Glowfaster jacket isn’t out yet, though. Guess what? The makers are still raising funds for its eventual release. Guess where? Kickstarter of course, you dingus. You can preorder one for around $80, which is actually a good price even for a low tech jacket.



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