These Costumes Turn You Into a Giant LED Stick Figure 1

These Costumes Turn You Into a Giant LED Stick Figure


Halloween may be over, and with it the endless barrage of sexy pirates, sexy nurses and sexy witches have come to an unfortunate end. Also, candy bars have gone back to full size and kids are acting auspiciously sluggish. Halloween is a great holiday, one of the best in this lowly writer’s humble opinion. So it’s never too early to begin planning for next year. By late 2o14, wearable technology will have an even bigger foothold on the national consciousness, so one would expect Halloween costumes to be heavy on the tech and gadgetry. If this awesome LED-enabled suit has its way, that will be the case.

Introducing the LED Stickman Costume. This full body suit essentially turns you into a walking, talking stickman who is made entirely out of LED strips. There are stickman suits for everyone in your family. The company has em for men, women, babies and even pets. That’s right. Your dog can scare the heck out of the neighborhood by appearing as a ghostly LED light. The designers are also working on sportswear using the same tech, which is more for keeping safe at night then scaring neighborhood children. Hey, whatever works. That’s what we always say.

The creator of this tech made a true media splash when he unveiled the original line of LED costumes for babies. Now that he’s upped the ante to include adults, pets and sports enthusiasts we expect it to make an even bigger splash. As such, there is an affiliated Kickstarter which you can plunk money down on to get the early bird special. Pricing starts at around $29.


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