Infinadeck Could Help Take VR to the Next Level


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The promises of virtual reality are infinite, as we’ve all seen on Star Trek via their infamous Holodeck device. One day, who knows when, we’ll all just be able to plug in to any reality of our choosing. These realities will be utterly indiscernible from real life, which is a good thing because real life can be the pits you know what I’m saying?!(jk) In any event, we have a long ways to go still on that front. Sure, eyewear devices like the Rift are a good start, but slapping a couple of eye-tracking monitors to your head and living in a real, breathing world are quite different things. Luckily, other companies are developing technologies that interact with the Rift and other VR-devices in interesting ways. Here is one such device.

Introducing the Infinadeck, a treadmill-like contraption that recreates real walking to further immerse yourself in the virtual experience. There are other similar devices coming to market, including the oft-written about Virtuix Omni. The Infinadeck has some significant advantages over similar gadgets, however. For one, the walking space is a lot bigger, thus allowing full-sized adults to take actual strides. Also, the surface can be adjusted on the fly, thus giving you the feeling of walking up hills or walking on a different planet. Finally, and this is a big one, the Infinadeck can be used as you wear regular shoes. There is no foot attachment. This means you can show off this device to any of your friends and family.

There has been no word on availability or price when it eventually launches. However, the creators did say that the Infinadeck would be the world’s first inexpensive VR treadmill, so there’s that. One wonders what their definition of inexpensive is though? Mine is around the cost of a plate of nachos.

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