This Corset Turns More Transparent the More Time You Spend Online


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transparent-corset01Sometimes the world of wearable technology exists to make our hectic lives just a little bit easier. Look at the smartwatch or the fitness tracker for instance. Before those gadgets existed, we’d have to hire a personal trainer to yell at us if we were running too slow. Now an armband can do the same thing at a fraction of the price. However, some aspects of the wearable tech universe exist as art, or to make a point about something or another(usually the prevalence of technology in modern life.) On that note, here is a corset that could embarrass the utter heck out of you should you spend too much time online.

Designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira have worked together to create the appropriately named X.pose disappearing corset. How does it work? Well it connects via Bluetooth to your phone and as you go about your day, the more time you spend online wasting time, the more passersby will be able to see of your skin. That’s right. Portions of the corset literally vanish the more you go online. Yikes! The whole thing works via a 3D-printed shell and an embedded Arduino set. Also, did we mention that the more you go online the more naked you’ll be? Yikes part two!

Of course, considering the risque nature of the corset. one would imagine it would not be appearing on store shelves anytime soon. Maybe they’ll use the same technology to create a pizza that erases slices the more time you spend online. That would get me to stop hogging the Internet. You betcha.

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Technologies: 3D Printing
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