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OPKIX One is the World’s Smallest HD Action Camera

The world’s most convenient camera to capture life’s memories while you live the moment!

  • HANDS-FREE RECORDING – Rugged, lightweight and waterproof up to 30 feet, the wearable OPKIX One is ready to go wherever you are! Never miss another memory fumbling for your phone or camera – capture all of life’s adventures as a participant, not a spectator.
  • TINY AND WEARABLE – At 14x14x36mm (the size of two cubes of sugar) with versatile mounts included for your favorite eyewear or hat, plus 4 universal sticky mounts, the compact OPKIX One blends in so fun can stand out.
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO AND AUDIO – Full 1080p HD video quality, EIS and HD audio with noise cancellation. Record up to 15 minutes per camera, use the included Smart Egg to wirelessly recharge your cameras and store over 100 minutes of footage.
  • EASY EDITING MOBILE APP – Edit, add filters, text, music and more, then easily upload your footage to social media with the tap of a screen using the free OPKIX Studio App.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – One-button recording and fixed-focus make operation effortless. Wirelessly upload your memories from the Smart Egg to your smart phone with our free OPKIX Studio App. Just press, record and upload!

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Opkix Selfie Stick NEW IN BOX (Camera Sold Separately)
Opkix Selfie Stick NEW IN BOX (Camera Sold Separately)
OPKIX SELFIE STICK NEW IN BOX (Camera Sold Separately)



Brand NameOPKIX
Item Weight1.22 pounds
Product Dimensions2.85 x 1.2 x 3.75 inches
released on January 31, 2020



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3 Reviews for OPKIX One

  1. Edward C

    OPKIX One is a pretty amazing little piece of technology. Don’t let the small size fool you. These little cameras pack a punch. I’ve been playing with it everyday for about a week now. Trying different methods to record with, like attaching it to the mounts for my baseball cap, or on the side of my eye glasses, or just holding it in my hand. The cameras have a magnet that sticks to just about any metal surfaces.The stats say you can record up to 15 minutes per camera so I had to test it and actually got 15 minutes and 12 seconds. Not bad! It gives the user a clear 1080p HD video recording experience.I tried a competitor’s product and got frustrated with connectivity issues, but not with the OPKIX One, set up was a breeze.I’m going to Mexico on vacation for some deep sea fishing in a few months, and I can’t wait to document my trip with my OPKIX One. It’s gonna be so much easier than whipping out my cell phone every time. I can literally have one of these tiny cameras in my pocket for easy access.

  2. Jim Rusnell

    I think in order for you to understand why I gave the OPKIX One a 5-star overall rating is based on how it exceeded my expectations. I purchased the ‘egg’ with two cameras for the purpose of recording my experiences (one mounted to helmet & one in my jersey pocket) out on my road bike, posting on social media and sharing with friends and family. It’s not my intent to be a YouTube ‘influencer’. I got so tired of trying to pull out my phone from my jersey pocket, try to open the camera (without dropping it at 20 mph) and take a video of my experience. I also wanted something that was light, easy to use and not something that was semi-permanently mounted to my bike. The OPKIX has given me so many options about how to use it, my imagination is my only limitation. Note: The video attached to my review is best viewed from your phone (IMO).The OPKIX exceeded my expectation in the following areas: size (I can’t believe how small it is), weight (in cycling everything is about weight), ease of use (if you can point and push a button you are good), sound (I was so impressed with the sound it captures – was not expected), battery (it lasts longer than I need it to and it’s so simple to charge), download/edit/upload/app (to be honest this part worried me a bit but for what I’m using it for it is a no brainer – so easy to use, edit and upload). So far since my purchase I’ve made over 50 videos and again I couldn’t be happier.Shipping was fast and it everything in the box was presented well. My ‘unboxing’ experience was great. Instructions are simple and easy to follow and after just a few minutes I was up and running. I’m very happy with my experience. I’ll be purchasing some of their accessories soon. I hope this helped you – all my best, Happy Jim

  3. Kush Cream Sales

    I bought the OPKIX One to use for creating short videos for our different family businesses. We wanted wearable cameras to record various product demonstrations. I was looking for something that was simple to use and easy to understand. I had previously tried using Final Cut Pro with my iPhone video but it was way too difficult for my simple mind.I’ve now had the OPKIX One for two weeks and I’ve shot numerous videos and edited together different clips to make final videos. I am very impressed with everything about this complete system of really cool hardware and simple to use software.The setup and installation was easy and very straight forward. The OPKIX packaging is amazing and the instructions are simple. The complete system comes with two wearable cameras, an OPKIX One charging egg, a USB cable, two mounts for eyeglasses, four fixed mounts and one hat clip mount. The mounts are magnetic and the cameras are held to the various mounts by a strong magnetic force.After unpacking everything, I plugged the egg into my Apple MacBook to allow it to charge the cameras. I downloaded the OPKIX Studio app and installed it on an iPad Air. Once the app was installed, I registered my product with OPKIX and then clicked a button to pair my iPad with the egg and cameras. It was so easy to get going.Once the cameras were fully charged, I mounted a camera on my eyeglasses and walked around my property. I shot a few different videos and the cameras turn on and off with a simple click of an easy to operate button. Once the camera is put back into the egg, you click on the app to manage the videos. You can download or delete the videos with a simple click.The videos can be viewed and edited once they are downloaded. The OPKIX egg and the iPad Air talk to each other through a direct Wi-Fi connection. They can also connect via USB cable if you have massive amounts of videos to transfer. The videos are seamlessly integrated into your existing Apple Photos library.My first videos walking around seemed kind of choppy because I was moving my head around and walking over rough terrain. I noticed a “stabilize” button in the app window, so I pressed it. The app took over and “stabilized” my choppy video. I was amazed by the difference between before and after.My next test of the OPKIX was as a “Grandpa Cam.” My daughter came over to my house with my two grandsons. I put a camera on my eyeglasses and recorded my interactions with them. It was so cool to be able use my hands and look directly at them while recording instead of holding a device and looking through the screen.My Grandpa Cam caught extremely cute video of my ten-month old grandson trying to walk for the first time. I used the OPKIX Studio app to create my first basic video using this footage. I downloaded the videos, then you assemble them in the “Projects” feature in the app. This allows simple trimming of the video in a frame by frame timeline manner. You can also use filters, add text, change the speed, reshape the framing, add music and clip together multiple videos within the app.I added a short graphic title at the beginning and trimmed off parts to make it short and sweet. It was really easy to do and the app is very intuitive and simple to use. Once I was done, I sent it out on our family text messaging group directly from the app. One of my other daughters noticed right away that I was wearing my camera and not holding a phone to record.Another test I ran on the OPKIX was as a mounted camera on a tripod. I attached one of the fixed mounts to my camera tripod in a place where it does not interfere with attaching my full sized digital SLR camera. We shot some product demonstration video where the camera was fixed and we also used the second camera as another angle while shooting. It was so easy to shoot, download, assemble and create simple videos for these products using the OPKIX system.Last but not least, I had a question about how to transfer a large amount of video through USB. Downloading a lot of video through the WiFi connection can take a few minutes. I was hoping to speed up the process by direct hard wiring to the egg.I called OPKIX tech support in Costa Mesa, CA. Much to my surprise a live, english speaking support technician answered the phone on the second ring. He walked me through the process (you use Android File transfer for Mac) and he answered another editing question that I had. He even followed up with an email that outlined what we discussed.Having worked in high tech throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, I’ve always been a tech guy and computer geek. Years ago I made videos on my Mac using Avid Studio. The OPKIX system blew me away – easy to use, simple interfaces, elegant design, stable robust software and easy installation. Plus great tech support!!I highly recommend this product and I am excited to create more content into the future using my OPKIX system.

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Opkix Selfie Stick NEW IN BOX (Camera Sold Separately)
Opkix Selfie Stick NEW IN BOX (Camera...
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OPKIX One - World’s Smallest HD Action Camera - 14x14x36mm - 1920 x 1080 30fps - IPX68 Waterproof...
OPKIX One - World’s Smallest HD Action...
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OPKIX One - World’s Smallest HD Action Camera - 14x14x36mm - 1920 x 1080 30fps - IPX68 Waterproof...
OPKIX One - World’s Smallest HD Action...
out of stock
as of July 5, 2022 7:09 pm
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