LumaGlo Beacon is a Wearable LED Strip With Plenty of Features


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Traversing that thing we call the outside world and exercising can be a difficult thing. Not only do we have to contend with forcing ourselves out of the sleepy lull of couch-life, but we also have to worry about the ever-present specter of danger. You see, the world can be a scary place. Joggers can get hit by cars. Bicyclists can get hit by cars. Swimmers can get hit by cars sharks. So we are always thankful for any advancing wearable technology that allows us to experience the world in a safer fashion. After all, unlike cats, we only have one life so we should probably not get too reckless about it.

On that note, a little company called LumaGlo have just unveiled their Beacon wearable LED strip. These strips simply go around your chest, or wherever else they can fit, and they light up something fierce, thus alerting drivers in the vicinity that there is an exerciser on the loose. They aren’t just LED lights, however. No they bring some actual tech to the table, including Bluetooth so you can customize the belt to your liking using an affiliated smartphone app. Pretty cool. Also, the belt includes an accelerometer so it can quite literally tell you when you are braking too fast on a bike or motorcycle.

These nifty little LED thinamabobs aren’t out yet. LumaGlo recently trotted on over to Kickstarter to achieve finishing funds. You can get in on the action by plunking down around $70 for your very own Beacon. They are also available in dog and child sizes.

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Technologies: LED
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