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DZFtech Mini Body Camera

Small and easy to use body camera with long recording time.

DZFtech Body Camera: USB charging, compact, 1080P video, night vision, personal security.

- Compact size
- Easy to use
- High resolution


- Limited battery life
- No night vision

Mini Body Spy Cam by DZFtech

The Mini Spy Camera from DZFtech is designed with an adjustable clip, allowing you to clip it on various objects such as a pocket, bag, backpack and so on. The body worn camera, supplied by an internal rechargeable battery, allows long shooting time, which ensures uninterrupted recording while the Hidden Cam is charging.

  • Body camera with USB PORT. You don’t need a charging cable, just plug to computer to charging. It’s easy to use and hidden to any where you needs. Body camera in this mini size is rare, the SIZE(4.3in x 0.9in x 0.6in) you can wear this portable hidden body camera on your shirt pocket, or hang it around your neck with the lanyard(lanyard is included in the box), the body spy cam is very unobtrusive,but sturdy built if you feel the wearable camera at hand
  • This Cop spy cam is easy to use just by clicking the top button to record or purse,with USB plug, you can plug this police body cameras into your computer and easily upload the videos .This body spy cam is so simple and easy for guys of Police/Ladies,youth and elder almost any age.
  • Hidden body camera Pen design powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 3 hours of recording time(Much longer then normal spy pen camera 1 hours record time). It support charging while recording. By plugging the mini pen camera on the portable power bank you can use it as long as your want.
  • HD 1080P picture quality is produced by this affordable portable hidden body camera, the wireless mini spy camera can record and store up video with Max 128 GB micro SD CARD( not Included in pack and all brand suitable ) with loop recording.
  • Body cameras as security gadgets or having fun gift: it works as Nanny cam to watch the children for parents.A self defense device(wearable body spy cam) to avoid being harassed for woman. A pen camera to record and playback for student who do not want to miss the big class or lecture, for traveler this mini body camera is super to capture picture and video at any important moments,for the court lawyer or police camera it could provider important evidence… just discover more


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1080P HD Pocket Pen Camera Hidden Cam Mini Body Video Recorder DVR Security USB
1080P HD Pocket Pen Camera Hidden Cam Mini Body Video Recorder DVR...


Introducing the DZFtech Mini Body Cam, the perfect solution for capturing every moment on the go. This compact camera is designed to be worn discreetly, making it ideal for security personnel, law enforcement officers, or anyone who wants to document their daily activities. With its high-quality video and audio recording capabilities, you can capture crystal-clear footage of your surroundings, even in low-light conditions. The DZFtech Mini Body Cam is easy to use, with a simple one-button operation that starts recording instantly. And with its long battery life and durable construction, you can rely on it to capture every moment, no matter where your adventures take you. So why wait? Get your DZFtech Mini Body Cam today and start capturing your world like never before!

  • USB port for easy charging and uploading
  • Compact design (4.3in x 0.9in x 0.6in)
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (up to 3 hours recording time)
  • 1080P HD video resolution and 140-degree wide-angle lens
  • Built-in microphone and night vision mode
  • Supports up to 32GB of storage with loop recording
  • Can be used for personal security, surveillance, and more


    ColorCamera with 32GB Card
    Video Capture Resolution1080p
    Video capture formatAVI
    Voltage5 Volts
    DZFtech Mini Body Camera
    released on February 18, 2019


    Amazon.com : ehomful Body Camera HD 1080P Wearable Mini ...

    Amazon.com : ehomful Body Camera HD 1080P Wearable Mini Hidden Spy Pen Camera Portable Cop Pocket Cam Convert Video Recorder USB/One Key Fast Record Police Body Cameras for Home/Office (No Need Charging Cable) : Camera & Photo


    The DZFtech Mini Body Cam is a compact and lightweight camera designed for personal security and surveillance. It features a 1080p HD video resolution and a 140-degree wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture clear and detailed footage of your surroundings. The camera also has a built-in microphone for audio recording and a night vision mode for low-light environments. With its clip-on design, the DZFtech Mini Body Cam can be easily attached to your clothing or bag, making it ideal for use during outdoor activities, travel, or as a nanny cam. The camera supports up to 32GB of storage and has a long battery life, ensuring that you can record for extended periods without interruption.


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    7 Reviews for DZFtech Mini Body Camera

    1. Will R

      Fun little camera/recorder. Works well! I saw a comment below complaining about formatting the card, and gave it 1 star. The sd card has nothing to do with the camera, why would you do that?? People are dumb! Anyway, formatting an sd card is easy with your own pc, using the INCLUDED usb SD adapter.

    2. Rottenmilk

       I got this so that I can verify what I say and do. It only records on micro SD cards and they’re is no internal memory. Be prepared with a few gigs if memory on the SD card. I always want to protect myself from so many people who do little things to try to trick me. You have to hit the top button, wait for the light to blink 3 times, and then it’ll start recording in whatever setting you put it in. In order to save the recording you have to press the button again. In order to charge it, you just plug it into any USB on a computer or wall. It has a clip so you can put it on your shirt so you can have a good shot from the center. For being so small, this has a good weight. It has a built in rechargeable battery.

    3. andrzej raczynski

       The video is one I created after briefly reading the included instructions. It is intentionally ‘fast’ moving so as to see how it handles recording.Its 1080p/30fps/mono (AVI files), built surprisingly well/sturdy, is slightly hefty, and doesn’t feel like cheap snapped together plastic that will fall apart easily.The unit also supports recording audio only (WAV files).The on/off sliding button on the side is a bit touchy, as it toggles/slides between OFF/Video/Audio (in that order). I would think since the intent of this devices is to record video more than audio, then the final position should be Video, not Audio. So basically right now in order to record video, you have to slide the button to a middle position. You can feel that its in the video position, but its also easy to slide right out of/past it and into audio mode. Would have made more sense (to me) to just be able to quickly slide from Off to Video since that’s the most common intent of this. Its not a deal breaker, just a head scratcher :)Looking forward to trying it out on my motorcycle for quick situational recordings (I’d clip it inside my front upper torso pocket). I’m not a fan of those gopro/etc cubes people strap to their helmets.

    4. Ed’s Eco Adventures

      It is more substantial than what I expected. It was easy to put in my 32gb microusb card and charge up the camera using my usb port on my computer. I needed to take the card out of the camera and use the included usb microusb drive stick to read the video I recorded on the card. The buttons and lights on the camera make it a breeze to operate. I did notice that the video shows the jiggling one might expect from hand-holding such a small camera. It’s larger enough that I’m not sure it would be undetectable, even if you carried it in a shirt pocket. I found the most comfortable place was in my front jeans pocket, even though the video would be slightly slanted.I thought a really cool use would be for the time you WANT somebody to know you are recording the event..if that makes sense. It’s definitely worth the price paid.

    5. Mikel Berry

       Hopefully, in your life, you will never need an indisputable witness to an event. However, occasionally, we are faced with a confrontation, or some other event that would be best recorded. And, this kind of evidence is the most reliable and unquestionable evidence there is. Using your cell phone to get a video record is great. But, it’s what I call ‘covert’ or out in the open. That, itself may alter the course of the event. If someone knows they are being recorded, they will either change their behavior to appear less of a problem, or go completely off the rails and be much worse. A concealed camera is the way most candid information is gathered and the best way to get a true record of events, without altering the course of those events. This DZFtech pocket camera is good quality, well made, unobtrusive and captures good quality video and sound. Recordings made with this device will definitely stand in good witness for you. Good purchase. Five stars.

    6. Carly

       This is such a cool little spy camera. It is very portable and inconspicuous. You can plug it directly into the computer to get the data off of it. It’s easy to operate with only a few buttons. It’s supremely useful for recording things that you don’t want to be seen recording.

    7. Maxshwell Shmart

      The DFZtech Spy Camera is really a nifty piece of technology. Things have come a long way in general, in a relatively short period of time and this camera is one of those things that proves just how far we’ve come.Back in the 80’s, if you wanted a consumer available video camera/recorder, it was a two piece unit. There was a video camera attached to a video recorder strapped on your shoulder and linked together by a big fat cable. They were both hefty units, seeming to weigh a ton, especially after spending a day with the family at a theme park or other family outing. The typical units’ cost for both the shoulder mounted video camera and the video tape recorder was around $3000+ and video resolution was about 300 lines.This little spy camera from DFZtech appears to be very well built. It feels extremely solid. The camera comes bundled with a lot of accessories and while they are all good to have and may even be necessary in some people’s eyes, they are just the icing on the cake, with the cake being the camera itself. Even if no accessories of any kind were included, this would still be an amazing camera, but they are included, so rejoice.The DFZtech Spy Camera is an outstanding product with superb 1080p picture quality. It is small and discreet and may be exactly what you are looking for if you want and/or need such a recording device. It can be both a fun toy or a very useful tool, depending on how or when or why you use it. And no matter what you want or need it for it, it will do an admirable job.Though the DFZtech Spy Camera is a remarkable little camera. I wanted to push it to its limits so I paired it up with a Lexar High-Performance 633x 64GB micro SDXC UHS-I Memory Card and a Dualpow 30,000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Charger External Battery Pack along with a USB to USB Extension Cable (Male to Female USB Extender Cable).The camera did not disappoint me. On its own power, the video camera battery will likely last a little more than three hours which is hardly enough time to fill a 64GB memory card. But, using an external battery my initial testing showed I could go 18+ hours and easily fill the 64GB memory card and still have plenty of power to Loop and fill it again. Simply amazing.Using the USB extension cable means that I could put the battery in my pocket and run the video camera all day long without having to worry about a 3 hour time limit because of the internal battery limitations. This is not meant to knock the internal battery limitations at all. It is what it is. Battery technology is improving everyday and my testing was done just to reveal the camera’s true capabilities. If you a need or want a longer amount of recording time, this camera with handle it with ease when combined with an external battery source.Also, if your cell phone has On the Go (OTG) capability, there is no need to wait until you get home to review your videos. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Android cell phone with OTG. However, it did not come with an adapter. So, hello Amazon! I got a USB Type C to USB-A 3.0 Hi-Speed Adapter from Rankie. It came in a 2-Pack for less that $4! Problem solved. I can now view the DFZtech Spy Camera .avi video files on my cell phone. I do not have to go home and view them on my pc. As long as I have my adapter with me, I can view the files on the camera with my cell phone anytime or anywhere.If you have any concerns, just nip it, nip it in the bud. If you have any questions or any trouble at all, the tech support team at DFZtech is great and they are truly very responsive.I really can’t say anything bad at all about the DFZtech Spy Camera but I do have something on my wish list. I wish that they would reverse the REC/VIDEO switch positions. There was a time or two when my fingers fumbled and I accidentally pushed to switch too far and it ended up in the audio REC position instead of the VIDEO record position. So, DFZtech, if you’re listening, just put the VIDEO record function at the end of the switch position and put the audio REC function in the middle switch position. Case solved. But this very very minor irritation in no way detracts from what a great little spy camera this DFZtech product really is.Five stars all the way around without hesitation.

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