This 3D Printer Lets You Print Makeup From Home 1

This 3D Printer Lets You Print Makeup From Home


Being as how I’m a dude and extremely lazy about Halloween, I don’t know too much about makeup and all of its variants. However, I do have many lady friends and many Halloween enthusiast friends, so I know enough. In short, they are used to either make you look better, or make you look like the Incredible Hulk, Freddy or a librarian zombie. I also know that in order to get your hands on some, you have to travel to this bizarre place called the cosmetics store, where you deal with a snooty lady who keeps telling you “that shade doesn’t suit your fat face.” Maybe in not so many words. But what if technology had advanced to where we didn’t even have to leave our homes to get whatever makeup we desired? Why, that could turn even this Halloween avoider’s frown upside down.

It’s coming! Popular makeup company Mink have announced a consumer-grade 3D printer that quite literally allows you to print out whatever kind of makeup you want to put on your face. The printer uses the same ingredients that they use in the factory to make the stuff, so all you have to do is input your favorite color and type, and the printer will do the rest. Pretty soon you’ll be the prettiest belle of the ball, or the most horrifying librarian zombie at the librarian zombie festival(?!) This technology is even cooler when you consider that a computer program could just read your skin tone, find the perfect complimentary makeup and then print it out in one fell swoop.

The printer isn’t out yet but it’s not as far away as you think. The company said it could reach store shelves within months. Even cooler? The printer should only cost $200, which is a fairly small price for something so tech heavy and with the ability to make you both horrifying and beautiful. Horrifyingly beautiful.


Technologies: 3D Printing
Tags: 3d printer, Makeup, Mink

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