WELT Smart Belt

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WELT Smart Belt – A Belt with an Activity Tracker

WELT is a Smart Fashion Belt that manages users’ wellness. WELT keeps track of the users’ overall health by measuring waist size, steps taken, sitting time, and overeating habits with the tracking technology. Compatible with iOS and Android, simply put, the Welt Smart Belt is an adjustable leather belt with a built-in fitness activity tracker. Leave your wrist activity tracker at home when wearing Welt.

  • WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE MEASUREMENT: Measure the waist circumference using the sensor inside the buckle and the marker inside the strap.
  • MEASURING SITTING DURATION: Measures the time of sitting relative to the total wearing time. Acceleration sensors inside the buckle pass a dedicated algorithm, which estimates the sitting time by measuring the inactivity time every 30 minutes.
  • 45+ DAYS BATTERY: WELT’s unbelievable battery life allows you to stay in style without having to charge constantly. Charged through a micro USB port, one full charge lasts for more than 50 days (varies by usage).
  • ONE SCREEN FEEDBACK: Intuitively organized into one screen, there is no need to stress your brain over raw data that isn’t meaningful. WELT does the analysis for you and provides health insights and warnings so you can focus on staying active.
  • ATTRACTING ACTIVITY THROUGH PUSH MESSAGES: WELT will send you a push message with feedback on various information such as recommended steps, sitting time, and so on.

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Welt Smart Belt - Leather Bluetooth Men's Belt -(24"-50")
Welt Smart Belt - Leather Bluetooth Men's Belt -(24"-50")


The WELT Smart Belt is designed to improve your overall health and fitness by tracking your waist size, activity, and eating habits. It combines fashion and technology to help you look great and reach your fitness goals. With its unique sensors, the WELT accurately monitors your waist size and provides real-time data on your daily activity and eating patterns. This helps you to stay motivated and make better diet and exercise decisions. The Smart Belt also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily access your data and share it with your healthcare provider or personal trainer. Made from high-quality materials, the WELT Smart Belt is durable, comfortable, and adjustable to fit any waist size. Get the WELT Smart Belt today and take your fitness journey to the next level!



The WELT Smart Belt is a highly innovative piece of wearable technology designed to enhance users' health and fitness tracking experiences. The WELT Smart Belt is equipped with a range of sensors, which collect various data points including steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and waist circumference. The waist circumference is a critical metric that is used to help monitor various health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. The WELT Smart Belt connects to the corresponding mobile application, which provides users with a range of visualizations and diagnostic tools to help track their progress towards their fitness goals. The application provides users with customized workout plans, personalized diet and nutrition recommendations, and detailed analytics on their health and activity levels. Additionally, the WELT Smart Belt is designed to be lightweight, slim, and discrete, enabling users to wear it comfortably and discreetly throughout the day. Overall, the WELT Smart Belt is a powerful and user-friendly tool for health and fitness enthusiasts.


WELT Smart Belt
released on March 20, 2018




7 Reviews for WELT Smart Belt


    Love Welt it’s amazing and the technology built in this is awesome., it tracks your sitting and steps and has the ability to tell you if you have eaten too much. It syncs with the app and gives you all the required info to control you food Intake and ideal time. It’s the best tech belt out there and I just love it they will be sync with apple health soon which will raise the bar believe me get one and you want be buying any belt. The quality is superb.

  2. John & Jocelyn

    Whether or not this thing is useful, whoever made the image with the measurements doesn’t know how belts work. The furthest hole out is labeled as 30 and the size increases as you cinch the belt. That’s poor quality right out of the gate.

  3. Cerise Robinson

    The Welt is an interesting idea, but unfortunately just doesn’t perform. The fact that the user has to cut the belt to size is terrible. The belt frays and is difficult to cut properly. The instructions are painfully vague. The app is not accurate and half the time cant find the belt (when it’s around my waist and I’m holding my phone – you’d think thT would be close enough). Too bad, because it is a really great idea. Just needs more work.

  4. James Pierce

    Definitely worth it. I’ve been using it more than a month, (the battery still has 50% left) and I gotta say, I’m quite satisfied.It’s definitely providing more functions than a fitbit, and I’m actually getting to watch my weight. Plus, its quality as a leather belt (I think) is top notch.The app needs some major design improvements though, but it gets updated quite regularly. So I guess it will improve.

  5. mike baiker

    Welt is an innovator in smart tracking, as evidence by these belts. In 2019, Welt, with the help of GI doctors at the Mayo Clinic, are putting on the market insertable fitness tracking devices. Just place a freshly lubed device into your anus just after your AM void, and you will have accurate readings all day.

  6. Ryan Shin

    The battery lasts for a super long time. More than a month. The functionality is quite nice. It measures the steps very accurately than fitbit. And the design is also fine, it goes well any clothes only except sportswear. HOWEVER, the firmware updates quite slow….Although the price is slightly expensive, but still worth it.

  7. Soohyeon

    Love this product!! This thing is useful and interesting. It also fits with most clothes.

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