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FrontRow Camera FR Wearable Lifestyle Camera

The FrontRow Camera is a revolutionary wearable camera that allows you to both live in the moment and capture it like no other device. The stylish camera can be worn effortlessly in everyday situations to capture and share experiences in bold new ways -from vacations to music festivals or a day in your favorite city. Front Row offers a unique first-person perspective and integrates seamlessly with a smartphone for instant content sharing.

  • Capture experiences for several hours and create dynamic first person time lapses
  • Live stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Versatile mounting including a stylish lanyard, chain adapter, clip, and more
  • Mobile app to instantly transfer content to your smartphone
  • LCD touchscreen for device control, picture preview, and video playback

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Panasonic VL-V554 EX Camera For Panasonic Door Bell Ring Front row Intercom
Panasonic VL-V554 EX Camera For Panasonic Door Bell Ring Front row...



BrandFront Row
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Display Size2 Inches
Item Weight0.1 Pounds
Form FactorWearable camera
FrontRow Camera FR
released on August 15, 2017



FrontRow is a wearable lifestyle camera that allows you to capture and share experiences in bold new ways – from vacations to music festivals or a day in your favorite city. FrontRow is available in black or rose gold and can be worn with a stylish lanyard or clipped onto clothing.

FrontRow Camera Review | Digital Trends

FrontRow Camera Looks stylish, until you wear it. Based on its marketing, regardless of whether you’re a skateboarder, photographer, or... Easy to use FrontRow app, but you don’t always need it. The FrontRow camera — which runs on a modified Android operating... Smooth operator. As mentioned, the ...

FrontRow Camera Review: This high-end live-streaming ...

FrontRow is a pendant-style wearable live-streaming camera, which is a mouthful to say. It isn’t an action cam like a GoPro, capturing your sick mountain biking trek. Nor is it like the long-dead...



5 Reviews for FrontRow Camera FR

  1. Alex

     Very premium product, camera works great for photos in the go, video capture works great for stand still videos and story mode works great for trips. The device is very nice itself you can basically do everything on the device, view pictures, videos, stories, editing and other apps including translate, Spotify, social media… Don’t really even need a phone. Downloading to your phone quick and easy with Bluetooth and direct WiFi for larger files. I wish it came with some type of strap and a case, kinda a bummer that I purchased this for 400 and it dropped to 350 next day…but premium product overall worth the price.

  2. Shopaholic

    One Youtube reviewer was too harsh in his comments (can’t remember who) but most reviews praised this little camera and I totally agree. The most common complaint is the price. But I got mine for a stupendously good price here on Amazon, it must have been a return but nothing was amiss with it. The camera is small, light, very wearable, intuitive in it’s use, has good sound recording, is steadycam enough to not make you seasick. I really do like it. It’s got other pluses too if you like to stream or whatever posting your daily life is called. It’s also a clock and a stopwatch. It’s got an adjustable lanyard that means you can photograph very close to your head and get good audio of your comments, it’s just a great little camera. It has plenty of resolution for the average user’s needs and it DOES charge quickly. I was amazed at how quickly it was ready to use. Also a bonus nobody thought about, the USB connector fits into both my phone and tablet charger cable plugs so you can charge it from an outlet if that’s available. If you can get a decent price, it’s well worth buying I think. I can’t wait to take it somewhere on vacation with me. Happy owner.11/24/2018 Finally took it on vacation with me, a cruise and for once I wasn’t sweating my “camera” falling out if it’s case and splashing into the ocean. it was easy as pie to wear, two different ladies asked me about it, were very interested in this product. it seemed to strike a chord in them. The photos were stupid easy to get, it converts lickety split into a still camera with the press of a little button. I am very well pleased with it. The sound is good, the photos were nice, it’s comfy for this 65 year old travel bum to wear and use. I sing the praises of this clever little camera. Thank you Front Row.

  3. Tekknowgerl

    This camera is just bad! Editor sucks! Customer service sucks!! After filming, I had difficulty with the download, which takes almost 3 hours!!! (the video has to be downloaded before ANY editing can take place!!) I spent several hours online to find a GOOD video editor that would recognize and allow editing of the FrontRow cam footage!! The mic is on the bottom of the camera and the camera lens is on the opposite end!! The mic pics up ALL SOUNDS!!! Even the slight sound of the camera moving against clothing (when worn with the clip) and the bouncing sound (when wearing the lanyard)…and if you are a woman…the lanyard just bounces over our breasts, which is not only noisy but the whole video is bouncing when we walk WTF??!!! The LIE about having all this recording time is just that, A LIE. Maybe I would spend about $50 for this but with vast improvements.

  4. Darksparkle

    *All views are my own and I was not compensated in anyway for my review*It’s not secret to those in my social circles that I am a geek girl… So naturally when I saw the front row I was immediately interested.My biggest complaint is the price. It runs about $300-400 on amazon. Unless you get extremely lucky like I did an happen upon an Amazon wharehouse deal. I paid around $120 for a used fair condition. When I received it I went over it with a fibe tooth comb, actually a magnifying glass but you get the idea. The only thing was one tiny micro scratch on the metal bezel up near the top where the removeable “actachments” go. Otherwise it was in pristine condition and looks like it had never been used.It charges very fast which is a nice feature. I also like that you can turn wide angle on and off. I also enjoy that I can set my oen background image, I chose a tokidoki print.The image stablizer could use a little fine tuning but overall as long as I’m not dancing around it generally gets a clear picture. If you download the app getting your video and images to your phone is a breeze! If you have a large video then use WiFi direct to the fr and it will down load a lot faster. Pictures, regular video, live streaming to Facebook and YouTube (haven’t trued this feature yet), time lapse, stop motion, dulce, story mode, heck you can even play Spotify or used translation on it. There are a lot of options.If you have the money to spend or see one on a wharehouse deal or sale then I would definitely say go for it! You will absolutely love it.

  5. Muhammed

    Great device, and potentially very useful for those who would benefit from it. One of my favourite things about it is the ability to ‘capture my day’. It can be set to take a photo every few seconds or so, and once complete it automatically converts it into a video that you can watch to see how you spent your day, in as little as 12 mins viewing time. The video also displays the time of day, so you could potentially use this as a time tracker to reference. It also makes it extremely easy to quickly capture photos or videos. Saves you having to pull out your phone. Useful for people who need to do this a lot.

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FrontRow is another high-end take on the idea of a wearable camera - The Verge

August 15, 2017 - The Verge

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