NEO LUX Illuminated Jackets Will Light Your Darkest Hour 1

NEO LUX Illuminated Jackets Will Light Your Darkest Hour


Do you feel that? It’s the subtle chill in the air that announces the end of summer and the, eventual, beginning of fall. It feels great! The only bad thing about all of this great weather? It’s time to go layer shopping once again. We need long sleeved t-shirts, thick socks and, of course, jackets. The humble jacket is the ultimate breaker of wind during the coming months. However, being as how we are a wearable technology blog, we’d like it if our jacket had a bit more tech-heavy panache than your usual cotton-based thingamajig. Luckily, they now do! Here are some awesome light-up jackets that will properly announce you “have arrived.”

The line is called NEO LUX(caps intended.) This line of snazzy light-up jackets come in a variety of styles with one thing in common, they all light up like a Christmas tree. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, we also assume they are good to wear while jogging in traffic as you’d have to be mostly blind to not see a brightly lit jacket while driving. Even cooler? They light up in beat to music, if you are into that sort of thing. You can quite literally be the life and light of the party this coming fall season. Viva la light!

These beautiful bright bad boys aren’t available in stores yet, however. The makers have taken to Kickstarter to finish the funds they so desperately need to put the finishing touches on this line. You can be first in line by pitching in $89, which is really a pittance when you consider all of the “ooohs” and “aaahs” you are due to get when you step out on the town while wearing one of these.


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